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Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority
Positions held 2011-2012 -Bylaws Chair -Ritual Chair -Housing Chair -Parliamentarian  -Treasurer   Positions held 2012-2013 -President -New Member Director   Accomplishments -being elected in to all positions by my peers -Selected to attend the 2012 National Convention -Achieved the honor of being the very first intern at the National Headquarters for Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority for the summer of 2013. -Assisted in getting the Womanless Pageant up and running again in fall 2012 -hosted the first biannual Retreat weekend for active members and Alum members to attend to strengthen our bonds. -Started from the ground up an all Greek lead kickball game to raise money and awareness for The American Cancer Society's Relay for Life Walk.  
Television Broadcasting
  Homework Hotline ·        Production Assistant ·        Assistant book keeper. ·        Documentation keeper for parents and students on the show for that day. ·        Help in assisting the parents and students in answering any questions or concerns they might have. ·        Position the students on the stage and make sure the stage is set up correctly for the teacher and the chairs for the students. ·        Equipment Experience: ·        Camera operation ·        Stage lights   Evening News Show ·        Anchor ·        Write all stories for my portion of the daily show ·        Find all news stories without breaching contracts held with Bossier Parish Community College and other outside news stations. ·        Packages -          Find the subject that the package will be done on -          Shoot the whole package -          Write a script for the appropriate subject -          Do a voice over segment if necessary    ·        Equipment experience includes: ·        Master Control ·        Teleprompter  
  KRSC-91.3 FM   Back Roads-Red Dirt/Americana Music ·        1200-1300  every Saturday (pre-recorded) ·        Research background information on musicians to announce during break segments ·        Knowledge of Voice Tracker ·        Find new music to play on the show Live Station Time ·      1500-1700 Tuesdays (live board) ·        Research background information on bands playing to further inform the listeners ·        Back announce recent songs with small explanation of bands   Announce and elaborate on upcoming school/local area events  

Work experience

Mar 2012Present

Front Desk Receptionist

Rogers State University

In working for Rogers State University, my job is pinpointed to working as the front desk receptionist for the President of the University and the two Vice Presidents of the University. I am very knowledgeable on the proper telephone etiquette. I am skilled in working with the copy machine in copying, faxing, and e-mailing from the machine itself. Including understanding the importance of confidentiality in paperwork.

May 2013Present

Communications Intern

Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority

In working for Alpha Sigma Tau National Sorority I have been active in helping edit the 4-year membership program for selected pilot chapters, I actively worked on changing the old branding logos to the new branding logo on all active documents used by the sorority, and I am currently working on projects that are vital to this national organization. I helped in getting ready for the summer Officer Academy and I had the pleasure of blogging my personal experience as an intern for this organization. All of my blogs are posted to the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority website (given above). 

Mar 2012Jan 2013

Volunteer Radio DJ

Rogers State University

In volunteering at the KRSC-FM Radio station, True Alternative Music, at Rogers State University I gain the knowledge and skill  to be able to perform in live airing situations. I also worked with having a prerecorded show.


Aug 2011Present


Rogers State University

I have had the experience of taking many credible classes such as Argumentation and Persuasion teaching us how to effectively communicate our point across while still being cool and calm, and using intelligent facts to back up our decision and point. I also have taken production classes ranging from audio, video editing, and publishing news articles. I have also taken research classes that focus in qualitative and quantitative information searching and global communications.

Along with getting my BA in Communications, I will also be getting an associates in history. These courses take you back through time and research the tactics used at the time and allow you to research and reflect on the ways of wars and ethics and how things have changed or remained the same in the military aspect of history.    

In attending Rogers State University, I have been able to join many clubs and organizations. The first club I actively joined was the Student Broadcasting Association. In the SBA I was able to hold officer for 3 terms as the Treasurer. I also helped in planning one of our bigger events, the Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament. In 2012 I was selected to be the represented SBA delegate for the 2012 homecoming queen and king nominees. I had the pleasure of making it to the top 6 selected. 

In attending Rogers State University, I also had the wonderful opportunity of joining the Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority. In this sorority I have been able to accomplish so many new avenues to keep me moving forward in networking for job line ups. I have had many accomplishments in joining this sorority, one being that I am the first collegiate member to intern at the national level at Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority.

Aug 2008Jul 2011


Bossier Parish Community College

In attending this college, I was granted a scholarship that allowed me to participate as a member on the television broadcasting team. In this, we learned how to run a live news show, all behind the scenes and in front of the camera. I also worked closely with the daily Homework Hotline, live children's show.

In my time with the scholarship involvement, we also had the pleasure of being actively involved in the yearly produced movies that is student lead.

Being at this campus has been a great stepping stone for understand real life situations in the work field.