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Work experience

Nov 2004Present

Sr. SAM Consultant

Beta Systems Software NA

Designed and developed Automated RBAC system to extend Beta's SAM ("Security Administration Manager") Provisioning Engine. Automated RBAC system allows dynamic definition of the customer RBAC schema. Extensions include the use of the SAM Rule Engine to assure Segregation of Duties in Role assignment. Provided customization and installation of SAM/Jupiter (Identity Management suite) using Java exits and XML configuration. Prepare requirements analysis, detailed design, implementation plans, and test plans. Successful efforts include five major clients, insurance and financial services companies.

Sep 2000Nov 2004

Sr. Systems Programmer

Contract work at Social Security Administration

Conversion of Xerox Dynamic Job Descriptor Entries (DJDE) forms to AFP, using TransFormer (Harris Group) and StreamWeaver in MVS environment. Automate generation of NS/Elite Transfer files using Java. Create and maintain reporting system using MS Access data base with JDBC and static HTML reports. Develop Java servlets for dynamic HTML queries against MS Access. Develop system of translating mainframe reports to HTML using StreamWeaver and Java.

Jun 2000Aug 2000


Expansion of key fields in Authorized Expenditure System to interface with PeopleSoft application. System written in CA-IDEAL with DB2, in MVS environment.

Dec 1999Mar 2000



Contract work at Arlington County (Virginia) Department of Human Services.

Analyze and correct Y2K remediation errors and omissions made by prior contractor. Develop and implement maintenance strategy, and prepare client employees for longer-term support of systems. Systems written in CA-IDEAL with CA-DATACOM in VSE environment. Also use CA-Vollie.

Nov 1998Nov 1999


McGraw-Hill Continuing Education Center

Enhance online data capture, develop inventory tracking and projection programs, and provide maintenance for correspondence school application. Remediate COBOL, COBOL/DL, and IDEAL programs for Y2K compliance, develop and implement testing protocols in VM/CMS and VSE environment.

Nov 1997Nov 1998

Year 2000 Software Developer

Century Technology Services Inc.

Design and develop Y2K tools including data scanner, text scanner, and intelligent (contextual) text scanner. Language-independent tools developed in MicroFocus COBOL for use in mainframe and PC environments. Maintain Y2K methodology manual and prepare training materials. Assess Y2K compliance of systems including FAA flight control, and tax package.

Jul 1997Nov 1997

Year 2000 Program Manager

Advanced Information Network Systems Inc.

Manage Y2K program focusing on (primarily government) client base and developing prospects in private sector. Develop Y2K awareness seminars and in-house training. Prepare proposals.

May 1990Jun 1997

Computer Specialist

Project manager, project lead, and technical monitor for contractors. Manage maintenance and enhancements for several application systems written in COBOL and IDEAL, using Datacom and DB2. Some CICS programs.

Cost/benefit studies, requirements analysis, design, and implementation of new systems, major enhancements and maintenance of legacy systems. Develop standards and procedures for design, coding, configuration management, and documentation. Develop Advanced Function Printing (AFP) forms. Develop stored procedure (CICS COBOL program) for use with MDI Gateway.

Appointed to FDIC Division of Information Resources Management (DIRM) Performance Appraisal Committee. Prepare new Committee charter. Chief author of proposal for a performance management system for the re-engineered DIRM organization. Manage training tours (six months each) for four co-op students.

Dec 1989May 1990

Programmer Analyst

Q Systems, Inc.

Contract programming and analysis at FDIC.

Jun 1989Dec 1989

Programmer Analyst

Data base and program design for insurance administration system; conversion from Honeywell to IBM using IDEAL with DATACOM/DB. Design developed using Excelerator.

Nov 1998Jun 1989

Programmer Analyst

Analyze data flows for the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC) Actuarial Services Division interface of the Automated Data Transfer Project.

Nov 1986Nov 1988


John R. Mertens, Inc.

Contract programmer at PBGC, Charles E. Smith Cos., Contel-ASC, and FDIC.


Sep 1978Dec 1982



Technical lead and programmer/analyst with over twenty-two years experience in design, development, and maintenance of business and insurance applications for regulatory agencies, associations, and the private sector. Specializing in Identity Management (IDM) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) aspects of computer system security.

Software: Java, Java servlets, JDBC, HTML, XML, SQL, COBOL, COBOL II, COBOL/DL, JCL, MVS, MVS/XA, VM/CMS, VSE, CA-DATACOM, AFP, IDEAL, COBOL/SP, SyncSort, ROSCOE, RPF, METACOBOL, MicroFocus COBOL, CICS, DB2, TSO, Access, Librarian, StreamWeaver.


Seeking position to apply and further develop experience in Identity Management (IDM) and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) aspects of computer system security.