Lovely Bandal

Work experience

Work experience
May 2011 - Jul 2011

The Parramatta College

Administrative Assistant

I have worked with this organisation as an administrative assistant directly reporting to the project coordinator.

I provided administrative support to the project coordinator and other staff including managing schedules, making business correspondence, answering phone calls, preparing the meeting room, and assisting the guests. I have also performed other administrative tasks like filing, record keeping, maintaining accurate database record, answering and sending emails, managing letters and photocopying.

The challenge that I have encountered and successfully accomplished in this role was, when given a task by the project coordinator to complete the mid-year report which was due in 3 weeks. The report is to get a collective data about the total numbers of students in the Skillmax course. This requires a good eye on detail and accuracy. To ensure that I am collecting accurate data, I contacted each client to recheck  and update their profile and information, created spread sheet for recording of data, and entered all the information into database system. Whilst performing other duties, I managed to complete the report by listing down all my tasks and arranging them according to its priority level. I was able to complete and finish the report on time and the project coordinator complimented me for an excellent job.

Nov 2006 - Apr 2008

Mediterranean Heights Homeowners' Association


I have worked with this non-profit organisation as secretary and provided administrative support to the board that had eleven members.

I performed drafting business correspondence, arranging meetings, preparing agenda, recording minutes of meeting, liaising with the members, and assisting the board in amending corporate by-laws.

I have also performed filing and keeping of confidential records and documents, managing emails and letters, photocopying, and other general administrative tasks.

One of my best contributions to the organisation was improving its records and file by using chronological order system which benefited the organisation in managing  legal matters.

Oct 1997 - Jan 2002

Siemens, Inc., Philippines

Corporate Receptionist

My main responsibilities in this role include welcoming and greeting the guests, answering phone calls and transferring calls to designated person or department, updating directory, and maintaining the reception area.

I performed customer service in the front line both face-to-face and phone based while representing and maintaining the professional image of the company.

In my service to this organisation, I initiated the restructure of the duties of the receptionist by talking to my manager and proposing adding administrative tasks to the role. These include performing data entry, filing and record keeping, and accepting and distributing letters. The outcome was an increased in efficiency in General Administration Department.

Oct 2004 - Jun 1993

Digitel Mobile Philippines (Sun Cellular)

Customer Service Specialist

This is a mobile telecommunication company which is similar to TELSTRA, Australia.

I started to work with this company as a retail  assistant where I performed greeting and assisting the customers coming in to the shop, and answering all their enquiries about the company's promotions, products and services.

After a couple of months in handling this role, I was chosen to participate in one month extensive training program in customer service and was promoted as Customer Service Specialist. My responsibilities include assisting the clients in filling out and processing their application for line subscription, entering the customer's information into database system, and handling customer's complaint.

I have learned a lot in this job in dealing with different kind of people. Working in customer service requires a lot of patience especially in handling difficult customers.  Whenever my customers come to me and raise their concern,  I make sure that I am listening to them attentively. I let them vent out first and after hearing them, I propose resolution to their concern. If it is beyond my responsibility, I explain them the process of resolving the concern and make appropriate report about it. If necessary, I do some follow up about the progress of the concern and give updates to my customers by sending email or calling them.

From this role I have developed strong interpersonal skills and strong ability to deal with people from diverse background.