Jason Price, PhD

Jason Price, PhD

Director of Licensing Operations, SCELC


Jason S. Price is Director of Licensing Operations at the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC). He earned a doctorate in plant evolutionary ecology from Indiana University Bloomington where he gained in depth experience as a teacher and researcher and capped it off with a Masters in Library Science.  He thoroughly enjoys applying data analysis skills he developed during graduate school to current library challenges. During his 10 years as a librarian at The Claremont Colleges, he worked as Science & Electronic Resources Librarian, Interim Director of Information Technology, Collections and Acquisitions Manager, Assistant Director for Collection Services and finally Interim Director of the Library.  His role as DLO at SCELC provides opportunities to work with libraries, publishers and other consortia to improve products and increase pricing equity.  He has been publishing and speaking about electronic resource usage, discovery and access since 2005.

Full CV: http://visualcv.com/lpq4t1s 

detailed contributions to the field [pdf]

Work History

Work History
Sep 2006 - Present

jason@scelc.org 310-728-6798

SCELC (Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium)
  • Director of Licensing Operations (Full-time, Sept 2014-
    • Negotiate & Communicate electronic resource purchase & subscription offers for more than 250 academic libraries and research institutions
    • Provide proactive management and negotiation of annual ejournal package renewals
    • Streamline licensing workflow and manage licenses
  • Program Manager (Full-time, Sept 2013 - Aug 2014)
    • Negotiate & Communicate electronic resource purchase & subscription offers for more than 200 academic libraries and not-for-profit research institutions
    • Streamline licensing workflow and manage licenses covering 2500+ resources from 125+ vendors
    • Provide proactive management and negotiation of annual ejournal package renewals
    • Support SCELC programs including Shared Print, Callimachus Digital Library, etc
  • Electronic Resource Consultant (Jul 2012 - August 2013)
    • Analysis and negotiation support for selected ejournal packages 
    • Maintain e-resource package lists
    • Support consortial usage statistics portal use
  • Electronic Resource Analyst (Half-time, Aug 2011 - Jun 2012)
    • Negotiate pricing models for eresource collections in many formats
    • Work with libraries on offers, pricing, access & payment issues
    • Co-develop consortial usage statistics harvesting & analysis tool (Pubget Paperstats)
    • Develop management tool for ejournal package pricing and access terms
    • Explore feasibility of a private SCELC LOCKSS network to archive e-content 
  • Electronic Resource Consultant (Sep 2006 - Jul 2011)
    • Consulted on ejournal package offers and renewals
    • Developed a new journal pricing model now in use by many consortia and publishers
    • Evaluated ebook aggregators and patron driven acquisition on multiple levels
    • Created and maintained consortial shared ejournal packages based on usage
    • Served as consultant for the thrice-yearly Product Review Committee
Jan 2004 - Aug 2013


Claremont Colleges Library (Claremont University Consortium)
  • Assistant Director, Collection Services (Sep 2012 - Aug 2013)
    • Responsible for Acquisitions, Cataloging & Collections departments
    • Oversee ongoing transformation of workflows and job roles
    • Support for cutting edge collection management plan & implementation
  • Library Director (Interim, Jul 2012 - Jun 2013)
    • Work with a task force to define a new library governance model
    • Represent the Library on the Claremont Colleges Academic Deans Council
    • Facilitate hire of permanent Dean of the Library
    • Complete WASC interim accreditation report
    • Develop three year budget to integrate endowment proceeds into annual materials budget
  • Assistant Director, Operations & Management (Half-time, Sep 2011 - Jun 2012)
    • Manage $10M library budget; library wide statistics and analyses
    • Serve as sciences collection librarian as well
  • Collections & Acquisitions Services Manager (May 2008 - Aug 2011)
    • Built & implemented an E-Resource Acquisition Tracking System
    • Developed a collection evaluation system to support collection management and faculty review of our entire subscription portfolio
    • Transformed a $5M collection budget
    • Consolidated responsibilities & redesigned workflow for 10 direct reports
  • Director of Information Technology(Interim, Apr 2007 - Apr 2008)
    • Recovered rapidly from a website SQL injection attack my first day (no fooling)
    • Hired four outstanding staff who are core members of the new team
    • Created extensive documentation site for IT Staff support
    • Accomplished transitions of ADUC, Exchange, helpdesk & backup system
    • Implemented significant infrastructure and hardware optimization improvements
    • Managed eight direct reports
  • Science and Electronic Resources Librarian (Jan 2004 - May 2011)
    • Embedded librarian (20% time) for Keck Graduate Institute
    • Served as TA, research mentor, statistics consultant & co-author (Pomona)
    • Developed course-integrated 'citing the literature' workshop (Joint Sciences)
    • Taught a seminar course & served as Adjunct Professor (Harvey Mudd)
    • Managed, renewed, and reallocated all 'big-deal' ejournal packages
    • Managed the link resolver and A-Z list for many ejournal packages
Jun 1994 - Dec 2003

