Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2007 - Present

Industry Principle, Aerospace & Defense


Developing the Aerospace & Defense, Travel & Transport and Professional Services pipeline throughout the Middle East, with a focus on MRO across industry:

  • Managing multiple engagement teams across the regions
  • Determing Account Team Composition and Customer Engagement Approach
  • Presenting SAP´s Value Proposition to C-Level Executives
  • Coordinating the activities of all Account Activity from initial prospect identification on through project delivery
  • Driving SAP Best Practices across the MRO domain, especially in the areas of Procurement, Configuration Control, Maintenance Planning, Project Planning, Investment Planning and Human Resource Management.
  • Providing MRO expertise in multiple industries, including Railroad, Airports, Petrochemical and Automotive
  • Have built a sales pipeline starting from scratch in Feb. 2008 > $59,000,000.00
  • Above all-Learning, Learning, Learning!

SAP Value Engineer

Jun 2007 - Dec 2007

Customer Engagement Manager

SAP Spain

Global Aerospace and Defense Hub with focus on MRO


Providing Senior Level Program/Project Management for worldwide Aerospace and Defense industry customers

  • Managed multiple engagement teams across the world
  • Determed Account Team Composition and Customer Engagement Approach
  • Presented SAP´s Value Proposition to C-Level Executives
  • Performed Project Reviews for on-going SAP Projects both within the A&D arena and other projects
  • Helped to drive 80,000,000.00 Euro pipeline to closure in the Services Industries
  • Led a Strategically Critical internal SAP HR BI 7 & BI-IP Reporting Project called the Field Services Work Force of the Future
  • Affects all SAP employees globally
  • Considered a top SAP Strategic Priority Project
  • Developed CRM Call Center Reporting Prototype using Visual Composer
  • Provided Hands-On demonstration of APO-MSP functionality, Aircraft Reliability Centered Maintenance Analytics (iViews in the Portal)
  • Led to >10,000,000.00 Euro Upgrade Deal being closed
  • Gained hands-on BI-IP experience as well as SAP Visual Composer and Analytical Process Designer experience
  • Provided demo on OutLookSoft, a newly acquired SAP software company
  • Provided Solution Manager coaching for development management, status reporting, and implementation
  • Rewrote SAP Solution Manager Content in CRM, BI, SEM, and Change Management areas
  • Participated in and led Partner engagements including bringing on new partners
  • Supported MRO Marketing Events which resulted in 25 direct new leads

Production Acceptance Checklist

Enterprise Portal Implementation

CRM Project Management Approach

Feb 2007 - Jun 2007

SAP BI Netweaver Project Manager

Independent Contractor-CEMEX

Provided Senior Level Project Management for this Global SAP Netweaver BI 7.0 Upgrade and Migration Project/SAP Enterprise Portals Deployment/Solution Manager deployment.Covers Financials, Sales Reporting, Logistics, Manufacturing, CRM and numerous legacy systems interfaces.

  • Determining application dependencies
  • Preparing assessment scorecard and Business Case
  • Defining upgrade processes, including change management, testing and end-user training
  • Working with BASIS Team resources to perform a technical upgrade of the BI development, quality assurance and production systems from BI version 3.5 to SAP NW2004s.The upgrade includes technical and planned functionality changes
  • Designing Application Support Team Strategy, including technical systems environment desing, processes and procedures.
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively with geographically-distributed Business Intelligence Team in both Spanish and English.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Prior experience analyzing and designing business processes
  • Using deep knowledge of SAP SEM and SAP Enterprise Portal to design a risk-minimized deployment plan
  • Leading Hardware-resizing effort.
  • Cross-functional responsibility with Business Process Team Project Management teams.
  • Assisting in the procurement of highly trained SAP BI resources from around the world.
Dec 2006 - Jan 2007

SAP SEM BCS Senior Consultant


Provided SEM-BCS Consulting Support to this 550 Business Entity Project.

·Analyzed and corrected model errors.

