I am a Human Resource Management Professional with extensive experience in all facets of Human Resource Management and possess a Diploma in Human Resource Management at BMT. 

Please find attached my Curriculum Vitae in the following formats:

1. My Visual CV

2. My Graphic CV

3. My LinkedIn Profile

I have extensive knowledge and years of experience in:

  • Human Resource Management 
  • Industrial Relations 
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Training 
  • Operational Development
  • Employee Relations
  • Employee Wellness
  • Social Security, Medical Aid and Pension fund administration
  • Health and Safety
  • Labour Law

I have gained much of my experience at the following companies:

  • Etosha Fishing Corporation
  • Rossing Uranium Mine (part of the Rio Tinto Group)

I am available for interviews in Namibia or alternatively through internet Webcam via Skype. 

Your time and consideration will be much appreciated.


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Contact number - +264 (0)64 209 354 (home)
Cellular number - +264 (0)81664 5288
Email - [email protected]
LinkedIn -

Summary: Employment Portfolio

Summary: Education Portfolio

Associations & Affiliations

1. Sea Rescue Institute of Namibia.
2. Chairperson; Anglican Woman’s Fellowship.
3. Church Warden; St Saviors Anglican Church.
4. Parent Teachers Association; Walvis Bay Private High School.

Personal Information

  • Surname - Plato
  • Name(s) - Lovina Pamela
  • Date of Birth - 17 November 1970
  • Identity number -  70111700698 (click here to view my ID Online)
  • Nationality - Namibian
  • Family life - Married with two dependants (2 boys: Aurelio-John, age 21 and Chad, age 16)
  • Health status - Excellent
  • Language proficiency - English and Afrikaans
  • Drivers License - Code BE with own transport
  • Residential street - Evergreen Street, Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • Postal Address - P.O. Box 8590, Narraville, Walvis Bay, Namibia.
  • Contact number - +264 (0)64 209 354 (home)
  • Cellular number -  +264 (0)81664 5288
  • Email -  [email protected]

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2001 - Feb 2014

Human Resources Manager

Etosha Fishing Corporation

Key Responsibilities:

  • Recruitment and Selection:
    •  Placing of all adverts with job outline for national newspapers.
    •  Responsible for selection and interviewing of potential candidates.
    •  Responsible for scheduling of interviews of candidates with HOD’s and AA committee members.
    •  Package structures negotiating with potential candidates.
    •  Responsible for induction of candidates with regard to the company safety standards.
    •  Where necessary, arranging psychometric testing for candidates.
  • Human Resources Management / Employee Relations:
    •  Responsible all employment contracts and that they are in line with company policies.
  • Social security:
    •  Responsible for all social security matters.
    •  Responsible for all WCA cases and managing of same cases with Medical Doctors.
    •  Ordering of new SS cards.
    •  Registration of employees starting at the company.
    •  Termination of membership when employees leave.
    •  Responsible for social security claims for sick leave, death, maternity and retirement.
  • Medical Aid:
    •  Managing all medical aid matters and also liaison officer between employees and medical aid.
    •  Ordering of new cards.
    •  Sorting of medical matters on behalf of employees.
    •  Counselling of employees with social problems and directing them towards the right people who can work with them.
  • Pension fund:
    •  Principal Officer of the Retirement fund for 12 years.
    •  Managing and administrating all pension fund matters.
    •  Making sure that all claims are attended to.
  • Industrial Relations:
    •  Managing of all Union matters direct with Branch officials or shop stewards.
    •  Responsible for wage negotiations for land based and sea based employees with relevant Union.
    •  Represented the company in all Labour disputes with the Union or Labour court matters.
    •  Acting as liaison between the MD and Union officials.
    •  Responsible for union membership deductions.
    •  Managed all staff related industrial relations matters in Liaison with the MD of the company.
    •  Responsible for the company’s Employment Equity report and meeting of deadline in terms of Affirmative Action Act.
    •  Acted as Liaison for the company with Affirmative Action Commissioner.
  • Health and Safety:
    •  Responsible for all first aid and injuries on duty on site.
    •  Safety committee member
    •  Responsible for yearly induction of employees
    •  Member of the Emergency Response committee
    •  Arranging for updated training in respect of all Health and Safety in order to comply with Risk control.
    •  Arranged for all training of sea going staff and validation of the required vessel manning certifications
    •  Arranged Fishing Vessel crew manning according to Director Maritime Affairs requirements
  • Other Functions:
    •  Administrating of employee pension fund loans
    •  Ensuring information is updated on payroll; leave updates, disciplinary matters etc on VIP Payroll
Jun 1993 - Aug 1993

Secretary to Mine Engineer:Werner Ewaldt 

Rossing Uranium Mine

Temporary Position



Short Courses


  • First Aid Class A


  • VIP Softline Payroll


  • South African Company Competition Act


  • Safety Representative Course


  • Job description and Job Grading

GABBY STEMMET (Labour Solutions Corporation (PTY) Ltd )

  • Chairing and initiating of disciplinary hearings


  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel intermediate and PowerPoint etc.


  • Trustee Training
  • Principal Officer Training
  • Fudiciary Training


  • TB awareness training


  • Employee Wellness Ambassador Training



1. Knitting
2. Reading
3. Camping
4. Confirmation teacher at St Saviors Anglican Church
5. Working with the youth
6. Enjoy supporting my sons with their rugby