Associate Instructor

Indiana University, Dept. of Biology & School of Library and Information Science
  • Life Sciences Library Intern (2001-2003)
    • Supported remote access, citation management software & current awareness tools
    • Provided instruction for graduate research lab groups and undergraduate lab courses

  • Adjunct Professor (1998, 2000)
    • Co-developed and co-taught two new courses
      • Evolution & ecology of insects
      • Agricultural biotechnology
  • Associate Instructor(1994-2001)
    • Taught 12 lab courses: Biology (4), Ecology (1), Fungi (4), Microbiology (3)
    • Developed lab sessions, lead discussions, facilitated student design of experiments, helped students use primary literature and improve their scientific writing, developed review questions and sessions, wrote and graded exams



Awards, Fellowships, Grants & Academic Honors

ALA | ALCTS Coutts Award for Innovation in EResource Management 2011 Nomination Press Release

Beta Phi Mu, International Library and Information Science Honor Society, 2004-

National Conference Travel Stipend Award, Special Libraries Association, Indiana Chapter, 2003

Merit Scholar, School of Library and Information Science, IU Bloomington, 2003

Davis Fellowship in Scientific Information; IU School of Library and Information Science, 2002

Floyd Final Year Fellowship; Department of Biology, IU Bloomington, 2001

Indiana Academy of Science Research Grants

The relationship between foliar rust infection and fitness in the flat-topped goldenrod,1998

Anther-style overlap and prior self-fertilization in Silene noctiflora, 1995

Indiana University Fellowship, College of Arts and Sciences; IU Bloomington, 1994

Dean's List; UC Santa Barbara, 1993


Jul 2004 - Jun 2015

Research Associate

Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden http://www.rsabg.org/research-associates
May 2005 - May 2005

GIS for Landscape Ecology

NITLE - National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education http://fresc.usgs.gov/news/Highlight.aspx?HighlightID=645
Jul 2004 - Jul 2004

Information Literacy Immersion - Teacher Track

ACRL Institute for Information Literacy http://www.ala.org/acrl/immersion/teachertrack

Service: Working Groups, Advisory Boards & Consulting

2015 -            Wiley Library Advisory Board

2014 -            NISO Open Discovery Initiative Working Group

2014 -            SAGE Library Advisory Board

2013 -             Institute for Research Design in Librarianship Advisory Board                                                          [member roster]

2013 - 2016   Institute of Physics Library Advisory Board

2012 - 2014   NISO Monograph Demand Driven Acquisition Working Group

2011 - 2013   Usage Factor International Advisory Board

2009 -             Oxford University Press Library Advisory Council

2008 - 2013   NISO KBart (Knowlege bases and related tools) Working Group

       2012        Cambridge University Press Advisory Meeting

2009, 2012    SAGE Library Advisory Board

2008 - 2010   Springer Library Advisory Board

2005 - 2010   BioOne Community Advisory Council

2008 - 2009   Brill Library Advisory Board

2006 - 2007   New England Journal of Medicine Advisory Board (Semi-annual) Member Roster 

Research: Electronic resource discovery, access & analysis tools

2015.02.24 Discovery System Impact on Usage of Aggregator-Hosted Journal Content: Do Usage Patterns Suggest Favoritism? Electronic Resources & Libraries with Michael Levine-Clark and John McDonald. Austin, Texas. [abstract]

Levine-Clark, M, McDonald, J and Price, J.S. 2014. The effect of discovery systems on online journal usage: a longitudinal study. Insights 27(3):249-256, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1629/2048-7754.153

2014.07.21 Examining the impact of discovery systems on usage. Wiley Exchanges Blog

2014.03.18 Not always discovered: Phase two of a study of the effect of discovery systems on online (journal) usage. Electronic Resources & Libraries with Michael Levine-Clark and John McDonald. Austin, Texas. [abstract][slides] Audience: ~130

