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Louis XIV de France

  • Versailles France

King of France


I was born on September 5, 1638 in Saint-German-en-Laye, France. My mother was Anne of Austria, and my father, from whom I inherited the throne, was Louis XIII. My wife was Maria Theresa of Spain. Maria and I had six children together.

Objective Statement

I believe that I am the perfect candidate for the ruler of Tyranistan. My past experiences have taught me the set of skills necessary to rule a new nation such as Tyranistan, and I believe that my accomplishments represent my skill set. If I were to become the absolute ruler of Tyranistan, I would spend my time defending it with an iron fist while supporting the citizens of inside this nation.



Privately Tutored

Palace of Versailles

I was tutored by my godfather, Jules Mazarin, in the ways of ruling a nation. My education was not like others, for instead of learning the ways of the common folk I was taught how to control the lives of the common folk. Jules also helped teach me about things like art, history, and politics.

Work experience


King of France

French Government

I ruled as King of France for 72 years.


  • worked to decrease power of the rich and increase power of the government
  • captured Spanish Netherlands, including several towns and cities
  • expanded Palace of Versailles
  • supported the arts in many ways
  • fought in the War of Spanish Succession


Strong Military Leader
I fought it a few wars, a couple of which ended in the acquisition of new territory.
Proficient in the Arts
I spent a lot of time supporting and funding the arts in my country.
I helped expand the Palace of Versailles.


Cardinal Jules Mazarin

Jules Mazarin was my adviser and tutor.

Jean Baptist Colbert

Jean Colbert was my financial adviser, and helped me establish mercantilism inside France.