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Interpersonal Speaking
I have both practiced interpersonal speaking in my professional life and personal.  I have taken a couple different courses on interpersonal speaking and it is a topic that interests me very much.  I have been able to utilize the skills I have obtained in interpersonal speaking in my professional.  I work daily one-on-one with customers and I get to put into practice what I have learned.  I also utilize these skills in my personal life.  I have my ministerial license and have practiced ministry for the past 4 years or more.  I have the privilege to communicate on many different levels with individuals about personal, financial, relational, and professional struggles.  The opportunity that I have to strength my interpersonal speaking skills in my personal life has helped develop my speaking and listening in my professional life. 
Strategic Writing
While obtaining my degree I learned the skill of strategic writing.  In this course I have given the opportunity to learn how to write for magazines, brochures, websites, and newsletters just to name a few.  The knowledge I have is not at the best it can be but I am capable of creating work that I would be proud to promote for my future company and I look forward to learning and improving more in this area. 
Social Networking
I have utilized the skills that I have learned during my degree to strategically write for social media websites.  I have learned to create campaigns for companies through social media and advertising products and companies.  An example of an assignment that I have completed during the course of my degree is promoting on Twitter a company website that I designed.  I would give notifications and sneak peeks of what is to come and draw the consumer in where they become interested and curious about a company or product.  
Customer Service
I work daily with customer to provide the best experience possible for them, catering you their desires and needs.  I have a passion for seeing people smile and bringing them joy in any way and I have been able to utilize these skills for the past 2 years and more. 

Work experience

May 2011Present


Lamppost Pizza

I have experience in customer service working to provide the best service possible to maintain the high standard set of this organization.  I have skills in training new employees, scheduling group events, answering phones, opening and closing down the restaurant, counting the funds at the end of the night.  I also work great with other employees, directing and encouraging them to work to their best ability. 

Dec 2009Feb 2013

Child Care Provider

Sunshine Day Care

I provided a safe environment for growing children to explore creativity.  I prepared meals, read stories, participated in activities both outside and inside, and worked with improving vocabulary for the younger toddlers.  


Jan 2012Jul 2013


National University

I am in the process of obtaining my BA in Strategic Communications from National University.  I have obtained many skills throughout my program at National.  The skills that I have learned help in communicating with up-to-date contemporary communication technologies.  I have obtained skills such as writing up and executing social media campaigns in the social media environment.  This includes experience in communicating through all platforms of technology along with communicating interpersonally, organizational and inter-culturally.  

Aug 2009Dec 2011


Golden West College