2014.03.05 Discovery or Displacement? A large scale longitudinal study of the effect of discovery service implementation on online journal usage. SCELC Colloquium with Michael Levine-Clark and John McDonald. Los Angeles, CA.[abstract] [slides] Audience: ~100  

2014.03.04 Research Insights: Behind the scenes on the making of a large scale discovery system study. SCELC Research Day, Loyola Marymount University. Los Angeles, CA. Audience: ~50

2013.11.07 Discovery or Displacement? A large scale longitudinal study of the effect of discovery service implementation on online journal usage. Plenary Session at the Charleston Conference with Michael Levine-Clark and John McDonald. Charleston, SC. [abstract] [slides][video] Audience: ~750 http://dx.doi.org/10.5703/1288284315331

2013.06.05 Update on emerging standards, guidelines, and recommendations... KBart and Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA) best practices. Society for Scholarly Publishing, San Francisco. [slides]  Audience: ~25

Arch X and JS Price. 2011. Tracking Electronic Resource Acquisitions: using a helpdesk system to succeed where your ERMS failed. Pp. 437-449 in K. Strauch, B. Bernhardt, & L. Hines, eds. Charleston Conference Proceedings 2009. Against the Grain Press, Charleston, SC. [slides] [article] Cited by: 4+

Price JS and L Duggan. 2011. Making E-serials Holdings Data Transferable: Applying the KBART Recommended Practice. Serials Librarian 60:229-233. NASIG 2010.06.06 [slides] [article] Cited by: 3+     (DOl: 10.1080/0361526X.2011.556039)

2011.06.26 Discovery tools & OUP content. Panelist, Oxford U Press. ALA New Orleans, LA. [slides]

2010.09.27 Ebook discoverability & OUP content. Oxford U Press Advisory Board. Cary, NC. [slides]

2011.06.25 KBart Update for LITA standards committee. ALA New Orleans, LA. [slides]

2010.01.16 KBart Update: Release of the Phase I Recommended Practice —Panel: In the ‘Know’: E-Resource Knowledge Base Management and Standards, ALA Midwinter.Boston, MA. [slides]

2009.02.11 KBart: Knowledge Bases and related tools: Improving openUrl effectiveness. Concurrent session. Electronic Resources & Libraries. Los Angeles, CA. [slides]

2008.06.27 KBart: improving the supply of data to link resolvers and knowledge bases. ALA Annual NISO/BISG Forum. Anaheim, CA. [slides]

Trainor CA and JS Price. 2010. Rethinking linking: breathing new life into OpenURL. Library Technology Reports 46(7), 35 pgs. [full report]

2010.09.24 OCLC Management Team. Collection evaluation using OCLC APIs. Dublin, OH.

2009.11.14 Innovation @ourLibrary: beta implementation of a unified web-scale discovery tool for library content. Springer Academic Library Advisory Board. San Francisco, CA. [slides]

2006.11Making our MARC: Purchasing periodical MARC records from vendors. Panel presentation. Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC. [slides]

Research: Eresource usage & collection analysis

2013.03.25 What's the Use? A symposium on usage statistics.  Consortium of Academic and Research Libraries in Illinois: CARLI. Keynote with John McDonald. Champaign, IL. [slides]

2012.11.08 Ebook Availability Revisited: A quantitative analysis of the 2012 aggregator marketplace. Concurrent Session. Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC. [abstract][slides]

2012.04.03 Saving time & money in the short(!) run...using Pubget Paperstats auto-harvested aggregated usage statistics to rapidly & responsibly trim a big deal. A penny saved is a penny spent, Panelist. Electronic Resources & Libraries. Austin, TX. [slides]

2011.06.25 Slicing and Dicing: consortial Paperstats at SCELC w/ R. Burke. ALA NOLA. [slides]

2010.09.21 PaperStats for Consortial OperationsSCELC Board. Los Angeles, CA.

2011.03.02 The evidence is in: Patron driven acquisition promotes collection use. An update to the Beguiled by bananas from 2009.11.05. Plenary, SCELC Colloquium. Los Angeles, CA. [slides] [video:flvX]

Price JS and JD McDonald. 2009. Beguiled by bananas: a retrospective study of the usage & breadth of patron vs. librarian acquired ebook collections. Pp. 135-144 in K. Strauch, B. Bernhardt, & L. Hinds, eds. Charleston Conference Proceedings 2009. Against the Grain Press: Charleston, SC. [slides] [article] Cited by: 20+

2008.11.06 To supersede or supplement: profiling e-book aggregator collections versus our print collections (with John McDonald - CUC). Concurrent session, Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC. [slides]

[Cited By] Bollen J and HVd Sompel. 2008. Usage impact factor: The effects of sample characteristics on usage-based impact metrics. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 59:136-149.  doi:10.1002/asi.20746 [

"However, a number of significant problems must be juxtaposed to the many advantages offered by online usage data. First, online usage can be biased by a myriad of interface characteristics (Davis & Price, 2006)."

