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Publicis Selling

Specialty Sales Representative

Nova Quest Inc



Iona College


An experienced pharmaceuticals industry sales representative, Loretta Vecciarelli has utilized her communications skills to promote a number of products, including Pfizer Inc.’s Chantix, Lipitor, and statins; Strattera; Zyprexa; and a FluGen flu shot. In addition, she sold Skelaxin, Altace, and Avinza. Loretta Vecciarelli held certifications for Thrombin-JMI, an injectable or spray coagulant; Lorabid, an antibiotic for upper respiratory infections; Sonata, a sleep aid; and Menest and Prefest, hormone replacement therapies. Beginning her pharmaceutical career as a Senior Account Executive at American Recovery, Loretta Vecciarelli worked with dental professionals and dental laboratories. Next, she joined King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., serving as both a Medical Services Representative and a Professional Sales Representative. In the former position, Loretta Vecciarelli sold products to endocrinologists, internal medicine physicians, cardiologists, pain specialists, and other medical professionals. As a sales rep, she implemented educational seminars, conducted extensive research, and trained new representatives in addition to fulfilling her sales responsibilities. Following her tenure at King Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Loretta Vecciarelli joined NovaQuest Inc. as a Specialty Sales Representative. Promoting specific drugs to psychiatrists in the Bronx, Westchester, and Manhattan, she increased the territory’s market share substantially. The achievement brought Loretta Vecciarelli several Recognition Awards for reach and frequency as well as exceeding goals for calling averages. In 2009, she accepted a position as Specialty Sales Representative at Publicis Touchpoint Solutions. As such, Loretta Vecciarelli promotes several Pfizer Inc. drugs and products to induce smoking cessation and lower cholesterol to internal medicine physicians and cardiologists. In addition, she implements educational programs to increase the products’ market share. At Iona College in New York, Loretta Vecciarelli earned an undergraduate degree in international business and Spanish. A supporter of the Westchester chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, she holds membership in Westchester Women’s Empowerment Group. An aficionado of world art and travel, Loretta Vecciarelli also enjoys a good book by such authors as James Clerk Maxwell, Ernest Hemingway, Leonard Peikoff, Margaret Mitchell, and Louis Pasteur.


Reading, World Art and Travel