Lonnie Lenarduzzi, Chief Technical Officer for ENRG Power Systems LLC in metropolitan Detroit, has over 20 years of experience in developing innovative technologies. Recently, Lenarduzzi has focused on advanced ignition systems for internal combustion engines. Instead of a spark ignition system, he utilizes a plasma pulse that increases fuel efficiency and releases fewer greenhouse gases. In recent years, similar plasma technologies have been employed by oil recovery operations and the United States Navy. The venture Lonnie Lenarduzzi is currently engaged in endeavors to bring this new technology to the consumer and commercial fleet automotive markets. 

With a wide range of experience in electrical engineering and energy technologies, Lonnie Lenarduzzi has developed multiple products over the years, including a coilless ignition system, digital fire engine management computer, plasma deposition power supply, and plasma drive ignition system. 

From 1979 to 1982, while functioning as Research and Development Technician for theU.S. Department of Energy, Lonnie Lenarduzzi retained top-secret Department of Energy “Q” clearance. Prior to his tenure with ENRG Power Systems, he was Chief Scientist with Perma-Tune. Having developed and marketed advanced high-performance spark ignition systems, he progressed to creating his proprietary plasma ignition technology and sold this retrofit-capable product within the high-performance automobile market. His target audience included Porsche, Ferrari, and Lamborghini owners. 

The educational experience of Lonnie Lenarduzzi is comprehensive and includes research in chemistry, physics, and thermodynamics at Department of Energy classes in Torrance, California. In addition, he holds an Associate degree in Specialized Technology from Pittsburgh Institute of Aeronautics. 

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2009 - Present

Chief Technical Officer

ENRG Power Systems LLC