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Jay Jaffe is a former award-winning journalist in both print and broadcast media. Exhibiting a predilection for writing at an early age, Jay volunteered as the editor of his school’s fifth-grade newspaper. But, Jay would not function in that role again until he served a three-year term in the Army. Stationed in a medical facility overseas, Jay oversaw operation of the hospital’s newspaper and interviewed patients for military radio shows. Concurrently, Jay contributed articles to the Army periodical, Star and Stripes and the Army Times. In addition, Jay recorded interviews with wounded soldiers returning home to the United States from Vietnam. Following discharge from the military, Jay traveled to Augusta, Georgia, where he acquired his first professional position in journalism. As daily reporter for the Augusta Chronicle Herald, Jay covered city events and local happenings. In 1975, Jay career transitioned from journalism to public relations. Shortly after moving to Washington, D.C., Jay Jbegan working as a Spokesperson for the Committee on Standards of Official Conduct of the U.S. House of Representatives. One of Jay’s duties in this role was to address the national media in times of crisis or scandal. Issuing statements on behalf of Congress, Jay drew upon his experience in journalism and proved to be adept at the task. Because of his expertise, Jay was promoted from Spokesperson to Assistant Staff Director. After four years of service on Capitol Hill, Jay left to start his own business. Jay founded Jaffe Associates, a public relations firm, in 1979. After working with numerous clients over the years, from a wide array of industries, Jay narrowed his company’s focus to the promotion of law firms. In response to the recent emergence of new forms of media, including the Internet, Jay has retooled and redefined his firm’s services. No longer dealing in “public relations,” Jay now provides his clients with “public reputation management." Jaffe Associates is now known as Jaffe PR.

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