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Londiwe Shabalala



I'm a highly efficient, hard-working, analytic, adaptable, strong, imaginative, self-effacing, polite and wholehearted young man with a comprehensive understanding of how business is handled. I am also a very active teen, I never like sitting around and doing nothing, I always want to be up and moving. This behavior is translated through my love of rugby. I have always played rugby for the primary school team for the opportunity to play and training with Medway RFC and the university team the Spartans.

If rugby has taught me anything it would be how to play like a team player and how to adapt quickly and efficiently to other players styles of playing. Now this can be brought across into a real world situation because in order to progress you have to have a strong team and if the team is dysfunctional, the company would have staff that doesn't know what they are doing.Thus giving bad customer satisfaction whereas when the team is strong they can deal with whatever ordeal quickly and efficiently and most importantly they always know what they are doing, and if a new person is introduced into an experienced team, they would teach the new participant what to do quickly, thus improving the workplace and getting customers who are happy with their service; I love meeting new people furthermore I enjoy being issued a challenge. Once I've been issued a challenge I will give it my all to complete and overcome the challenge. My Interests consist of chess, rugby, gym, judo, football and problem solving.

Work experience

May 2013Jul 2014

Crew Member


As a crew member I had to have good customer service skills because they are the most important asset to integrate in McDonald's. Also as a crew member I was expecting to provide customers with a quick and accurate service and show sensitivity to their individual needs, both from behind the till as well as in the dining areas. Food Preparation and cooking the wide variety of food which means I had to use a broad range of equipment and tools. also as a crew member I needed to produce orders to a consistently high standard and understand that quality control is vital. Cleanliness and Hygiene were acquired through training in order to maintain McDonald's high standards. Before I start, I learnt to use a variety of cleaning utensils and chemical cleaning products along with the correct protective equipment.

Feb 2012Mar 2012

On Floor Assistant


This was not a valid job, it was work experience but I did have to find my own employer and convince them to employ me. 

I performed manual handling and heavy lifting jobs and interacted with customers, I also restocked shelves and cataloged items.   


Sep 2014Jun 2019

Mechanical Engineering

The University of Greenwich

Mechanical Engineering keeps the world moving, from bicycles to bi-planes, catapults to cranes, super cars to satellites and everything in between. Mechanical Engineers apply the fundamentals of science and mathematics to create practical, useful solutions that the rest of us can use. If it moves, or contains moving parts, mechanical engineers are behind it. They use the earth’s energy and natural resources intelligently and efficiently to come up with optimal and cost effective solutions.The University of Greenwich programme prepares me for careers as professional mechanical engineers with the focus on innovation, analysis and development within a wide range of advanced engineering technologies. The programme, using the universities 3000m² of specialist and integrated engineering laboratories, aims to develop a strong knowledge of engineering concepts across all mechanical subject areas, so as to form a basis for complex problem solving and innovation in whatever area the engineer is employed. A key feature of the programme is the exposure of students to real industrial problems, where leadership skills are developed through a team working approach. This programme is accredited by the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET).

Sep 2012Jul 2014

Engineering & Functional Skills

Seevic College

The Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering Technology gave me the experience and recognized qualifications to pursue one of these career routes, sub sea engineer, Mechanical engineer, Engineering, Design & Manufacture or the Automotive industry and also allow me to progress into higher education. The National Diploma is highly regarded by universities since it combines significant academic content with applied and relevant technology subjects.


English Functional Skills Level 2



Engineering Level 3



Applied Science



D&T: Product Design












English Literature



English Language






Current Qualification

BEng Mechanical Engineering Degree



Productive worker with solid work ethic who exerts optimal effort in successfully completing tasks.

Problem Solving

Innovative problem-solver who can generate workable solutions and resolve complaints.

Team player

Resourceful team player who excels at building trusting relationships with customers and colleagues.


Dependable, responsible contributor committed to excellence and success.


I'm an energetic performer consistently cited for unbridled passion for work, sunny disposition, and upbeat, positive attitude.


I'm a driven achiever with exemplary planning and organisational skills, along with a high degree of detail orientation.



I have the ability to relate to your co-workers, inspire others to participate, and mitigate conflict with co-workers is essential given the amount of time spent at work each day.


I'm an adaptable team player who is able to adjust to new conditions at any time anywhere.


I'm a Flexible team player who thrives in environments requiring ability to effectively prioritize and juggle multiple concurrent projects.


I have an intermediate understanding of computer hardware and software, especially word processing, spreadsheets, and email.


I have the ability to assess a situation, seek multiple perspectives, gather more information if necessary, and identify key issues that need to be addressed.


References available upon request.