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London Comedy Club Kingsway Hall

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The London Comedy Club Kingsway Hall offers the finest award-winning comedy acts who are instantly recognizable and hardly forgettable. The comedy club theater is housed in one of the most luxurious hotels in the heart of London. The venue offers all the high class facilities and comfort that people expect from a prestigious hotel. With purchase of a comedy club ticket, people can enjoy fine dining at superbly discounted prices. That’s great value for money, with a gourmet meal to enjoy the laughs on.

The London Comedy Club Kingsway Hall offers massive advance booking discount to ticket buyers. Show tickets are offered at a little over 50% off when purchased before the end of the current month. But the discounts don’t end there. In addition, show patrons also get free access to four different night clubs to go with their show tickets. Moreover, patrons also enjoy exclusive discounts on Theater Bar drinks including wines, shots and WKD. That’s 50% off from regular menu price! Almost everything else can be enjoyed at 30% off, too.

The London Comedy Club Kingsway Hall really piles it up for show patrons with class-leading acts who boast of over 15 years experience on TV and the live circuit. They are brilliant and acknowledged in the field as the best. The shows are held at a premiere venue for comedy, unlike other comedy gigs that have night clubs, pubs and bars as venues. The London Comedy Club Kingsway Hall offers the high-class feel of a top luxury hotel plus terrific discounts on tickets, drinks and great food.