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Work experience

May 2011Aug 2011

Library assistant / Shelver

Leichhardt council

Duties included:

·Shelving and shelf tiding.

·Assisting with loans and returns of books and audiovisual material.

·Helping clients with queries over phone and in person.

·Change of status of books for repair eg spine labels.

·Coordinating with staff for the completion of exhibitions and events.

·Folding /piling of overdue and reserve letters.

·Weeding, Stocktaking and deletion of Items.

·Complying with library polices and procedures.


Library Management Systems
Unicorn library management system Sound knowledge of circulation desk activities- including check- in, discharging, renewals. Capacity to add new entries on to a database as well as organising and editing entries and deleting. Awareness of retrieving library reports and printing. Aurora library management system Experience in working with circulation services using aurora desktop including reservations, management of items, returning and loaning out items for clients. Ability to use aurora backroom doing tasks such as editing cataloging entries, updating outdated cataloguing practices.  
Ability to work as part of a team
Ability to work with many members of staff as an independent person but also able to work well with a team.  
Computer Literacy Skills
Ability to work with Windows and Macintosh systems. Use of software packages across both systems including Adobe suite and Office 2007. Practical knowledge in word processing, graphic design, desktop publishing and presentation based applications. Developed understanding of web based software applications including: Adobe Dreamweaver and basic web software and knowledge and use of HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), CSS (Cascading style Sheets) and Javascript coding. Ability to access and use INFORMIT databases as well as MagillonLiterature Plus and trove just to name a few.  
Communication Skills
Providing assertiveness in the workplace towards clientele and staff. Able to learn more about assertiveness in the workplace. Diligence and care taken around conflict management situations.      
Interpersonal and Customer Service Skills
Diligent and Conscientious over sms, email and phone. Attentive to answering troubleshooting queries by clientelle. Providing a duty of care with library members and staff. Keeping informed of changes to security and occupational health and safety. Organized and easy adapt to short deadlines. To be able to use initiative and to make and complete goals.  


Jan 2010Jun 2011

Diploma of Library & Information Services

TAFE Sydney Institute Ultimo campus

To complete a Diploma of Library and information services with credit grade I also had to complete 12 weeks of Industry placement being placed in Leichhardt Library which is how i was provided with work with Leichhardt council.  

Jan 2009Dec 2009

Certificate III in Library & Information Services

TAFE Sydney Institute Ultimo Campus

For me to complete a Certificate III of Library and Information Services with distinction I had  to complete several weeks worth as part of industry placement as part of the course at Enmore Design Center TAFE Sydney institute. 

Promote client access to lit

Analyze and describe information


Jul 2011Dec 2011

Certificate II in Skills for Work and Training

TAFE Sydney Intitute Ultimo Campus
Jan 2008Dec 2008

Statement of Attainment in Access to Outreach Work and Education and Training

TAFE Sydney Institute Utimo Campus
Jan 2008Dec 2008

Statement of Attainment in Introduction to Social Welfare

TAFE Sydney Institute Ultimo Campus
Jan 2006Dec 2006

Certificate IIII in Design

TAFE Sydney Institute Ultimo Campus
Jan 2005Dec 2005

Cert II in Webdesign

TAFE Sydney Institute Design Centre Enmore
Jan 2004Dec 2005

Higher School Certificate (HSC)

Sydney Secondary College Blackwattle Bay Campus and St Scholastica's college Glebe
Jan 2002Dec 2002

Year 10 Certificate

St Scholastica's College Glebe


Amy Zar

Amy was one of many supervisors I worked with as part of Leichhardt council but the only one i directly was in contact with.

She was also a supervisor while I was undergoing industry placement.

Julie Barkman

Julie Barkman was a teacher who taught many classes I was in. I asked Julie if she would like to be a reference this year.