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The principles I live by in life are to be honest, trustworthly, and an upstanding individual.  I have always been an employee that can be depended on, a good friend with honesty and always one that can be trusted.One statement my friends tend to say about me is that I can be brutally honest. In the meaning in that is, if I am asked a question I do not sugar coat the truth I say the truth.  I raise my daughters to be very polite, with morals, and to never tell lies.  I enjoy being a happy easy going person but when something needs to be done, I need to fill in for someone at work, or a friend is in need for assistance I am the one they usually call.

Work experience

May 2006Jan 2009


Down The Hatch Saloon

I ran the bar by myself was in charge os all cadh handling, secured alarm, and keys to the bar.

Oct 1991Dec 2003

Mutual Teller

Sports Crerek Raceway

Cash Handling of $5000 or more everyday. Did a lot of mulit-tasking like IRS winnings, cash advance and training.


Cathy Bell

We worked together for 7 years at Sports Creek Raceway

Kimberly Kline

We worked together on and off cleaning for 10 years


Aug 2009Present


Davenport University