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Work experience

May 2010Present

Property Manager

DGH Enterprises

Responsibilities include: maintain and increase the value of various real estate investments. Responsible for tracking the performance of both commercial and residential properties and ensure that real estate investments accomplish their anticipated revenues.

Schedule property maintenance; analyze market conditions; manage building maintenance projects; compile data for financial reports. Negotiate real estate leases; resolve customer and public complaints; maintain records, reports and files. Ensure rental properties are occupied Additional responsibilities include handling each property's financial operation, ensure all rent is collected on time, ensure property taxes and maintenance bills are paid in a timely manner.

Oct 2007May 2010

Human Resource Generalist

DGH Enterprises

As a Human Resource Generalist, my duties included writing/updating job descriptions, performing job analysis, making recommendations on improvements, planning and developing organizational goals, forecasting for expansion and/or contraction, and analyzing business trends (such as seasonal changes, economic/financial events, etc.) I also recruited new talent to the organization by contacting state employment agencies, recruiters, and local universities. I attended job fairs and job seminars to seek talent; I advertised on the internet, the local newspaper, and local radio shows whenever the organization had job openings.

Additional human resource duties included researching and explanation of employment laws and practices; the administration of personality/interest tests to employees; providing safety training to employees; the prevention of negative labor relations, and ensuring employee motivation and moral remained positive.

My leadership duties included the management of six employees, to whom I provided guidance and job-enriching activities. I took over the Human Resource Administrator’s position when he was away. I also acted as a liaison/mediator between managers and employees. 

Office automation duties included answering phone calls, responding to e-mails; distribute mail, processing distribution materials such as memorandums, correspondence, brochures, and advertising flyers. I used Microsoft Office to publish documents, perform simple calculations in Excel, keep/update customer and employee databases in Access, and send e-mails using Microsoft Outlook.

I also performed basic time-keeping and payroll duties which consisted of adding up total hours worked by each employee and the deduction of taxes. I also processed new-hire paperwork and provided guidance throughout the hiring process.

I was in charge of the confidential handling of all personal information and the safeguarding of information technology assets such as computers, file folders, cell phones, etc.

Additional duties included the replenishment of office supplies/inventory, providing a safe working environment for employees, ensuring drug/harassment/reprisal-free working experience for each employee, and keeping updated on changing laws and regulations regarding human resource management. 

May 2001Jul 2007

General Manager

Edwards Supply & Products

As a General Manager, I helped build relationships with customers and suppliers and also made cold calls to customers (upselling) and suppliers in order to build a better client base. I also planned sales items for upcoming shows, forecasted sales according to season/holidays, and recommend improvements to improve sales.

I managed six employees and fully operated the business when the owner away on shows. I also acted as liaison between owner/employees and owner/suppliers.

Office automation duties included: responding to e-mails from customers about supplies and orders using Microsoft Outlook, answered phone calls and customer inquiries. I also published and distributed advertisements such as flyers, business cards, documents using Microsoft Publisher and/or Microsoft Word. Additionally, I also processed and helped distribute mail. I advertised in newspaper/websites/ceramic supply shops to promote the organization and to find new suppliers and customers.

Additional office automation duties included maintaining a customer database using Microsoft Access, compute payroll for six employees, and process employee-related paperwork. I kept the filing system in order and file/scan/copy documents for dissemination or archive. In fact, the filing system was my designed by me.

Additional duties included: secure information technology assets from unauthorized use; update computer operating systems and antivirus software, and securing of confidential employee information from unauthorized use. I performed light accounting duties, ordered supplies, performed monthly inventory count, deleted old stock, received and verified incoming shipments, the organization of the supply room, and ensured quick, accurate product shipments to customers using various shipping methods and transporters (USPS, UPS, FEDEX).

Apr 1997Mar 2001

Training Technician

Office of Military Cooperation-Kuwait

My duties as a Training Technician included: the planning, administration, development, and evaluation of a foreign military sales training program. I also planned, programmed, and monitored all foreign military sales training provided. In addition to providing superior customer service, I identified training requirements, ensuring case directives were incorporated into training plan. I also ensured that all required funding was acquired. Additionally, I consolidated, assessed, screened and validated training requirements and disseminated requirements to all U.S. military departments.

Upon the absence of Training Administrator and Training Director, I assumed all branch duties. On a weekly basis, I represented the Training Branch by attending weekly meetings with officers; presenting Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to update the General and other superior officers on training progress.

Office automation duties included: received calls, greeted visitors, arranged conferences, meetings; collected/distributed meeting agenda; reviewed incoming/outgoing correspondence; review/edit/prepare and forward student information for evaluation/training planning. I also compiled, processed, and forwarded reports to concerned parties. The identification of appropriate resources and vendors was also a duty of mine. I also collected and distributed incoming mail.

Additional office automation duties included: provide reports, memos, spreadsheets, database and letters to superior officers, vendors, and other parties. I prepared travel vouchers, requests, orders, and transportation arrangements for superior officers, higher-ranking personnel, and foreign students.

Technical duties included:the administration of filing systems; review and arrange for destruction/transfer of outdated material. I also kept suspense records and supply logs. I purchased office supplies and performed a monthly inventory. I kept student records and test scores securely stored. I was also in charge of all official calendars for our department. The safeguard of information technology assets was my responsibility. 

Training and education responsibilities included: provide guidance and help develop/implement training plan, assisted in planning immediate and long-range goals and requirements. I identified requirements for new foreign military sales training cases. I also administered/proctored the English Comprehension Level testing. All testing results/scores were forwarded to all interested parties including host country education departments and appropriate U.S. military departments. I explained testing results to students and proper authorities. An additional duty was to plan and evaluate language training requirements for international students interested in U.S. training.


Aug 2008May 2010

Business Administration Human Resource Management

Fairmont State University

Graduated in May, 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in  Business Administration-Human Resources degree.

Aug 2001May 2005

Associate of Applied Science-Business Management

San Antonio College

Graduated with an Associate of Applied Science-Business Management degree.


Computer Proficiency
Excellent computer proficiency.
Verbal Communication
Excellent verbal communication skills
Written Communication
Excellent written communication skills.
Microsoft Office
Proficiency in Microsoft Office products.
Superior organization skills
Type 40WPM


C Glynn Edwards

Professional reference.

Howard L. Freeze

Professional reference.


Successfully perform various human resource activities (including office automation) while helping organizations achieve their goals. Work with various levels of personnel to resolve workplace issues. Display excellent oral and written communication skills.Possess professional-level experience in leadership, administration, and organizational development.


Reading, traveling, gardening, self-improvement, and helping others.


To find suitable employment with an organization that will allow me to gain experience as a professional, while at the same time, give me the opportunity to help them achieve their organizational goals and gain a strategic advantage over the competitors. I am more than willing to start my professional career and give 110% of myself.


Department of Defense/US Central Command