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I'm a hard working young girl, I'm willing to work hard for my job and earn the money. I will understand if I don't get the job, but I know I can leave here with a good impression on you!

Work experience


I worked at a mini mart for 2-3 months, selling house hold items such as; food,toiletries and beauty products.

Barn helper

I help around the barn with mucking out stalls and giving all of the animals feed


High school

St. Joseph Secondary School

Nothing special, just secondary school.


Hard worker

In every job I've had, I've been told I was a wonderfully hard worker with the right mind set and concentration to get the job done fast.

horse riding 

I've done horse shows and have owned 3 horses, Sugar, Beauty and Salsa. I love to teach young children how to ride as well as jump(non of my students have fallen or gotten hurt). 

Extra information 

days I can work are,

Monday-Wednesday(nights only)

As well as Friday and Saturday (nights only).

If I'm needed any other nights, I will try my best to squeeze in a shift or two. Keep in mind that mite not be able to fit it in my schedule, sorry for any inconveniences.