Price JS. 2007. How many journals do we have? An alternative approach to journal collection evaluation through local 'cited article' analysis. Serials 20(2):134-141. [DOI: 10.1629/20134] Cited by 9+

2007.06.06 Applying usage data to collection management in libraries & consortia. Better data, better business: Applying usage data in scholarly publishing [panel]. Invited speaker, Society for Scholarly Publishing. San Francisco, CA. [slides]

2007.04 Are they any use? Hazards of price per use comparisons in ejournal management. Invited plenary, UKSG: United Kingdom Serials Group. Coventry, England. [slides

2007.03.07 Usage statistics in ejournal collection management and consortial pricing. SCELC colloquium panel on Scholarly Communication. Los Angeles, CA. 

Davis PM and JS Price. 2006. eJournal interface can influence usage statistics: Implications for libraries, publishers, and Project COUNTER. Journal of the American Society of Information Science and Technology 57(9): 1243-1248. [article](DOI: 10.1002/asi.20405) (arXiv w/ color figures) Cited by 62+

2006.11 Basic statistics for librarians. Preconference workshop (w/ John McDonald, Caltech).  Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC.

2006.09.28 Using COUNTER statistics. Managing electronic collections workshop. Invited speaker,  NISO Solutions Forum.Denver, CO. [slides]

Price JS. 2006. Making the most of a "big deal": building a consortial shared list to reclaim title-by-title ejournal selection for libraries. pp. 160-172 in Bernhardt BR, Daniels T, Steinle K, Strauch K, Eds. Charleston Conference Proceedings 2005. Libraries Unlimited: Westport, CT. [slides] [articleX] Cited by 2+

2005.04 Lies, damn lies, and use statistics: Does COUNTER help? Poster presentation. Biannual conference of the Association of College and Research Libraries. Minneapolis, MN. [posterX] 

Research: Ebooks & Ejournals

2015.02.23 Making Value Judgements: Ebook Pricing for Access and Ownership. Electronic Resources & Libraries with Michael Levine-Clark and Maria Savova. Austin, Texas. [abstract][slides]

2013.05.14 Ever Evolving Ebooks. Keynote address. SANLiC: South African National Library and information Consortium Bi-Annual Workshops. Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa. [slides] Audience: ~ 120

2012.05.10 Springer Academic Ebook Summit. Panelist. Los Angeles, CA.

2011.11.03 Springer Small School Ebook Summit. Keynote. Charleston, SC. [slides]

2011.01.07 Springer Ebook Summit: Business models. Panelist. San Diego, CA.

2010.04.01 Springer Ebook Summit. Panelist. San Francisco, CA.

Feick T, Price J, Macicak S, Brunning D. 2012. Platform Choice: Policies and Practice. http://dx.doi.org/10.5703/1288284314947

Price JS. 2011. Patron driven acquisition of publisher-hosted content: Bypassing DRM. Against the Grain23(3):16-18. [article] [Scholarship@Claremont] Cited by: 6+

Spiro L and G Henry. 2010. Can a new research library be all digital? p. 5-80 in The Idea of Order: Transforming Research Collections for 21st Century Scholarship. CLIR Publication 147. Cites and discusses interview and ebook aggregator and patron driven studies

2010.08.17 Demand driven acquisition (w/ John McDonald). [mp3 audio interview] No Shelf Required

2009.06.12 Effects of co-publishing Evolution in BioOne in today’s journal marketplace. Consultant, Society for the Study of Evolution Executive Council. Evolution Meetings. Moscow, ID. [slides]

2009.04.16 Usage Factor vs. Impact Factor: A case study with BioOne JournalsBioOne Publishers and Partners annual meeting. Invited plenary. Washington, DC. [slides]

2008.05.29 The Great (  )omission: Go out into all the world and acquire ebooks(?!) OR Things we need to know about ebooks that they didn’t tell us or haven’t figured out. Invited plenary, Christian College Librarians. Pepperdine University, Malibu, CA. [slides]

2006.11 E-journal ‘Big Deal’ price caps: Do they really benefit libraries? Concurrent session, Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC. [slides]

Presentations: Library Perspectives

2015.02.03 11th Annual Librarian Focus Group. Society for Scholarly Publishing. National Academy of Sciences. Washington, DC. 