·Identified and corrected problems with legacy system data acquisition

·Updated Items/Sub-Items

·Created required validations

·Modified BAPIs, ABAP Conversion Routines and methods

·Adjusted Reclassifications as required

·Updated BW InfoCubes as required

·Assisted client in identifying and eliminating numerous multi-million Euro valuation issues.

Jul 2006 - Dec 2006

SAP BW Project Manager


Provided Project Management for this major SAP Netweaver BW Upgrade and Migration Project.Covered Sales Reporting, Logistics, Manufacturing, CRM and APO related cubes, reports and Infospokes for 1700 Hand-Held Devices (3 types, different providers).

  • Developed Project Plans
  • Resource Management
  • Architecture Advice
  • Assisted Team Members with technical issues
  • Redesigned overall system architecture.
  • Drove Re-sizing of hardware across all BW and related landscapes
  • Briefed Project Status on a weekly basis both up and down the Chain of Command.
  • Project eliminated a 1 million dollar annual operating cost by replacing legacy IBM system-which fell straight to the bottom-line

Project Geneva Kickoff

Geneva Status Report

Apr 2006 - Jul 2006

SEM-BCS Consultant

Government of Catalunya

Provided SEM-BCS Consulting Support to this 34 Business Entity Project.Called in to turn-around this project.

  • Analyzed and corrected model errors.
  • Updated Items/Sub-Items
  • Created required validations
  • Modified BAPIs, ABAP Conversion Routines and methods
  • Adjusted Reclassifications as required
  • Configured system to support various client directed reorganizations
  • Configured system to support Consolidation of Investments
  • Developed more flexible model
  • Updated BW InfoCubes as required
  • Trained End-Users
  • Worked with BCS-BPS Integration Issues.
  • Reduced Annual Consolidation task from 6 months to 2 weeks.
  • Assisted client in identifying and eliminating numerous multi-million Euro valuation issues.
Mar 2006 - Apr 2006

SEM-BCS Consultant


Provided SEM-BCS and BW support

Identified, resolved and or escalated issues

Identified weaknesses and made correction recommendations in the Change Management area

May 2005 - Mar 2006

SAP Project Manager

Vsuarez & Co.,Inc.

Selected to lead this Greenfield SAP Implementation of ERP2004 (ECC 5.0)

  • Represented SAP as the overall project manager on this $16 million dollar project
  • Conducted over 100 Interviews to assemble this 32 person multi-national consulting team (plus 70 internals)
  • Established processes and procedures to effectively deliver/manage:
  • All Project Plans, Related Deliverables, Milestones and Specific Tasks
  • Developed and implemented escalation procedures for all project problems
  • Modules implemented include: FI/CO/TM/MM/SD-IP HR-Payroll, HR-Administration and Benefits, HR-Training and Event Management,SEM-BCS, SEM BPS, SEM-BSC and APO-TP/VS and Demand Planning
  • Modules implemented were based on the SAP IS-Wholesale Distribution and Meat-Industry Best Practices Solution, which included:
  • Order-To-Cash Cycle
  • Financial Supply Change Management
  • Logistics Execution
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Enterprise Management and Business Support
  • Incentive and Commissions Management System (3rd Party Software)
  • First project to use SAP Solution Manager in the SAP Caribe y Andina region
  • Also used it to manage the 3rd Party Software
  • Developed effective procedure to manage the development of nearly 3300 Mandays of ABAP development
  • Key tool in scope control
  • Deployed MS Project Enterprise Edition to manage this very large team
  • Secondary role was to lead the SAP SEM-BCS and SEM-BPS team
  • Responsible for all deliverables as well as business process definition
  • Merging various companies as part of this process
  • Conducted day-to-day duties in both Spanish and English
  • Worked closely with the hardware vendors both during the hardware selection process and the subsequent installation process
  • Integrated their installation plan into the overall project plan
  • Responded to IBM generated change orders
  • Dealt with project deviations
Sep 2004 - Apr 2005

BW/SEM Consultant

SealedAir Corporation

Developed Global Reporting Strategy for BW/SEM Project covering 60 + Country Multi-National

