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Jun 1987Apr 1993

Bachelors Degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering

New Era University


Microsoft Office
DVD Authoring
Audio Video Conversions (any format)
Grass Valley's Edius 5.0
Avid Express DV
Final Cut Pro
3D Studio Max
Particle Illusion
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Audition
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects

Work experience

Sep 1996Mar 2010

Audio/Video Editor (Creative Department)

Associated Broadcasting Company

Report directly to the Producer/Writer. Operate non-linear or linear editing machines to edit videos, create visual effects, program titles, credits, sub-titles, graphic backgrounds, 2D and 3D animation. Help the Producer/Writer to digitized video materials HD or SD format, research video inserts, scoring and sound effects. Edit and score on-air promo for TV, Radio and Audio Visual Presentations for marketing purposes. Edit on air promo material to producer's specification. Ensure that the on-air promo meets network broadcast technical specifications. Make creative suggestions to enhance the final product.  Follow and keep current on technical and departmental procedures. Export the project in various format for online distribution, for email attachment intend for preview purposes, and for airing. Also operate dubbing machines to dub finished material for preview and airing.

Additional Tasks:

Edit news segments at the News Department on their News Program when they don't have enough present Video Editors.

Edit programs and segments at the Production Department when they don't have program editors and segment editors present on their respective programs and segments to be done.

Jul 2003Mar 2010

Maintenance / Video Editor (Part Time)

Parametrix Productions

The company is primarily engage in the production of commercials, audio visual presentations and tv programs.

My job here is to provide technical support and keep the production current on computer software and computer hardware and maintaining all the editing machines as well as audio and video systems. I do hardware installations, software installations and troubleshoot all the problems that may occur either hardware or software. I do also audio and video editing, creating titles (2D and 3D) and motion graphics.

Apr 1991Dec 1995

Video Editor/Cameraman/Lightman (Volunteer Worker)

Christian Era TV Production

GEMNET TV  is a religious tv station owned by the IGLESIA NI CRISTO or the CHURCH OF CHRIST, and before it was Christian Era TV Production where i volunteered to become a cameraman/light man and video editor  at the same time. All employee were members of the Church.

I edit program material to director's specifications and arrange video segments into sequences to achieve continuity and desired effects. Make creative suggestions to enhance the final product. Ensure program meets network broadcast technical specifications. Operate non-linear or linear editing machine to edit videos, generate visual effects, credits, subtitles, graphic backgrounds or animation. Follow and keep current on technical and departmental procedures. Set up, prepare and operate dubbing machines to dub finished material or reproduced the finished material for distribution at television stations and cable networks for airing.

As a cameraman/light man I meet with the director to discuss assignments and determine filming sequences, camera movements and composition for news gathering, studio taping or live events. Select and set up camera equipment to be used, and attach lens, filters and videocassette tape to camera recorder. Coordinate with the lighting director to the lighting effects for a better visual looks. Adjust focus, exposure, lighting and other camera settings. Label and record contents of video tape and complete report sheets.

Additional Task:

Setup audio systems, video systems and lighting equipments for studio and live events. Test, maintain and restore equipment.


To obtain a position in which my skills may be utilized. To work  with a production company or television station, where I can use my skills and creativity, while learning and growing in the industry.

Samples Of My Creation


13 years of experience in creative services for television, 4 years experience in a television production and 6 years of experience as a pc technician.

Extremely proficient with non-linear and linear video editing systems. Wide range of knowledge in a different editing software and compositing software.

Edited more than a thousand on-air promo or tv plug. Edited lots of audio visual presentations, tv commercials and tv programs such as sports, drama, action, comedy and documentary (HD and SD format).

Created  a lot of  motion graphics 2D and 3D animation.

Perform camera works for live events, studio and news gathering.

Ability to troubleshoot editing or technical issues.

Ability to setup audio systems, video systems and lighting equipments for studio and live events.

Ability to do computer hardware and software installation.

Ability to configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software.

Concrete knowledge in audio video compression and dvd authoring.

Can do carpentry  (climbing ladder, cutting wood/plywood, painting and nailing) 

knowledge of PBX/Voicemail systems, printers, IP/digital/analog phones


Sep 2009Apr 2009

3D Studio Max

Jun 1996Jun 1996

Computer Office Specialist

STI Colleges