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My name is Lovisa Akerstedt. I am a 20 years old, originally from Sweden. I am really easy going, kind and not afraid to work hard. I love making  contact with people but can work perfectly fine on my own.  I work fast and I am a quick learner. I always work with a smile on my face and try to make everyday something extra special for everyone in my surrounding.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Housekeeper/Mini bar

Coral Sea

I currently work as a housekeeper and mini bar attendant at Coral Sea Resort and will do until my contract with them runs out in the end of February. I work 5 days a week with a flexible roster.

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Work for accommodation (Bar)

Backpackers by the bay

I am on my last week/s of working for accommodation in our hostel bar (Barefoot bar)  after working here for almost 4 months.

Jan 2014Sep 2015



I worked at a cafe/bar some evenings every week for almost 2 years in Sweden. Waited tables, cleaned, served food and beverage.

Oct 2014Jul 2015

Au Pair

Au pair link

For 9 months I worked as an Au Pair in New Zealand. I lived with a family and provided childcare for their children, cleaned the house, did the dishes and washing and cooked dinner (and all meals for the children.)

Jun 2014Sep 2014

Dementia housing

Masta ang

After graduating high school (age 18 in Sweden) I worked at a dementia housing. I took care of the patients, washed them, dressed them,  helped them with their personal and individual needs, cleaned the rooms, put them to bed,  served and fed them food and did the daily rapports. 

Jun 2014Sep 2014



During the same time I worked at the Dementia housing I also worked at a bar during the evenings/nights. I was behind the bar, serving drinks and food and made sure the facility was clean.

Jun 2013Aug 2013

Hospital / Cleaning


During the summer of 2013 I worked at our local hospital in Sweden. I worked in the gynecology/maternity wards. I provided the patients with help and comforting, greeted and guided the visitors, transported the patients between the wards, cleaned all of the rooms thoroughly, did the washing, ordered and served the food and did the dishes.  I also cleaned all of the areas within my department.


Aug 2011Jun 2014


S:t Eskil

I attended an Arts and Performance/Social science school. We had all the basic subjects, and did dancing and exercising during school time. Graduated year 2014. 

Aug 2003Jun 2011



Attended my local primary school.


Bar attendant 

I have helped in bars in both Samoa and Turkey. Plus worked extra in evenings.

Work fast 

When you are working with kids and people with special needs you have to be organized, be able to solve problems fast and do your chores quick but still with a big smile on your face. This is a big strength of mine. 


I have attended a first aid course in Auckland and own a certificate of completion of a CPR course. 


All of my jobs have been very social and has involved a lot of personal contact with different kind of people,  and finding the way to please, understand and communicate with the persons in question is really one thing that I have learn.