Life Skills Facilitation

Computer Literacy

Windows XP/Vista, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome All MS Office & ad-hoc software packages Various web apps / online tools

Client Relationship Management

Incl. sales component


Project, campaign and account management & planning (full life cycle) Digital marketing & strategy Client relationship management (incl. sales component) Opportunity analysis Web analytics & reporting Marketing and competitor research Trend presentations Training and education Reporting

Insights & Trend Management

Insights & Trend Management: Management of data, information and insights Trend identification & formulation All research methodologies incl. statistical and descriptive Analysis, reporting & presentation Market research, analysis & insights Competitor research, analysis & insights Knowledge management Trendspotting


General business/entrepreneurial acumen New venture start-up/growth specialist Business development, strategy & analysis, New venture creation & corporate innovation, Business mentoring & advice Technology specialist in digital innovation ventures Creativity and innovation training, Business plan creation, Turnaround strategies Marketing and sales planning (incl. brand positioning) Management and leadership training Marketing research    

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2007 - Present

Director (Full-Time; Management & Business Development)

ThumbsUP Lifestyle (Pty) Ltd

Leading the venture start-up team of Thumbsup Lifestyle, an Internet media company which aim is to create and manage innovative niche-focused web platforms. My primary mandate is to direct, manage and grow the venture into a profitable and sustainable business. Key responsibilities thus include new business development, brand positioning, project management, client liaison, marketing and sales planning and strategy, financial management and human resource administration. Additionally, I am tasked to frequently report to and liaise with Thumbsup Lifestyle’s board of directors and shareholders. Other duties include:

oSenior Online Manager: Website development

Management of Thumbsup Lifestyle’s online media platform including online strategy, marketing and advertising, user administration and web analytics.


Aug 2008 - Present

Johannesburg manager and strategist (Full-time)

World Wide Creative

Manage the newly established Johannesburg branch of a global digital marketing agency. My responsibility is to grow the Johannesburg outfit into an independent, trusted and profitable business operation. As part of this responsibility, my duties include identifying and growing new business opportunities, enhance World Wide Creative’s awareness and reputation within Gauteng as well as manage the day-to-day operations of the World Wide Creative Johannesburg. Other duties include:

  • Client service

Manage the relationships with World Wide Creative Johannesburg clients and the project management of their specific digital initiatives

  • Social media and blogging: Heavy

Maintain and add content to the Heavy Chef blog and social media touch points through writing of articles pertaining to innovation and digital marketing

(Visit: and

Mar 2009 - Present

Technology Coach (Part-Time)

University of Pretoria Incubator

Mentoring young entrepreneurs from the University of Pretoria through the innovation life cycle of their entrepreneurial ideas. My mandate is to focus on technology start-ups and assist them with the planning and growth of their ideas in order to take their ventures to market as profitable and innovative businesses. Furthermore, my duties include the lecturing and training of young entrepreneurs pertaining to market research, marketing and operational aspects of their innovations.

Jan 2005 - Dec 2006

Research Studies Manager & Consultant (Full-time)

Youth Dynamix (Pty) Ltd (as part of JWT (Pty) Ltd)

Senior manager of Youth Dynamix’ syndicated research studies. Being the largest youth studies in South Africa, my main responsibility was to transform these studies into profitable and sustainable business entities, as an integral part of the Youth Dynamix unique service positioning. Duties included marketing and sales, financial management, liaison with suppliers and clients, brand management and overall co-ordination of other aspects related to the launch and management of these studies. These studies were also launched in East (Kenya) and West Africa (Nigeria), consequently I had to oversee transfer of skills, strategies and methodologies to those regions. Other duties include:

oMarketing consultation

Consult on marketing activities in need of insights related to target market and client requirements

oAd hoc research (quantitative and qualitative)

A number of ad-hoc market research projects are managed and completed for various clients

oOnline Manager: Website development

Development and sustainability of website and online strategy for Youth Dynamix


Jul 2006 - Oct 2006

Business Plan Consultant (Part-time)

Praxos cc (as part of Sasol Chemcity Incubator Programme)

Consultant for developing a profitable and sustainable business plan in order to obtain finance for further growth of Praxos’ leadership in the plastics consultancy and manufacturing industry. Responsibility was to liaise with Entrepreneur (Praxos owner) and Sasol ChemCity agents and develop a comprehensive business plan, which included a complete overview of the business and product/service offerings, market analysis, marketing plan, financial analysis, financial management and planning, request for funds etc.

Sep 2004 - Dec 2004

Business Development Consultant (Part-time)

Reprorisk (Pty) Ltd

Business consultant for private strategic business and risk company, conducting research and analysis on business environment. Duties include identifying market trends and opportunities, potential new clients, alliances and analysing main stakeholders in business environment, in order to provide company with a sound business and marketing strategy. Other duties include:

oOnline Manager: Website development

Development and sustainability of website and online strategy for ReproRisk


Jan 2004 - Sep 2004

Competitive Intelligence Analyst (Full-time)

IBIS: Business & Information Services (Pty) Ltd

Research and analysis on various competitive / market research related projects. Chief projects included:

oProject Leader: Hot beverage industry

General market research and analysis for Kenya coffee company to enter the South African hot beverage market

oCo-project Leader: Perception study for media and entertainment company

Perception analysis and customer satisfaction survey for leading media and entertainment company

oProject Leader: Feasibility study for launch of lifestyle magazine

Feasibility/new concept study for the development of a lifestyle magazine aimed black women in South Africa

oOnline Manager: Website development

Development and sustainability of website and online strategy for IBIS


2002 - 2004


Other positions held

2004                Mental Conditioning: North Gauteng Amateur Golf Foundation

Skills developed include goal setting, concentration, creativity and problem solving and stress management

2003                Project Leader: The psychology of brands

Research was done to determine the psychology of brand names in and outside of South Africa

Marketing and Sales Agent: ClickEasy (Pty) Ltd

Marketing & sales agent for an Internet business directory service

Co-Organizer: ReproRisk (Pty) Ltd Charity Golf Day

Charity golf day at the Service Golf Club in Pretoria in aid of SunGardens Hospice

Mental Conditioning: Amateur Golfer

Skills developed include goal setting, concentration, creativity and problem solving and stress management

2002Co-Organizer: ReproRisk (Pty) Ltd Charity Golf Day

Charity golf day at the Service Golf Club in Pretoria in aid of SunGardens Hospice


2003 - Present


University of Pretoria

Sport psychology, psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, research methodologies, market research, personal growth, industrial psychology

2006 - 2008

Masters (MPhil)

University of Pretoria

Content includes:

Corporate entrepreneurship, new venture creation, business failure, business planning, creativity and innovation, business management and administration, business growth.


oThe Impact of Entrepreneurial Role Models in Fostering Entrepreneurial Orientation amongst South Africa’s youth

oRole Models & Start-Ups: An Explorative Investigation

oThe Presence of Role Models Amongst Successful Entrepreneurs: A Case Study Approach

Dissertation: The Achievement Motive: Influences of Entrepreneurial Role Models

2000 - 2002


University of Pretoria

Sport psychology, sports & recreation management, psychology, social psychology, human movement sciences, biocinetics, personal growth

1995 - 1999

Full matric exemption

Hoerskool Waterkloof

Afrikaans, English, Maths, Science, Electronics, Computer Science