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I want to be part of an organization that's doing something awesome and can leverage my own awesomeness to achieve synergistic super-awesomeness.  My awesomeness is in software engineering, specifically web site development and running in the cloud, so that's probably the role you'd like me to fill.

Ultimately, my goal is to leave behind something positive and useful that persists after I'm gone.


I'm a Web Application Developer specializing in deploying to to the cloud (mostly Amazon Web Services).  I'm also training myself in the ways of mobile application development.  Here are some of my personal attributes:

Systems Thinker:

The ability to see what the requirements are, predict future requirements and synthesize both short and long term horizons to create an amazingly effective overall strategy.

Real Technical Skills:

A dedicated technologist who stays up-to-date for maximum effectiveness. This means staying on the “late leading edge” - aggressively learning the new technologies that are about to become practicable for the purpose of building a business.

Gets Things Done:

A self-starter who knows how to complete a project. A solid record of resourcefulness in bringing projects to completion, and having them work as advertised.

Business Skills:

An MBA and entrepreneur who understands where technology fits into a business plan. Knows how to use technology to leverage good business practices to maximize profitability.


Participating in the two way street of "teach to learn" and "learn to teach."  Most recently via the blog


I'm in the progress of building my first Android application.  It is a productivity app employing services, wakelocks, preferences, SQLite, network connectivity and a few other advanced techniques.  I'm still honing the app and my skills.  It will appear on the Android Marketplace when complete.
Amazon Web Services - EC2, S3, CloudFront, SimpleDb
Check out my blog on this topic:
Front-End Engineering - JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, CSS, REST
I've built and deployed some very robust JavaScript Web 2.0 applications.  I've worked extensively with jQuery and YUI.  I have developed techniques for maximizing JavaScript performance and managing the complexity of very large JavaScript applications.   I can make CSS do what I want.  Admittedly I'm somewhat aesthetically-impaired, but I can make the visions of a talented designer become a reality.  
Microsoft Stack - ASP.NET C#
LAMP - Apache, PHP, Perl, Linux, MySQL, REST
I'm well-practiced in the ways of MVC and have written my own MVC PHP framework.  I'm Devops-oriented.  I manage servers, deployments, hardware and software decisions.  I have specific ideas about the best way to architect applications for performance and scale, which I will write about someday but would be glad to share with anybody who asks.

Work experience

Jan 2009Present



Designed, built and marketed a website for personalizing PDF documents for high-value information publishers for online sales and fulfillment.

Jan 2011Present

Senior Developer

CACI / Library of Congress

Designed and developed components for the,, and web properties. Helped the Web Services team get up-to-date with Web 2.0 and front-end engineering techniques. Introduced new practices for ensuring code standards adherence, implementing unit tests, and extending Zend Framework.


National Book Festival – Led a complete overhaul of the Library's National Book Festival website. The previous site was completely static and a nightmare to administer. Working with key stakeholders I designed a custom-built web application around the existing site, while allowing all changes to be made through a web-based administrative interface. Festival organizers can now manipulate the Authors, Sponsors, Pavilions, Schedules and other objects directly, with fantastic results.

Unit Testing – The developers in the Web Services group were committed to introducing unit testing as part of the development process. After some fits-and-starts, I jump-started the initiative by automating the creation of thousands of basic unit tests which were then easily extended by developers to add custom tests as needed. This step proved to be the catalyst that got the group to make unit testing part of the regular development process.

Android Applications – Helped the Library's Web Services group move deeper into mobile application development with the creation of two Android applications that are the companions to existing iPhone apps.

Utilized: PHP, Zend Framework, Oracle, MySQL, Solr, Jetty, Memcached, Java, JavaScript, JSON, jQuery and third-party plug-ins

Nov 2009Sep 2010



Joined in-progress product development.  Analyzed the existing product and identified specific stability and scalability enhancements to support the hoped-for growth and success of the site.

Jan 2008Jan 2009

CTO - Tech Lead


Utilized: PHP, JavaScript, AJAX, MySQL and several third-party APIs, in an Amazon cloud computing environment to plan and build a music sharing website.

Apr 2007Jan 2008


Value Averager

Built and launched a website to help investors use the Value Averaging investment technique.

May 2002Apr 2007

Senior Developer


Supported and enabled the company’s rapid growth through various technology initiatives. Additionally, contributed significantly to Fishbowl's growth and success as the lead developer of several projects:

Local Store Marketer – A client-facing web-based service for large chain restaurants. The product allowed individual restaurant managers to send location-specific marketing emails while giving the restaurants' corporate offices complete control over branding and content. Used to send over 1000 distinct marketing messages per month (as of May 2007) by restaurant general managers and franchisees. Consistently praised for ease of use and for meeting client needs. Praised internally at Fishbowl for dramatically improving client retention.

FishbowlLocal – Another client-facing web-based application designed to bring the Fishbowl program to independent restaurants and small chains (which make up half of the restaurant industry). Fishbowl's program for large chains was not efficient enough to serve these customers. FishbowlLocal automated most of operations necessary to serve clients. The result was a product at a price point that small restaurant companies could afford.

Some of My Work


Sep 2002Dec 2004

Masters of Business Administration

George Washington University


Zend Certified Engineer