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As a designer, photographer,  and landscaper,  I am always on the lookout for successful compositions as well as social, environmental and cultural trends

Work experience

Oct 20152017


Sloat Garden Center

As a senior staff member at this high-end nursery, my job consists of purchasing plant stock from multiple vendors on a weekly basis, as well as receiving, displaying, and caring for the plants. The quantities vary depending on the season, but can reach up to 2,000 individual plants  during a busy spring week.

It is inspiring to be able to support and educate our customers, come up with workable designs ; essentially curating a garden on the spot with the aide of verbal descriptions, aesthetics, and occasionally a few photos of the site in question. I have designed hundreds of container plantings and gardens and have an exceptional ability to visualize myself in the clients space

Jun 2002Present


Gardens by Lovise

Due to my experience both working in the nursery and for Planted Earth, I was able to launch Gardens by Lovise in June of 2002.

My work is based on consultation, landscape design,  and landscape maintenance as well as floral and interior plant design and upkeep.

Apr 1999Jun 2002

Landscape assistant

Planted Earth

Together with the owner, I designed, planned, installed and maintained interior as well as exterior residential landscapes

Sep 1996Mar 1999

Nursery Buyer Assistant

Sloat Garden Center

My job was to assist the nursery buyer in purchasing nursery stock for the store; receiving, displaying and caring for the plants. Creating dynamic 'end cap' displays was one of my favorite tasks and was instrumental in  helping me study for and pass the CCNP test (California Certified Nursery Professional). While simultaneously working in the Design Department, this  enabled me to observe the growth pattern and general habit of the plants in a landscape environment


Aug 1983Jun 1986

High School

Rønne Statsskole, Bornholm, Denmark

Major in French


Sep 2010present

Certificate in Landscape Architecture

UC Berkeley Extension

Landscape architecture is the design of outdoor public areas, landmarks, and structures to achieve environmental, social-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes.

(Unfortunately this program will be terminated fall 2018)

Aug 1996present

California Certified Nursery Professional

General knowledge, plant identification and landscape design

Sep 1988Mar 1990

Fashion Design

IT Moda, Lisbon, Portugal

Specialty in pattern fabrication and design



Landscape and portrait photography

Adobe suite

Proficient in digital graphics