  • Set up BW Team to align with current project goals
  • Established data gathering and validation processes and procedures
  • Developed Global Reporting Strategy for 194 plant 64 country operation using ASAP Methodology
  • Member of Supply Chain Metrics (based on SCOR) development team
  • Identified all ready to go BW SCOR KPIs
  • Developed BPS Demonstration-Validation project for budgeting process for European Financial team
Dec 2003 - Aug 2004

Managing Director

TruEconomy Consulting
  • Established highly successful Supply Chain Management specialist consultancy
  • Established Business Development Organization, Sales, Consulting and Support organization
  • Developed profitable alliances with multiple partners
  • Co-Sponsor of 3 Supply Chain Events in Spain with SINTEC Corp.
  • Developed relationships with more than 60 SCM practicioners in Spain as a result
  • Achieved 50+ media placements, including TV, Professional Journals and other media
  • Achieved revenues of 1.2 Euros first full year operations
  • Clients included Carrefour, Caprabo, Airbus, among others.
  • Project manager on i2 Transportation Management project for Carrefour (500 Stores, 15 Distribution Centers in Spain)
  • Project manager on Oracle 9i RAC i2 Stack Technology Certification for Airbus

Trueconomy Financials Cover Sheet

Trueconomy 1st Year Financials > 1,000,000.00 Euros

Sep 2002 - Jun 2003

BW/SEM Consultant

Ajinomoto Corp

Developed BW Blueprint for Global SAP Implementation in Process based Industry-Lysine (amino acid) manufacturer

  • 6 Languages
  • 7 Manufacturing Facilities
  • Global Supply Chain
  • Configured required InfoObjects, InfoCubes, Queries, etc.
  • Assembled team for Global Roll-out
  • Worked with module (FI/CO/SD/MM/PP) team leads to ensure their processes would provide the required data, prior to finalization of their design process, a key customer requirement
  • Demonstrated, compared and contrasted, existing reports to BW reports to senior management teams around the Globe as part of buy-in process.
May 2001 - Sep 2002

Consulting Manager

i2 Technologies

Increased the installed client base 500%, primarily by redirecting the efforts of the sales team to focus entirely on the needs of the clients and how our software could help them increase profits.Developed a highly focused consultative sales approach based on knowing what questions the clients were likely to ask about our software once it was implemented in their business.

  • Project/Program Manager for two simultaneous projects within AIRBUS ([email protected]), which, upon successful completion, led directly to an i2 license sale worth 5 million Euros.Used Theory of Constraints Critical Chain project management techniques, and my team of 19 consultants, spread across 3 continents, to complete this challenging project in 3 months.  Was a critical program for the A380 Program.
  • Project Manager for i2 Factory Planner implementation at Lusosider, a major steel manufacturer in Portugal.
  • Program Manager for TRADISA, a 1400 Truck i2 TM/TO Client
  • Program Manager, CAPRABO, where I established the i2 Retail Foot Print for this 800 store chain
  • Consulting Manager for [email protected] B2B marketplace for the government of Andalucia, Spain
  • Consulting Manager for Aceralia, now one of the World's largest steel manufacturer
  • Project Manager for i2 SRM Implementation at Rolls-Royce, U.K.

Lusosider Progress Report

Lusosider Steering Committee Report-FP Project

Hermann Brain Dominance Results

Jun 1999 - Apr 2001

Professional Services Manager

SAP Arabia

Reported directly to the CEO, was responsible for all Professional Services, including Sales, Pre-Sales, Consulting, Support and Training.Additionally, responsible for the strategically important ValueSAP program rollout.

  • Increased customer base by 56% in our region, or approximately $104,000,000.00
  • Launched the first web site of SAP Arabia, which won an award for best ERP web site in the Middle East.
  • Developed and implemented complete set of consulting procedures for all facets of the operation
  • Developed comprehensive business plan which led to the opening of the headquarters in Dubai.
  • Developed comprehensive Professional Services Business Plan
  • Participated in numerous key marketing events
  • Mentioned in more than 150 media outlets, including journals, newspapers, TV, and web-sites.

Annual Business Plan

One of my first jobs was as a Project Manager for CRISTAL, located in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia, a Y2K driven implementation which we were able to do in 4.5 months, a never before achieved record in the Middle East.