2014.03.17 Techniques for successful negotiation. Concurrent session. Electronic Resources & Libraries conference with Donna LaFollette for Rick Burke. Austin, Texas. [abstract][slides] Audience: ~60

2013.06.21 Backlist ebooks and the library market. Invited panelist. AAUP: American Association of University Presses Annual Conference, Boston, MA. [slides] Audience: ~75

2013.05.13 Electronic resource negotiation & licensing. Pre-conference Workshop.SANLiC: South African National Library and information Consortium Bi-Annual Workshops. Muldersdrift, Johannesburg, South Africa. [slides] Participants: ~ 20

2013.05.09 Publisher journal portfolio growth. Lightning talk. OUP LAC Oxford University Press Library Advisory Council, Oxford, UK. [slides] Attendees: 14 librarians and 14 OUP staff.  

2012.01.12 Collection development and sales relationships. Panelist. SAGE Sales Meeting, San Diego, CA.

2011.02.22 Choosing a library leader for 21st century library programs and services. To Vice President of Library and Information Technology Services search committee. Claremont Colleges. [slides]

2010.11.03 E-Everything: Putting it all together. Keynote respondent. Preconference, Charleston Conference. Charleston, SC.

2010.08.09 Impact of the future of library collections on the ideal(?) library organizational structure. Consultant, Electronic Resources & Libraries strategic planning retreat. Los Angeles, CA. [video]

2009.03 Ten things Librarians don’t want to hear, but need to know. Panel Discussion with Dan Tonkery and Gordon Tibbets at the SCELC Colloquium. Los Angeles, CA. 

2008.08.09 Trends in journal management and user behavior. Consultant, SAGE Management and Organizational Studies Editors. Academy of Management. Anaheim, CA. [slides]

2006.07 Where I get off telling you where you should publish: Open access, NIH public access policy, and ‘green’ journals can affect journal article impact. Howard Hughes Medical Institute Summer Research Seminar Series. Claremont Colleges, CA. [slides]

Research: Evolutionary Ecology of Disease Resistance

Price JS. 2003. The potential for evolution of resistance to leaf rust (Coleosporium asterum) in a clonal perennial herb (Euthamia graminifolia). Indiana University, Bloomington. [dissertation] Cited by 1+

Dissertation Chapters

Research & Teaching: Evolutionary Ecology

Price JS and K Clay. Genotypic selection for quantitative resistance to leaf rust (Coleosporium asterum) in flat-topped goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia). [article] (In preparation for Evolution)

Price JS, Fiske CB, Gall MD, Ochiagha CJ and NJ Karnovsky. Differences between two species of woodrat in usage of coastal sage scrub habitat. [article] (In revision for Bulletin, Southern California Academy of Sciences)

2011.09.09 Biological diversity: the molecular re-analysis. Guest lecture. Intro biology (Keck Science). [slides

2011.03.23 Sea turtle population matrix models. Guest lecture. Intro ecology & evolution (Pomona). [slides

Stuefer JF, Anten NR, de Kroon H, Peters JL, Smit-Tiekstra A, Vermeulen PJ & During HJ. 2009. Genotypic selection shapes patterns of within-species diversity in experimental plant populations. Journal of Ecology 97(5), 1020-1027. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2745.2009.01546.x [Cited by]

"Shifts in the frequency of genotypes over time (termed genotypic selection by Pan & Price 2001) determine spatio-temporal patterns of within-species diversity in plant populations, which in turn can have wide-ranging effects on community structure and ecosystem functioning."

Price JS. 2004. Biology of Seeds: Recent Research Advances. Quarterly Review of Biology 79(4): 429. [book review] (DOI: 10.1086/428194

Price JS, Bever JD and K Clay. 2004. Genotype, environment, and genotype by environment interactions determine quantitative resistance to leaf rust (Coleosporium asterum) in flat-topped goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia). New Phytologist 162(3): 729-743. [article] (DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.2004.01082.x) Cited by 28+

Pan JJ and J Price. 2001. Fitness and evolution in clonal plants: the impact of clonal growth.  Evolutionary Ecology 15(4-6): 583-600. [article] (DOI: 10.1023/A:1016065705539) Cited by 109+

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