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BSc. Information Technology

King Saud University (KSU)

Data Management Track 


General Secondary Education

10th School

Scientific Track

Work experience

29 May 20161 Aug 2016

Summer Internship

The KSU Deanship of Library Affairs

Web developer, Database administrator

Technical Projects

2017: Android Mobile Application to keep people informed around the clock with the new news surrounding them (Graduation Project)

2017:  Hangman Game Socket Programming (Networking Course)

2016: (Insalad) food business Website  (E-commerce Course)

2015: Desktop Application to Help Children Learn "Arab World Countries" (HCI Course)

2015: Event coordinator System  (Software Engineering Course)

2015: Fashion and beauty website (Web Development Course)

Certifications and achievement:

2016: participated in the 3rd capture the flag (CTF) competition organized by (CoEIA) in KSU.

2015: Winner of Best Poster in Network Course.

Social Activities and Volunteering:

2016: Planning and supervising the 2nd version of (I am dreaming)event in KSU.

2016: A member in (احتواء) volunteer team .

2015: Planning and supervising (I am dreaming) event in College of Computer and Information Sciences in KSU.

2015: A member in IT club in KSU.

2015: 82 hours of Extra-curricular activities in college.

2014: Participating in IT Project Fair (Gallery of computer and Information Sciences students projects in KSU)

2014: 26 hours of Extra-curricular activities in college.

Technical Skills

Microsoft office 

Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Programming Languages

Java, C#

Web Technologies and Standards

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

Data Management Technologies

SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Soft Skills

Working Well Under Pressure

Decisions Making

Good Communication and Teamwork Skills



Self Learning

Time mangment