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Work experience

Mar 2010Present

Company Magazine

Company Magazine
Mar 2009Present

Assistant editor

Company magazine

 I recently worked at Company Magazine in London, after i finished University and have currently worked there for five years. where I have had the pleasure and experience of meeting so many people around the world and seeing different cultures, fashions and people. I now feel i have learned all i can from my recent career and would like to explore a new one. I am very experienced and possessed  a lot of responsibilities at my last job and was assistant editor. I am prepared for new challenges and a new environment. I started as a blogger at my days of University and made it to editor. Sales rose by 565 in the first year and a half of myself becoming editor of company magazine. 

May 2005Jul 2005


Nottingham Central

For a short while, I found work experience at a local newspaper during my time in University. This enabled me to get a real taste of the industry and also was able to experience news and how a publishing team worked together. This portrayed to me how a publishing team needed to work under a deadline and needed to work with other companies for such things as interviews, fashion blogs etc. for the local area of Nottingham.

I did this by walking around my univeristy campus and seeing a different range of people on the campus and interviewing them for a locla young people column that I had the pleasure of being in charge of.


Sep 2012Jun 2014


Solihull College

The course I studied at Solihull college was media. This course enabled me

to work through 19 Units over 2 years with the same small group of students.  This allowed me to achieve group development, and learning new skills I had not known.

In the first year, I learnt how to use the equipment in College, to edit film and produce an advertisement campaign and a documentary. I also learned new skils such as planning, writing script, film, editing and adding sound and effects to practical work, as well as undertaking a number of essential theory units which gave myslef and piers, a solid background in Media law and theory. I then studied Research Techniques, Critical Approaches, Graphics, Pre-Production, Animation, Advertising production, Scriptwriting, Music Video Production and Audio, to name a few.

Sep 2005Jul 2009


Nottingham Univerity