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My name is Larson Swain DeFoor. I am a student at the University of Alabama.  I intend to graduate in the Fall of 2012 as a registered dietician with a degree in nutrition. As a registered dietician I hope to have a diverse career that involves work experience with all different types of clientele. I see myself working as a menu planner for schools, hospitals, private practices, or individual clients. As of now, there is a possibility of culinary school in my future but only after I earn my degree in nutrition. My strengths include people skills, communication, personal responsibility for an establishment, and problem solving. I am seeking to learn and excel in the field of nutrition and food sciences in order to improve myself and my place of employment.

Work experience

May 2010Aug 2010


DeFoor Brother's Development

As an intern for a development company I was involved with the technical and comprehensive aspects of a city during an unfriendly time for real estate growth and sales. This experience was valuable because it allowed me to look at the "big picture" in regards to developing businesses. At times I was able to sit in on private meetings with diverse groups of city planners, mayors, professionals seeking to lease office space, and advocacy group representatives. During this experience I learned how crucial delegation is when expanding an area. Also, I attained a better understanding on the intricacies involved in the renovation of a historic city and real estate in general.

May 2008Aug 2008


Keller Williams Realty

My job description at Keller Williams was to answer the phones at the main Chattanooga office. I would answer questions regarding properties, contact and relay messages for agents who worked out of the office, run errands, keep inventory on lock boxes and all property information.

May 2008Aug 2008


Center for Comprehensive Medicine

The Center for Comprehensive Medicine is a privately owned practice that has a clientele of over 175 patients. The team within the practice consists of one internist, one nurse practitioner, two nurses' aides and three administrators at the front desk, one being myself. Those who worked the front desk handled phone calls, appointments, referrals, insurance claims, and filing medical records along with other various paperwork. The job description required working with either chronically ill patients or more often, the elderly. The experience of working on the technical side of a medicinal practice with a small team forever taught me about the importance of organization, communication, and attention to detail.

Jun 2005Aug 2007

First Camp Councelor

McCallie School

The McCallie School is an all boys boarding and preparatory school that offers a wide variety of youth camps throughout the summer. First camp is specifically for boys ages 4-6 who have either never attended a summer camp or are too young for the other camps offered. This is the only counselor job position that McCallie School allows to be filled by women. Having a female presence is very helpful with this age group because a lot of unpleasant instances occur when some of the younger boys are not yet comfortable being away from home. Being a camp counselor taught me the importance of having others dependent on my every move, and most importantly it forced me to reevaluate the way I communicate with others and the value of patience, particularly with children.



Marcia Neese

Marcia Nease's job description is as follows: "Serving as owner's representatives on construction projects, my primary goal is to assist and provide the Owner with experienced construction management skills in every aspect of construction to ensure a successful project."

Jenny Frost-Noblitt

William Newberry

Call for reference on my job as McCallie First Camp counselor



Cooking Skills
I learned a lot about nutrition and cooking from home experience, and have recently begun taking cooking classes.
Computer Skills
I have computer experience from having technology integrated in the classroom and extra computer science classes.

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