Celebrating Our Customer's Success

Answering a Press Question

Jul 1993 - Jun 1999

Senior Systems Analyst

Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Chief designer of $128,000,000.00 logistics information system, to support the Royal Saudi Air Force’s IT needs
  • Led a team of analyst which conducted over 500 user requirements interviews.
  • Developed Process Flow Models, Entity Relationship Models, Function Hierarchy Models for over 173 processes.
  • Developed first web-based data warehouse within this organization, integrating various legacy systems using Oracle’s Discovery Data Warehouse tool.

Functional Analyst1993-1996

  • Managed the Automated Logistic System (AUTOLOG) of the Royal Saudi Air Force
  • Developed comprehensive training manuals for the Aircraft configuration, Time Compliance    Technical Orders (TCTOs)s (Engineering Change Orders), Plans and Scheduling and various other modules.
  • Identified software errors (5000+), led corrective action teams in resolving those errors, and developed completely new functionality to support mission critical requirements at the direction of the Commander, RSAF as well as the Minister of Defense.
  • Identified and cleansed more than 8 million incorrect data records as part of the 9 Billion USD purchase of the F-15S Eagle Strike Fighter program.
  •                       Recognized by the RSAF for outstanding contributions to logistics


                        Also met some interesting people.

Meeting the King of Spain

Meeting the Prince of Spain

Sep 1992 - Jul 1993

Programmer Analyst

Robbins – Gioia, inc
  • Designed a production control system based on PERT/CPM techniques for military helicopters.
  • Resulted in increased productivity and an overall return on investment (ROI) of 5 to 1.
  • System in use throughout the United States Department of Defense.
  • Recognized by the U.S. Congress

 Dynamic Project Management-How I changed the World


Jul 1986 - Dec 1989



MBA.Management, Quantitative  Emphasis

MBA Certificate                                                                                                                                 



Advanced Negotiation Skills

Trained professionally to negotiate win-win deals, experienced in large scale, multi-national, multi-year projects, expert in crafting and closing deals that work for all parties involved.   Negotiation experience stretches from dealing with unionized employees to 500 store chains for Supply Chain projects.   Graduate Internation

Human Resource Management

My ability to both design the organization from the ground up and to identify and hire the right people, has been crucial to achieving the goals of all my employers and as well my startups.   These skills, which primarily come from the very extensive training received both as a U.S.A.F Officer and as well during my MBA training, have proven the lynchpin of my success.   To all the wonderful members of all the teams I have had the honor of building and being the leader of over the years, thanks!

Financial Management

Driving profit from difficult situations, or maximizing profit from ideal situations, both are domains where I have excelled and where I continue to focus.   My most notable achievement was achieving more than $1,600,000.00 in revenue in under one year with an initial investment of 3006.00 euros while achieving a Net Profit Margin of 38% while starting Trueconomy Southern Europe.


All skills require a great deal of communications skills, not the least of which are active listening skills and the ability to think on your feet, often times, under a great deal of stress!   All humans are communicating all the time, verbally, physically, non-verbally, accidentally, intentionally and unintentionally.  Over the years, I have developed what I consider my number one skillset, the ability to communicate both one-on-one and in front of large groups, whether it be in English, Spanish, French or even Arabic!

Entrepreneurial Drive

Have built several companies from the ground up and am building another one.  Also serve as an advisor on several start-ups related to Business Intelligence within the wider SAP World.

Supply Chain Management

A recognized expert, both within logistics and the wider i2 customer base.  When it absolutely has to get done, no matter what, you can bet I will be called upon to get it done.

Project Management

Projects are my world, everything from re-inventing the way B-52s, C-130s and C-5s are overhauled to running massive SAP and i2 projects, been there, done that

Executive Management

From 1986 onward, have led both large and small teams of people in pressure cooker environments, both in the military, in war and peace, and throughout the world, in large scale IT projects.



SAP Continuous Business Improvement


SAP ASAP Certification


SAP Materials Management


SAP SEM Certification

Dec 2006 - Present

Project Management Professional

PMI Org.

Top Secret/SCI