Who I Am

Lorna K. Croswell is a business process improvement professional at Safeco Insurance Company and member of the Board of Directors of Roses & Rosemary, a nonprofit which annually raises significant sums for distribution to support HIV orphans in Africa. She is an active league soccer player, enjoys snowboarding and yoga, and is a devoted patron of Seattle’s vibrant fine art and performing arts communities. She is an active member of the Columbia Tower social and business networking club and serves on the CTC Arts committee. Her lifelong pursuit of learning leads her to travel extensively when work and her other commitments permit. Ms. Croswell’s passion for discovering and collecting high quality antiques and the stories they have to tell led to her creation of The Crowned Leopard online shop which presents fine antique sterling silver and decorative art pieces from around the world. Being part of a family of antique dealers and collectors from the UK and South Africa, it was only natural that the tradition was carried on in a modern way. She continuously searches the globe for gorgeous pieces in good condition to offer her customers along with the finest customer service.She strives to make timeless sophistication available to all demographics and hopes to one day bring the “sexy back” to heirloom pieces! More information about Lorna’s activities can be found in the sections to the right.

My Interests

Soccer • Yoga • Antique Decorative Arts • Fine Arts • Ballet • Symphony • Opera • Helping the HIV Orphans of Africa • Community Involvement • Fundraising • Fashion • Horseback Riding • Snowboarding • Compassion towards Animals • World Travel• Advocacy • Worldwide Equality


Jun 2001

BA- International Business

Western Washington University