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  • I have been studying Economics for more than 5 years both in my High School in France and at University in London. Economics constituting one of the main subject of my course, I got to understand better the forces at stake in the functioning of our societies, whether from a Microeconomics or Macroeconomics point of view, the dynamics of the various markets and economic cycles, the strategies of firms depending on their market  as well as the Asset and Monetary approaches to International Finance. I also got to grasp the limits, including in terms of Social Issues, Environmental Sustainability, National & International Security and International Development currently faced by globalized Capitalism  both through my modules in Economics  and Politics and International Relations.

Work History & Volunteer experiences

Jan 2016

Coordinator and Reporter

IDEF India 

IDEF India (Franco Indian Legal Association) was created with various aims and objectives such as acting as a catalyst in sharing, comparing and analysing the judicial policies and the legal solutions all over the world or publishing scientific materials or interactive tools with a view to promote innovative legal solutions in India and France.

A cross section workshop was held Saturday 26th December in Pondicherry, India, with 50 persons from various strata of society where I had the opportunity to act as a coordinator of the English-speaking group workshop. The aim was to scrutinize the Gross National Happiness questionnaire of Bhutan and get the opinion of participants on how to adapt it to local specificities within India's plan to build Smart Cities. 

The report has then been submitted to the Law commissions (local and national level) in India and to International bodies.


Student Union Representative 

Unite Students 

In addition to allowing me to meet new people, being the Student Union representative during my first year in London was a chance to activate my relational skills as well as my organizational capacities. Moreover, listening to students' requests and feedbacks, organizing events and being the spokesman for students also strengthened my sense of collective responsibility, my autonomy and communication skills.

Dec 2014

French/English/Spanish Interpreter

Joel y Ludi Excursions

Joel y Ludi Excursions' office offers a range of activities to discover Las Galeras and the Dominican coast. I have worked with Joel and Ludivine Castro, the owners of the agency as an interpreter between French and English speaking customers  and tourists and the Spanish speaking boat captains and local dwellers .

Being passionate about languages and cultures and an outdoor enthusiast and being generally considered a friendly dynamic person, occupying this post was  a most natural occupation. Although not very challenging technically speaking, working with Joel and Ludivine Excursions reinforced my belief of the importance of being able to create a relationship in order to encounter new people in their differences, discover new cultures and adjust one’s service offer to customers' needs.

Feb 2013

Student Freelance / Radio Event


Every year French Radio and Medias organize a "student radio week", and I was selected by my High School teachers to lead our school project for the event and was asked to set up a team and choose a social/economic subject to be discussed, formalized and presented live on a regional radio. The selected subject was the women's rights' movements. 

Today I can tell that holding a radio broadcast was a great learning opportunity of interaction, cooperation and adaptation to differences with other team members and the radio officials having different understanding of social realities, points of view, ideas, choice of words and approaches to the topic. Moreover the need to build a continuity to ensure the broadcast consistency over a full week allowed me to develop autonomy in making choices and decisions.

Feb 2011

Intern at ELLE Magazine

Lagardère Group

This Internship within the Lagardère Group in Levallois, allowed me, as a first work experience, to gauge the importance of the duality and balance that is required between team work and personal responsibilities, leadership and task fulfillment, communication and listening skills.

Moreover I was able to have an insight of the annual profit and loss account and the corporate governance of a Monopolistic Media Group.


Class and School Representative 

Collège Notre Dame de l'Assomption / Lycée Notre Dame de la Merci  

Being elected as a class representative 6 years in a row and school representative for 1 year  taught me how to develop my communication, leadership and organizational skills. I enjoyed the responsibility of being the communication channel between teachers and pupils and between the school life office and the school administration office. 



Bsc (hons) : Economics and Politics

Queen Mary University of London, uk 

Joint Degree : School of Economics & Finance and School of Politics and IR 

Economics Modules :  Mathematics Methods for Economics and Business /  Macroeconomics (level I and II) /  Microeconomics (level I and II) / Principle of Economics / Games and Strategies / Economics of Social Issues / International Finance / Statistical methods in Economics / Environmental Economics / Economics Research Paper Project / Economics of Technology and Innovation


Politics Modules :  Ideologies an Introduction to Politics / International Relations / Politics of the Developing World / Globalisation: Issues and Debates/ Nationalism and Ethnicity in World Politics 


Modern Arabic Language and Culture I 

Queen Mary University of London, UK

Institutional Arabic writing, reading and speaking classes and Middle Eastern Culture classes 


French Baccalauréat : Economics and Social Sciences : Mathematics speciality  

Lycée Notre Dame de la Merci, France

Optional additional classes : European Integration Class / Piano and Music Theory

modules : French literature, Philosophy, Geography, History, Mathematics, Economics, Sociology, English, Spanish, European Integration, Piano and Music Theory  

Baccalauréat with Honours ('Mention Bien' i.e. B1)



CEFR Arabic Language and Culture 1 

Queen Mary University of London

Final Grade : 78% 


IELTS : International English Language Testing System 

British Council, France 

overall : 7.5 


TOEFL : Test of English as a Foreign Language 


total score : 94 


ESOL : English for speakers of Other Languages 

University of Cambridge 

Level B1 and A2 


Baccalauréat General 

Académie de Montpellier 

overall : 14.19 = cum laude 


First Aid Certificate 

Ministère de la défense 





Fluent (Native Language) 

+ Latin and Greek fundamental knowledge 


Full Professional working proficiency

Fluent in Finance/Business/Economics' Spanish


First year student 

Interests & Accomplishments 

  • Politics & Economics News and Books, Techonologies & Innovations, Debates & Conferences  

I have been able to participate in forums such as the Earth University at Unesco in Paris, listen to alternative thinkers, economists and politicians, become aware of initiatives.

  • Internet, Informatics, Networking, Social media, simple Web Design   

 I  created an Androïd / Apple App prototype of an electronic magazine reporting on current cultural and recreative events happening in Montpellier (south of France) for youngsters (between 18 and 26 years of  age.

  • Music and Art
  • Development and Environment 
  • Communication, Participation, Dialogue and Representation 
  • Dance 


Although my objectives need to be refined and are bound to evolve in time, I am today considering a career in multilateral organizations such as the World Bank or the UN or in private foundations such as the Bill Gates Foundation or the Bill Clinton Foundation.

In the meantime, I wish to pursue my studies with a Master Degree in Economics and/or Policies of Development and Environment and possibly a Phd, continue learning from my university, work and life experiences, attend conferences and meet persons of experience and thinkers in these fields.


please ask for references and referees contact.