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Born on 3rd June 1991. Love exploring new places, meeting new people and exchanging new ideas. I'm passionate about learning new things in life, philosophy and unique ideas that contributes to a better human well-being. Graduated from Monash University Sunway Campus in year 2014, and this has equipped me with a better problem solving, extensive analytical research and public speaking. Participated in USA cultural exchange program in year 2014 as a housekeeper has provide me a life-changing experience, seeing new things and meeting awesome people from different regions and background.



Bachelor of Business and Commerce

Monash University Sunway Campus

        CGPA: 2.895      WAM: 65.175

  • Specialization: Marketing and E-business.
  • Graduating from Monash University has equipped me with a better problem solving, extensive analytical skills, research and public speaking.
  • By understanding the nature of marketing and foundations of online business concepts has further allowing me to anticipate and conceptualize the future online marketing and business trend as a whole.
  • My objective is to gain working experience related to my field of studies as well as any other related divisions by observing and studying the approaches being practiced in the organization. Ultimately, advancing and applying these skills and knowledge that I’ve learnt to solve any potential issues that I may encounter as a member of the organization I’m in.

Monash University Foundation Year

Sunway University

Academic Record:  3 HD    (Computer Science A, Mathematics B & Physics B)
                                             4 D       (English A, Mathematics A, Advance Math A & Physics A)
                                             1 C       (English B)


Secondary Education

Sabah Chinese High School

SPM: 4 A      (Malay, English, Mathematics & Additional Mathematics )
            5 B     (Moral, History, Physics, Chemistry & Chinese)
            1 C     (Biology)


Obtained Silver medalist certificate in E-Business Models and Analysis Project groups competition (MKW 2841) in Monash University, Year 2012.

Project Name: Taxi Pooling  

Mission Statement

“To promote GREEN awareness by providing a convenient and trustworthy innovative taxi booking option that reveals fast and affordable services with advanced planning through digitalized platform”

Business Model

  • An innovated online portal focuses on making pre-taxi pooling bookings provided for users who subscribed the mobile application or login over the Internet website
  • Core offerings: Precisely allowing customers to match up with like-minded individuals to share a ride together by having similar mobile app for bookings.
  • Other features: Real time vehicle position, status updates and automatic fare estimation and calculation.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Front Line Officer

Public Bank Sdn Bhd
  • Job roles: Approving transactions, handling ATM cash replenishment and dispense, attend customer inquiries, manage approval for individual saving accounts and online banking.
Dec 2014Mar 2015


Snow Mountain Ranch
  • Work involves laundry tasks such as folding and sorting linens as well as cleaning in general to provide a clean, comfortable and satisfactory environment for guests that stay in.
  • Appointed as crew leader a month later. This has allowed me to gain better leadership skills, teamwork management and interpersonal skills in delegating task and communicate with crew members who came from different countries.
  • Learned to be more understanding and equipped with the ability of interacting with people from different nations regardless of age, religions or cultures.
Mar 2014May 2014

Part-Time Sales Associate

Blue Inc
  • Work involves merchandising, selling and cashiering.
  • Gained insight into the job functions of each personnel and a more detailed day to day operations of a retail store.
  • Gained various skill sets including merchandising and visualizing skills involving the effect of colors psychology and store’s attraction, socials skills of approaching and interacting with customers and also interpersonal skills among co-workers.



Marketing Strategy
E-Business Models Planning and Analysis 
Marketing Planning Implementation 
Interpersonal Relationship
Problem Solving & Analytic Skills
Microsoft Office