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Work experience

Aug 2008Sep 2010

Melt Shop Mechanic

Nucor Steel Hertford


Maintenance Mechanic C crew Melt Shop, Days Caster Deck and D crew Mold Segment

-My Melt shop responsibilities are EAF and LMF furnace decks, Alloys, Bag house, Ladle re-brick, Ladle rebuild, Scrap Conveyor,Overhead cranes for the Melt shop and Hot metal isles

-Maintain and troubleshoot various breakdowns at all 3 locations, breakdowns would include hydraulic and pneumatic troubleshooting, welding repairs, emergency breakdowns, material conveyance, PMs ,Overhead Crane Cable changes and repairs and yearly shutdowns, tear down and rebuilds.

-I would maintain and move and unload railcars,tankers and other types of trucks in the Alloys system

-As a Mold Segment Mechanic I would assist the team in teardowns of various Segments and Molds used in the Caster, PM each unit and get in a state of readiness for scheduled and emergency changes. I would also troubleshoot and make repairs to the caster

-As a Caster Mechanic I would assist the other mechanics troubleshoot and repair various pieces of equipment throughout the Caster dept. I volunteered to goto the Mold Segment shop to learn more about the inner workings of the Caster and to be a better Caster Mechanic, however we were short mechanics in other Depts. And was assigned the Melt Shop Mechanics position

-I worked on all 3 decks and continued after I was assigned the furnace deck.

Sep 2005May 2008

Lead Millwright crew 2

Mitten Vinyl Inc

Tel: 519-442-6375

Journeyman Millwright Leadhand shift #2

Troubleshoot mechanical and electrical breakdowns. Perform PM's and rebuild any equipment in need of overhaul .Equipment includes various pumps and blowers, dual screw extruders, grinders/pulverizers, pulloffs and guillotine type equipment that include Vacuum Blowers, Heating and Cooling Systems and Embossing Equipment. My main shift duties were to watch over my crew, help them to perform their tasks and advised or train as necessary. Keep Production equipment running, and perform PM's and special projects.

-Diagnosing and repairing mechanical malfunctions on extrusion and compounding equipment

-Collecting and maintaining part usage on the equipment

-Complete tear-down and rebuild of plant equipment as a preventative maintenance program

-Working as a member of Plant Maintenance Team to establish priorities

-Consistent interaction with production and maintenance personnel in establishing new procedures

-Problem solving to increase production rates and profit

Sep 2000Sep 2005

Millwright Apprentice

Dekka Resins Inc


Millwright Apprentice

Work in a Plastics Reclaim and Recycle facility. Where I would repair and maintain all equipment, Rebuild various pieces of equipment, Retro fit, Relocate, and Fabricate, Installation and tear down of machines. Electrical trouble shooting, Diagnose and Trouble shoot equipment. I also made Welded repairs, Set-up and Start-up, and Shut downs and when permitted, Preventative Maintenance. Maintained Extruder's (Single and sidearm) with Sheet and pelletizing attachments, Densifing Machines, Grinding and Pulverizing Machines, Conveyors chain and gearbox drives) Various Water pumps and vacuum pumps ,blowers (Centrifugal and Vacuum)Heating and Cooling Systems. Welding and Fabricating Frames and various Weldaments I was, the only Maintenance Mechanic on the Night Shift for 6 months. I worked with little to no supervision. I worked the Afternoon Shift by myself, with no supervision and with little direction from my supervisors.


Oct 2007Present


Ontario Ministry of Education
Sep 2002Jun 2006

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology
Industrial Mechanic (Millwright) Certificate of Apprenticeship (433A)

Brantford Campus and STARRT Institute, Stoney Creek

  • Acquire a diverse exposure to all aspects of the manufacturing, production and maintenance needs of industry
  • Master and absorb the changes and techniques required by industry in maintaining and repairing factory equipment and automated systems
  • Develop skills in the theory and practice of machine fabrication and repair operations
  • Understand the principles of measurement, metallurgy, automated systems, mathematics, blueprint interpretation, safety and troubleshooting

