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Hi!  Welcome!

My name is Lori Hardin.  I am a senior at the University of Cincinnati and will be graduating on December 10, 2011. I am an Electronic Media major at the College-Conservatory of Music.  Upon graduation, I am hoping to begin my career with talk shows as a production assistant!

I am excited to step into the real world and to no longer live under the shelter of merely being a student.  I feel that the education and the life experienced I have learned over the course of my career as a student has prepared me for the road that lies ahead.  I am prepared to take on the challenges, the adversity, and the hard work that will surely present itself.  If I can gracefully balance being a full time student (20 credits Fall 2011), working part time at PNC Bank (25 hours per week), being a member of the UC Bearcat Bands, and an active member of Tau Beta Sigma, then I will be able to handle, with grace, everything that will present itself to me.

Work experience

Aug 2009Present

Music Intern


During the summer of 2009 I studied abroad with the Electronic Media Division in Munich, Germany.  As a part of the study abroad, I was given the opportunity to work as an intern at M94.5, a student run radio station in Munich, Germany.

As a part of this internship, I worked mostly in the Musik department where I learned how to program daily music and created daily music news auf Englisch to be read live on air.  I also participated in the morning conferences and created several USA-Germany Cultural difference pieces, also auf Englisch.  

Jun 2010Present


PNC Bank

Beginning in 2010, I have been a PNC Bank branch representative.  As a bank teller, I am one of the first PNC representatives that each customer sees upon arrival.  That being said, I am also the first person to provide both 5 star customer service, assist with customer needs, and work as a problem solver for any problems with a customer's account.  Despite problems that may arise with a customer's account (and any money-related problem can make a customer very upset very quickly in not handled carefully), it is my responsibility to see that the problem is resolved and the customer leaves satisfied.

Mar 2011Jun 2011

Operations Intern

NBC4, Daytime Columbus

During the Spring of 2011 I was fortunate enough to work as an intern for NBC4 in Columbus Ohio.  Specifically, I was an Production Assistant Intern with the Advo-tainment talk show, Daytime Columbus.

As a part of this internship, I was given the opportunity to develop guest relationship skills, to assist with scriptwriting and the creation of the daily show rundown, to gain experience editing, to be a  hands-on part of live productions, and to preform the roles of Associate Producer on several occasions while other producers were on vacation.

My experiences working with Daytime Columbus have really shown me a career setting that I can picture myself in for a long time to come.  I enjoyed the structure of the live show each day, but the adventure with on the spot changes that we did sometimes have to make.


Sep 2007Present

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University of Cincinati

I have been a student at the University of Cincinnati since the fall quarter of 2007.  I will graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Majoring in Electronic Media on December 10, 2011.

With the Electronic Media Department of the College-Conservatory of Music, I have grown into an aspiring media professional.  I have learned a wide array of skills ranging from studio television production to internet and new media creation to audio production.  I even had the opportunity to travel to Europe and live in Munich, Germany for three months in 2009 with 18 other Electronic Media Majors!  It was during my study abroad that I worked at my first internship as a Music Intern for M94.5 Laut Indie Stadt.  It is the combination of the production skills I have learned on campus and off that has inspired me to pursue a career in television with a preference for talk shows.

Choosing to attend the University of Cincinnati is one of the best decisions I have made for myself.  Initially I had completely outrulled UC as an option.  I am a third generation student on both sides of my family.  I didn't want anyone to think that is the reason I chose a university.  In reality, having grown up in a small country town, UC could not have been any better of an eye-opening adventure than what it has been.  I have been a student leader for the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Marching Band, traveled to three football bowl games and one basketball tournyment, and am currently serving as a videographer for the Bearcat Bands.

Student Work!


Daytime Columbus

UC Bearcat Bands


Pro Tools 8
Adobe CS4
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash
Final Cut Pro


Feb 2011Present

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

Radio Advertising Bureau