I would say my most valuable attribute is my personable nature. Combined with my eloquence, developed and improved through years of English academic success and working as a writer, I can be an invaluable asset as an ambassador and brand representative while working independently as well as a productive member of any team.

My reliability has never been questioned by my employers, this is most evident in my long-term employment at my previous jobs and my success working at the Edinburgh Festival. In my current role as a concierge I am often the first name to call when a shift needs covered or a last minute shift is needed. I enjoy my time off, meaning that when I come to work my mind isn't wandering elsewhere and I don't lose focus for a second. In my role as a concierge I am privvy constantly to sensitivie, personal and above all private information. I have proven to my a trustworthy and invaluable help to all guests and management who come to me with tasks and issues. Liasing with higher profile guests and getting directly involved with their business and being trusted not just to deal with it but to be given the freedom to offer my own insight, advice and creativity into maximising their plans and augmenting their enjoyment to it's maximum potential.

Despite my work ethic, in reality I'm a laid back, easy going guy who enjoys making people laugh and making new friends. Growing up in Glasgow has given me a great social and cultural education, particularly in the alternative. The Glasgow patter has given me an ease around new people and a passion for community and working collectively with interesting people. The music scene in Glasgow has contributed immensely to my 24/7 intake of music new and old. My best nights as a Glaswegian have been spent in the company of other music disciplines in the legendary Barrowlands, discussing, sharing and ultimately enjoying our favourite bands. 

Outside of my interpersonal skills, my growing knowledge of advanced marketing and the regular practical application of my business education in group work and in weekly real world tasks have prepared me for the world of work in which I will use this insight daily.

My work at the Edinburgh Festival improved my skills in networking and communicating with demanding characters and unique situations to which I easily adapted. I liaised with promoters and performers to secure tickets, interviews and forge contacts. I started my festival journey with zero experience and zero contacts, I now have a portfolio of work, a phonebook of contacts and a reputation within the community.

The upside in employing me is infinite. I will work incredibly hard to have the privilige of working in an industry that consumes so much of my life and supplies so much joy to me daily. I will never be content with grinding out a day's work, I seek to inspire myself and others and forge a reputation as a reliable, creative and invaluable presence in any role. My music knowledge and passion is unbounded and grows by the hour with every click of my keyboard.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this CV and I hope to hear from you in the near future should you have any follow up questions.

Lorenzo Pacitti

Work experience

Work experience

Hilton Hotels

Oct 2014 - Present


  • First point of contact for guests
  • Dealing with all guest enquiries and problems
  • Securing tickets, reservations, services for guests and staff
  • Planning days and outings for guests
  • Creating and sending powerpoints and resources for guests prior to arrival
  • Creating relationships with guests
  • Upselling HHonours program and on-site restraunt and bar
  • Dealing with customer complaints and placating them

Secured without hospitality experience and on the strength of my interview, I have really enjoyed my time as a concierge. It is a perfect job to develop interpersonal skills and deal with a variety of people on an hourly basis. Helping people with completely unique situations and personalities has been invaluable to me and I feel I have excelled in the position. My goal is always to seek out problems before they arise and to provide service and input to the best of my ability so that I can deliver a personalised and flawless experience for the customer. The main way I go about this is by forming relationships with guests as they walk through the door, so I can address them by their name in our future dealings, and so they know my name as their first port of call for anything they should need. Through conversation and data, the more I learn about their stay, the more I can pre-empt their needs and go above and beyond to deliver for them before they have an issue to raise. My job satisfaction comes from the response of guests and the regular thanks and praise. I'm a people pleaser, and I enjoy seeing my daily work pay off as a tangible impact on guest's enjoyment rather than earning my renumeration from a mindless task or behind a desk. With people arriving from all over the world and from all walks of life, every shift provides new opportunities to learn and grow as a problem solver and a communicator, and I relish that. I've done everything from plan a driving tour of Scotland for an American family of 6 in an hour to setting up a professional rugby team's base of operations in our function suites. I have dealt with many complaints, as is the nature of hotels, but I have never left a guest frustrated, angry or ignored. I pride myself on my empathy and ability to create genuine relationships with anyone and everyone.


May 2013 - Sep 2013


  • Edinburgh Festival focused writing.
  • Reviews of all types of shows.
  • Interviews with notable performers.
  • Self editing and uploading of content.