Level 1

Electricity & Electronic Controls

Machine Shop Technology 1

Workshop Practice

Workshop Technology

Rigging & Hoisting

Engineering Drawings & Schematics 1

Welding & Fabrication 1

Level 2

Electricity & Electronic Controls

Machine Shop Technology 2

Workshop Practice

Power Transmission

Drawings & Schematics 2

Welding & Fabrication 2

Level 3

Electricity & Electronic Controls

Machine Shop Technology 3

Workshop Practice 3

Hydraulics and Pneumatics Fluid Power

Welding & Fabric 3

Jun 1995

KW Welding and Fitting Academy

Hi Pressure Welding Stick and Tig, Mig Welding Cutting and Brazing


Milling Machines,Lathes,Surface Grinders,Power Tools ect
Industrial electrical
1000 VAC and under, 24 Vdc and under,Motor control and protection,Troubleshoot and make repairs
Welder Fitter
SMAW TIG MIG carbon and Stainless Steel, High Pressure all position,Structual,Arc Gouging,Gas Cutting,Rosebuds,Brazing


Shaun Brooks

1 of the Caster Mechanics I have worked with.

Al Moore

He was the Production Lead for C-Crew Furnace deck. I would plan repairs with him so we wouldn't affect production or at least make it as bare minimal as possible.

Dave Montgommery

After 2 years as a Lead Hand for Crew 2,I was givin the chance to work on the Day Crew and David was my Lead hand. 

Van Petrella

He was Production Lead Hand at Mitten Vinyl Inc. and worked with him for 2 years

Randy Howard

He was my Supervisor at Mitten Vinyl Inc. and worked with him for 2 years. He is 2nd in charge of the Maintenance Dept.

Nelson Fillier

 He was my Production Foreman at Mitten Vinyl Inc. and worked with him for 2 years


To find a technically challenging position in industrial maintenance with an organization that will benefit from my initiative, capabilities and skills, in a growth oriented organization.


·Certified Millwright with 10 years maintenance experience, 4 of those years I was serving anapprenticeship and participating in the pre-apprenticeship course

·5 years in the plastics industry, 2 years in vinyl, 2 years in steel

·Mechanically inclined with excellent trouble shooting skills

·Intermediate industrial electrician skills

·Hydraulic training and troubleshooting

·Machining skills, I can operate Mills, lathes, surface grinders, band saws, presses and hand power tools

·Excellent welding and fitting skills utilizing SMAW, GTAW(TIG), MIG, Brazing processes, and I can usecutting torches and rosebuds as well

·Can read and interpret engineering drawings

·Computer skills incl. adding and removing hardware/software, PC setup and optimisations

·Excellent web searching abilities

·Rigging and hoisting and Crane Training, incl. Overhead Drott and AT models

·Pipe Fitting incl. black pipe,copper and PVC

·Can operate forklifts,mobile platforms and cherry pickers, and other hoists

·I have taken a leadership training course so I can better perform my duties

·Can work as member of a team or by myself

·I own a full assortment of tools including basic hand tools, pneumatic tools and precision tools

·I have Steel industry experience as I worked in the Meltshop ,Casting and Mold Segment repair shops

·I have worked with; EAF (Electric Arc Furnaces) Overhead cranes Plastic Extrusion and Sheetlines, forming,Grinders, Densifing, Shredding Machines, Blending Equipment, Material Conveying Equipment (eg. Blowers, Conveyors, Dumpers, Fluid, Augers), Cooling Equipment, Heaters, Installing New Equipment, Modifying Old Equipment, Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Pumps, Bearings, Gearboxes, Alignments, Virabation issues, Safety Issues (eg. adding guards, examining and problem solving, bringing equipment up to Canadian Safety Standards), Dust Collectors,pull offs, guillotine type cut offs, etc.


·PC custom work including hardware and software upgrades, Gaming and working with 3D modelling software

·Fishing and Hunting

·I play Hockey, Soccer ,Golf and Baseball

·I play guitar of many different styles of music, currently a member of the church that I attend P and W Band.



Dec 2006Present

Industrial Mechanic Millwright 433-A

Ministry of Training Colleges and Univercities