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Louisa H. De Souza

Business Development Intern, Life Sciences PhD

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Business Development Volunteer Internship

McMaster Industrial Liaison Office, McMaster University, Hamilton ON
  • Identified potential industrial partners for business development

  • Assessed the patentability and market potential of several invention disclosures in the life sciences field

  • Wrote technology briefs for new inventions
  •  Coordinated poster setup at the McMaster Innovation Showcase event

Nov 2012Nov 2014

Postdoctoral Fellow and Lab Manager

McMaster University, Hamilton ON 
  • Wrote research proposals for grants and fellowships

  • Reviewed, edited, and critiqued research articles for peer-reviewed publications

  • Published a comprehensive review article on recent advancements in cancer immunotherapy
  • Conducted preclinical cancer immunotherapy studies

  • Presented findings in written and oral presentations at research conferences

  • Supervised and mentored junior lab members

  • Ensured the safety and up-to-date training for all lab members

  • Ordered lab supplies and maintained lab equipment

  • Prepared animal use protocols (AUPs) and amendments for research studies


Research Supervisor, Summer Student Program

The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto ON
  • Supervised undergraduate students conducting a lab based research project


Database Manager, Volunteer

Valoir, Toronto ON
  • Obtained relevant market knowledge for a start-up company

  • Established a database of laboratories conducting research on animal models of disease for a CIHR funded research conference


Volunteer Coordinator and Event Organizer

Heart and Stroke Foundation, University of Toronto
  • Recruited numerous student volunteers on campus

  • Advertised and placed volunteers for awareness and fundraising events


Teaching Assistant, Physiology

University of Toronto
  •  Provided lab based instruction of a class of 20-30 students

  • Marked assignments and moderated exams


Research Assistant and Project Student

University of Toronto
  • Completed a thesis report and presented research findings in a departmental seminar on "Identifying sex differences of diuretic peptides localization of Rhodnius prolixus" 

  • Managed a locust colony for research studies, by harvesting grass, daily feeding, cleaning cages and replacing egg jars for new progeny


Zooarchaeology Research Assistant

University of Toronto
  • Accurately identified animal biodiversity from an arctic expedition

  • Identified, catalogued and maintained a computer database of bones specimens


Sep 2005Jun 2012

PHD Doctorate

University of Toronto, Pathobiology
  • Ranked within the top 5% of graduate students in the health sciences field

  • Awarded over $60,000 in research funding 

  • Published 2 original research articles and a scientific review paper

  • Awarded poster and oral presentation prizes at local and international conferences
  • Invited speaker at the Tokyo Medical and Dental University Conference

Sep 2000Jun 2005

Hon. B.Sc. with distinction 

University of Toronto, Arts & Science
  • Major: Biology, Minor: Anthropology and Philosophy

  • Awarded University of Toronto entrance scholarship
  • Recipient of the volunteer recognition award


Market Research
Experienced in analyzing intellectual property documents, conducting prior art searches, and assessing the marketability and patentability of inventions.
Scientific Research
Expert knowledge of scientific research techniques and methodologies in molecular biology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, and biochemistry. Strong attention to detail, critical analysis skills and interpretation of complex scientific data. 
Project management
Supervised multiple research projects, managed budgets and equipment maintenance responsibilities as a lab manager. Obtained course-based training on the planning, scheduling, leadership and team-building tools necessary to manage a successful project.
Time management
Applied training and knowledge of prioritising deadlines and employing time-saving technologies to drive results. 
Scientific writing
Proficient and experienced in writing research articles, summarized literature reviews, grant proposals, and critical peer review commentaries.
Oral communication skills
Presentation of numerous seminars and poster presentations at local and international conferences. Ability to deliver a clear and concise presentation.


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Selected Presentations

  • Canadian Cancer and Immunotherapy Conference, Quebec City. May 2014
  • Sarcoma Translational Research Rounds, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Toronto, Canada. October 2010.
  • Invited speaker. Global Centers of Excellence Program Retreat of the Tokyo Medical and Dental University. Tsukuba, Japan. February 2010.
  • 35th Annual Gallie Day, Gallie-Bateman and McMurrich Research Presentations, Department of Surgery, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto. Toronto, Canada. May 2009.
  • 14th Annual Connective Tissue Oncology Society Meeting. London, UK, November 2008.
  • Rosen-Daniels Visiting Professorship in Surgical Oncology Translational Research, Mount Sinai Hospital. Toronto, Canada. October 2008
  • Gordon Research Conference: Cartilage Biology and Pathology. Les Diabelerets, Switzerland. June 2009
  • The Hospital for Sick Children Research Institute Scientific Retreat. Toronto, Canada. November 2008
  • American Association of Cancer Research, Annual Meeting. Los Angeles, CA. April 2007
  • International Workshop on the Growth Plate. Stevenson, WA. June 2006

Additional Education


  • Foundations of Project Management
  • Time Management
  • Proactive and Practical Communication
  • Effective Networking


  • Good Clinical Practice (GCP)
  • Responsible conduct of research
  • Health Canada Division 5: Drugs for clinical trials involving human subjects
  • Biomedical Research Ethics