In this role I took up residence in Edinburgh for the world's largest international festival for the month of August. Before the festival I scheduled reviews, worked with press officers and liaised with performers. The contacts I made in this role allowed me to have a more successful year upon my 2014 return in a different capacity, demonstrating my personable character and the trust I instil in both my employers and fellow professionals to deliver. 


Jul 2014 - Sep 2014


  • Comedy Writing
  • Reviews, Interviews, Features
  • High Profile UK-wide website

After my initial experience with FreshFringe, I secured a role with GiggleBeats as a reviewer, interviewer and feature's contributor. This role allowed me to return to Edinburgh with increased responsibility and a higher profile, improving my level of interactions with press professionals and performers. Throughout the festival I attended 3-6 shows a day and contributed around a 500 word review of each to my editor within 24 hours. This shows the extreme level of pride and efficiency I have in my work. My dedication and dependability are never called in to question as I always aim to deliver above and beyond my remit.

Glasgow Journal

Jan 2013 - May 2013


  • Music reviews and features
Holding a passion for music and writing I wrote for this publication for a few months before moving on due to the lack of any real movement and passion from the publication towards allowing development of the music section. I found writing them to be personally gratifying and the responses to some were great but there wasn't enough scope to create debate or a community of loyal readers due to the music section already being an afterthought to the editors. The editor's reluctance to expand the music section of the magazine led to my pursuit of other opportunities. 

Dolce Vita

May 2010 - Sep 2014


  • Early morning food preparation
  • Loading and unloading of cash and carry supplies
  • Cleaning
  • Interaction with customers and suppliers
A classic chip shop in Shettleston I worked in part-time since I turned 16. In this role I developed interpersonal skills as well as excellent organisation, timekeeping and hygiene.



The University of Strathclyde 

Sep 2012 - Present

BA Business

  • Studying Business at one of Europe's leading Business Schools.
  • Classes taken in Business Technology, Economics, Hospitality, Management
  • Specialisation in Marketing and Enterprise
  • Excellence in project work
  • Critical report writing skills
  • Constant group working experience 
  • No missed deadlines

St Aloysius College

Aug 1998 - May 2012


  • Kindergarten through High School at St.Aloysius College in Glasgow's City Centre.

  • Achievements
  • Higher Media Studies prize
  • Exceptional English marks throughout senior education

  • Non-Academic Achievements
  • Retreat Leader
  • English tutor
  • Basketball team
  • Leader of group taking disabled children on holiday
  • Basketball coach for 13-15 year olds



8 Intermediate 2's

English - A* Business Management - A* History - A French - A Economics - A Computing - A Mathematics - A Chemistry - B 8 Scottish Higher's English - A* Media Studies - A* Business Management  French  Modern Studies  Economics  Computing  History Duke Of Edinburgh Bronze Award Brathay Leadership Course Graduate Edinburgh Fringe Festival Press Accreditation
Management Development Program 3rd Year

Hilton trained in Fire Safety and evacuation, Service and Dealing with Customers



I'm a writer in my spare time and am press accredited for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival as well as contributing to a various sites online. I have a love of social media and it's ability to create communities and invoke discussion and I am a daily user. Social Media has always been part of my life.

I'm a Sports obsessive, everything from football to the UFC and love to debate and discuss.

Despite several failed attempts at becoming competent in an instrument myself, music is a passion of mine. I have a vinyl record collection that I add to weekly after inheriting from my grandfather, and I take a lot of pride in playing the recrods and improving it's depth . I go to weekly gigs or at least frequent regular bars in glasgow I adore for their open mic nights and live music promotion. Music is something I hold so dear as a constant in my life, whether it's soundtracking my drive to work or attending music festivals.

I love travelling and discovering new places. I am the type to have a weekend off and try and find a cheap flight and go discover somewhere new for a couple of days rather than sit at home or fritter it away.

I don't have any training or education in photography but my grandfather was a dedicated photographer and his passion for documenting the places he'd been and the people he met influenced me to invest in a good quality camera for my own enjoyment and it's a focal point of any trips I take now.


Michelle Conlin. FreshAir Editor            07800882879

Colin Crichton. Duty Manager, Glasgow Hilton Grosvenor             [email protected], 0141 339 8811

Ryan Ferrie. St Aloysius College. Media Studies Teacher. Mentor.          [email protected]