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Programming languages: C++, C, C#, Python, OCaml, Go, Java

Soft skills: Adaptability, leadership

French: native; English: Fluent



Baccalauréat in Engineering Sciences, specialty Mathematics, with high honours

Lycée Saint Joseph Toulouse (France)

Work experience

September 2018March 2019

Teaching Assistant and Management of Innovation

EPITECH - Paris Graduate School of Digital Innovation, Toulouse, France
  • In charge of animating courses about Maths and Security for the 3rd year students
    • Lectures, technical referee
  • Part of the innovation cell's pedagogical team
    • Teaching the students how to isolate pain points, identify a target, etc.
    • Mentoring the 3rd year students for their end of studies project
April 2017July 2017

Data / Software Engineering Intern

Maestro Corporation, Toulouse, France
  • Improved the efficiency of the employee by analyzing and extracting KPIs from the company's data
  • Heavy use of InfluxDB and Grafana
  • Contributed to Grafana on Github
September 2016March 2017

Network Security / Software Engineering Intern / R&D

Thales Avionics, Toulouse, France
  • Developed a PoC using Unity and Microsoft HoloLens
  • Developed a security application for plane's pilot and airline in C#, using SSL certificates and PKIs
  • Responsible for the Service Innovation Laboratory network well-being and security

July 2015 December 2015

Software Engineering Intern

ITrust, Toulouse, France
  • Developed a Web App security scanner in Python


End of study project: CubZ   Improve 3D prototyping in the aviation industry                                                2016 - 2019

* Leader of a team of 5 people distributed around the globe (USA, China, South Korea, South Africa)

* Dev lead for the HoloLens application (C++ / CX / DirectX)

School projects  Unix programming, artificial intelligence                                          2014 - 2017

* Developed a Unix shell, a Core War (interpreter and challengers), a regular expression compiler and a Gomoku AI.