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Louai Hassan

Business Development ,HR,Training Management Consultant .

Work experience

Host of Pan

Organizer and Host
of Pan code occasions and celebrations.(Hilton Ramses Hotel)-Maspero-Cairo. Sales Coordinator in AVON Company for Cosmetics. General Experience in Training Field: Designing Training program courses for Managerial Training in different branches of Management such as: Business Development Management Skills Sales & Marketing/Customer Service/Public Relations Management Communication Skills/Negotiation Skills/body language Time and stress management/Leadership NLP-Neuro-Linguistic Programming Business Etiquette and writing/Team building Business & Strategic Planning/Self-confidence Management by Objectives/How to organize any conference Training of Trainers(TOT)/Certified Professional Leader Academic achievements: Education News Newspaper(The Strongest Educational Newspaper in Egypt). Deviser of philosophical substances(Philosophy/Logic) &(Psychology/Sociology). Devisor of(Educational Thesis) series in(Philosophical Substances) Team leader of the organization at Stephen Covey Andrew Grant, Bob Nelson, John Reed Central, Leadership Development Camp. 2009 Language Skills Arabic: Mother Tongue English: Good(read, written and spoken) Computer Skills Microsoft Windows 95 Microsoft Windows Me Microsoft Windows 8 Microsoft Office 2001 Data Entry Internet Explorer

Insurance Agent

Consulting” Alico Egypt, Pharaonic American Life Insurances Company May 2010 Delta Insurance Company Insurance Agent: of insurance awareness at different classes of the society. Finding new clients and dealing with all work problems and client satisfaction. Persuading larger number of characters by certain subject or certain idea at the same time. Flexibility in performance under work pressure and complete adaptation among teamwork and dealing with different minds and cultures. [email protected] +966 56657 1627 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] LOUAI HASSAN

Business Development Manager

“ Friends Academy for Training and
Business Development manager in

Teacher of Philosophy Psychology

Philosophy Psychology Sociology Secondary Stage
Teacher of Private El-Farouk Schools at El-Haram-Giza ? Private Omraniya Schools at El-Haram-Giza Responsibilities and Duties: Communicated information clearly and accurately. Demonstrated ability to clearly illustrate difficult-to-understand subjects. Demonstrated diplomacy and forbearance in dealing with parents, students, and coworkers. Demonstrated strong classroom management skills. Preparation, introduction and reaching with the student to a suitable approach to understand the lesson. Ability to tailor-make the lesson plans to suit students from diverse backgrounds. Improvisation of what I have of data during the lecturing in a limited frame with giving pictures, events, symbols. Concentration on supporting the student skills and his periodical training to answer the exams' questions accurately. (FREE LANCE JOBS)

Senior Sales Consultant

Business Development “ Track” Human Development Business Training Senior Sales Consultant Job descriptions: Interview and train new members of the sales team Helping to develop the existing team Organizing monthly Clients Seminars & events Innovative ways in marketing and sales Ensuring monthly and quarterly targets are met Develop sales skills for sales team department To work with top customers solving their issues and problems To keep relations with old customers intact, and if possible, take them to better heights details of new and upcoming training courses to all customers To make actual sales through convincing salesmanship To track down potential customers To travel with the purpose of selling training courses To negotiate good and lucrative deals on behalf of the company To assist customers during the buying process Make an operational plan to ensure smooth and excellent business operations. Experiences

Sales /business Development Manager

East Asian Company for Information systems Technology
Sales /Business Development Manager Job descriptions: Recruiting and training sales staff. Supervising, motivating and monitoring team performance. Allocating areas to marketing team, Setting budgets/targets. Liaising with customers(which may include actual selling). Maintaining detailed knowledge of the company's products or services. Keeping abreast of what competitors are doing. To set goals for the entire team, To look at new markets To devise new plans and strategies for effective sales and market To devise marketing strategies, reporting back to General Manager. Create and lead the implementation of sales strategies to increase business profit. [email protected] +966 56657 1627 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] LOUAI HASSAN

Hr. Manager/business Development Manager

East Asian Company for Information systems Technology HR. Manager/Business Development Manager Interviewing To recruit and train sales staff. Develop and implement programs that would improve employee capabilities as well as relationships in the workplace. To arrange for training programs for new employees. And assistance in the development of current team. Prepared material for workshops, meetings and trainings Excellent ability in formulation of sales program and strategy. Performance evaluation and how effect employees promotions & incentives. To set benchmarks for the employees. “ Mercy Tree Academy” for English Language Training"

Hr. Manager/business Development Manager

New Vision Academy for Training Center HR. Manager/Business Development Manager Interviewing and assistance in the development of current team. Set up e-mail shots and sms to target different customer segments. Plans for future business development. Set up new business for the management of human resources. Ensure that monthly and quarterly targets are met. Excellent ability in formulation of sales program and strategy Strong leadership skills, highly creative and goal oriented. Prepared material for workshops, meetings and trainings To train and recruit sales staff Make an operational plan to ensure smooth and excellent business operations. Lead a team in ensuring sales plans and meeting targets. Keep abreast of business trends to be able to develop effective strategies. “

Hr. Manager/business Development Manager

IGIPS, International Group for Intellectual Property Solutions HR. Manager/Business Development Manager/Recruited and Hire training staff as per company guidelines. Designing training courses and materials to meet the training needs of the company. Evaluating the various training programs in the company. Provided training services and skill enhancing services for the recruited staff. Trained employees ways to improve their job skills and working development Developed and implemented employee incentive programs for better productivity. Acted as a communication tool between the company and the employee. [email protected] +966 56657 1627 [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] LOUAI HASSAN










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