Work experience

Work experience
2001 - 2009

Technical Illustrator II

Brooks Automation

Primary function was the development of Operational Method Sheets (OMS) to be used as graphical guides for the manufacturing of robotic equipment to ensure repeatability of the manufacturing process, increase consistency and reduce the percentage of customer "out-of-box" inspection rejections.

Results: Out-of-box rejections where significantly reduced. Customer satisfaction and product reliability improved.

This involved:

  • Breaking down the steps for assembly of complex components into neat, visually accurate and clear steps. 
  • Reading and interpreting wiring schematics, mechanical drawings, and manufacturing processes.
  • Understanding manufacturing theories involved in Lean Manufacturing and Demand Flow, in order to ensure my documentation complied.
  • Collaborating with engineering and manufacturing designers.
  • Writing ECOs and BOM structures for  my documentation through the use of Oracle Agile PDM database.
  • Merging digital photography, with original vector and raster images.

Significant  Achievements:

  • Development and design of educational media materials for the purpose of teaching "Demand Flow Technology" (DFT) method of manufacturing consisting of more than 2,000 fully animated PowerPoint slides.
  • Trained and mentored new illustrators on the theory of DFT and how to create the OMS documents established working practices that allowed the illustrators to create documents with a unified look and feel.
  • Designed the manufacturing operational calendar.
  • Researched new software and design concepts.

PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, Adobe FrameMaker, Pro-Engineer, MS Office Suite, SolidWorks concepts of Demand Flow Technology. 

1999 - 2000

Marketing Administrator / Graphic Designer

Campbell & Company
  • Concept and creation of all printed marketing materials.
  • Developed CD-ROM presentation and creation.
  • Schedule pre-press of all marketing materials.
  • Design corporate gifts such as watch faces and promotional "gimme" items.
  • Designed and maintain company web page using FrontPage 2000.
  • Develop anylitical charts through use of excel for performance tracking and marketing materials.
  • Redesign of existing marketing material and development of new printed material.
  • Designed new logo.
  • Redesigned PowerPoint Presentations, adding multimedia devices and translating them to self-running CD-Rom items.
  • Work closely with compliance officers to ensure all text met with SEC regulatory rules.
  • Interface with off-press printers, schedule printing and review drafts for accuracy.

Adobe Illustrations and Paint Programs, CorelDraw (extensively), RayDream Studio, Paint Shop Pro, Excel, MSWord, FrontPage, PowerPoint, Outlook, Adobe Acrobat for PDF Output including Pre-flight check, Sound editing software, miscellaneous programs as necessary.

1995 - 2000

Marketing Assistant

Stewart Connector Systems
  • Conducted research, compile data, and prepare papers for consideration and presentation by executives, committees and boards of directors.
  • Coordinated and direct office services, such as records and budget preparation, personnel, and housekeeping, in order to aid executives.
  • Interpreted administrative and operating policies and procedures for employees.
  • Made travel arrangements for executives.
  • Performed general office duties such as ordering supplies, maintaining records management systems, and performing basic bookkeeping work.
  • Read and analyzed incoming memos, submissions, and reports to determine their significance and plan their distribution.
  • Reviewed operating practices and procedures to determine whether improvements can be made in areas such as workflow, reporting procedures, or expenditures.
  • Set up and oversaw administrative policies and procedures for offices or organizations.
1994 - 1995

Business Development Assistant (Contract)

Buchart Horn, Inc.
  • Created layout and design work RFP forms for this architectural firm. Developed “fill in the blank” automated RFP program.
  • Participated in the proposal process including capture planning, RFP development, storyboarding, writing, red team, and illustrative production.
  • Ensured compliance with RFP requirements.

Skills: PageMaker, Photoshop, and Illustrator, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Harvard Graphics, Word Perfect

Early editions of PhotoShop, CorelDraw, WordPerfect and MS Word

1986 - 1992

Computer Center Administer

  • Developed an asset management tracking system Wang VS2000 mainframe.
  • Wrote and compiled custom programs as required by different departments using Wang Procedure Language, COBOL and RPGIII machine language.
  • System maintenance and user support key person.
  • Established filing and archive library for system back-ups stored on mag-tape.
  • Assisted in the complete re-routing of coaxial cable, including connector end crimping and labeling.

Admission Application Coordinator.

  • Coordinated the processing of potential student admissions, including correspondences and database maintenance.
  • Established a coding system for student application files based on field of interest, and status of admission application. 

Significant Achievements:

  • Developed, and implemented an automated system that improved the response time for applications from 6 weeks to 1, and allowed seamless transfer of information from admissions department to the registrar.



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Course Work

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