Lauren Steele

Lauren Steele


Aug 2007 - Dec 2011

Bachelors of Science

Mississippi State University


Work experience

Work experience
May 2005 - Present

Research Technician

Environmental Soils Laboratory

Plant and Soil Sciences Environmental Soils Lab, Mississippi Stat University  05/2005-Present

Lab Technician

  • Assist in graduate research
  • Mix chemicals for appropriate solutions
  • Collect soil samples from the field using GPS systems
  • Process soil samples
  • Set up, calibrate, and operate carbon analyzer and nutrient spectrometer
  • Check soil sample pH and conductivity
  • Run particle size analysis
  • Run Mississippi soil tests
  • Purchase laboratory supplies
  • Enter data into Excel spreadsheets
Jun 2012 - Aug 2012

Director; Counselor

Wisconsin Badger Camp

"The mission of Wisconsin Badger Camp is to serve people with developmental disabilities by providing quality outdoor recreational experiences." -

No-one, regardless the severity of the disability, is turned down at Wisconsin Badger Camp.

Wisconsin Badger Camp, Prairie du Chein

Nature Director

  • Create twenty-two  lesson plans weekly
  • Decipher gross and fine motor skills to be utilized by campers when performing activities
  • Design modifications to activities (i.e. a camper using a wheelchair, or a camper who is blind)
  • Provide step-by-step directions about activities to campers, often working one-on-one to provide example or performing hand-over-hand in some instances
  • Perform health checks on campers during registration (includes taking temperature, weight, height, checking for scratches or bruises)
  • Collaborate with fellow directors to plan and implement night activities for campers
  • Aid counselors in getting campers ready in mornings and evenings (includes dressing, grooming, toileting, etc.)
  • Provide care for barn animals and maintain barn area
  • Assemble a weekly news blurb describing what campers accomplished in Nature during the week
  • Design themed decorations weekly for campers
  • Assume night watch duties
  •  Generate an end of the year report for designated area


  • Give constant care and supervision for a small group of campers with disabilities. Includes

                  -Feeding (special diets, food cutting, etc.)                  -Dressing                  -Toileting                  -Ensuring Safety                  -Hygiene                  -Medications

  • Manage behavior
  • Be  available emotionally
  • Fill out incident reports
  • Write our comments and observation forms concerning all assigned campers
  • Record data pertaining to assigned campers
  • Assume night and noon watch duties

Wisconsin Badger Camp

Lab Technican



Other Work