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Did a AI course for cattle and practicing it for more than 10 years
Professional Hunter and Hunting Outfitter
I am a Professional Hunter and Hunting outfitter in South Africa
Sheep , cattle and wildlife farmer

Work experience

Mar 1992Present


Spioenkop Farm


Plains Safaris
Plains Safaris South Africa My love of nature and the outdoors, my passion for hunting and fishing, together with a grave concern about the general degradation of habitat on our continent of both fauna and flora have prompted me to do something to stop the carnage.

Thus was born the plain safaris-“Outdoor Adventure”

South Africa has, for the past two and half decades, become both the big game hunters primary destination, as well as a tourists mecca for international clients.  Malaria free area. Amongst the most important factors contributing to this, are its political stability, first world communication and transport networks, and a more than favourable exchange rate.  Making it accessible to the average man to realize the dream of hunting in South Africa!  With the third largest bio-diversity on earth, besides Brazil and Indonesia, we have more big game and antelope species than any other country on the African continent. 

Our motto: Hunters are conservationists

Our Aim:*To introduce youngsters to hunting and fishing.

                *To instil a love and appreciation of our natural heritage.

                *To awaken a responsibility toward the utilization of nature:

                *To accept accountability toward God and man as custodians of our environment.

We endeavour to raise awareness of the importance of hunters as conservationists, and to highlight the fact that it is the hunter, ironically, that has saved numerous endangered species from the brink of extinction.  Together with the creation of jobs and international revenue generated by foreign clients, hunting has become an important part of the African economy.  With this in mind, we are currently marketing a course both locally and internationally, for those privileged enough to be able to make a difference and raise awareness about the plight of our natural resources.   Part of the proceeds generated , are donated to the underprivileged communities to raise awareness and educating the population regarding the importance of sustainable utilization and job creation.


May 2001Present

Professional Hunter

Professional Hunting

Aside from the adventure offered from the safari experience, Kobus also leads a Certified Hunting Academy in South Africa, enabling the avid adventurist to learn the craft of safari outfitting. In this academy, training for all elements of the outfitter is learned to fulfill the requirements of the South African Nature Conservation standards.

Jan 1987Nov 1989


University OFS