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BSc. Information Technology

King Saud University (KSU)

Data Management Track 


General Secondary Education

10th School

CGP: 98.60%

Work experience

29 May 20161 Aug 2016

Summer Internship

The KSU Deanship of Library Affairs

Web developer, Database administrator

Technical Skills

Microsoft office 

Word, Powerpoint, Excel

Programming Languages

Java, C#

Web Technologies and Standards

HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript

Data Management Technologies

SQL, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server

Technical Projects

2017: Android Mobile Application to keep people informed around the clock with the new news surrounding them (Graduation Project)

2017:  Hangman Game Socket Programming (Networking Course)

2016: (Insalad) food business Website  (E-commerce Course)

2015: Desktop Application to Help Children Learn "Arab World Countries" (HCI Course)

2015: Event coordinator System  (Software Engineering Course)

2015: Fashion and beauty website (Web Development Course)

Social Activities and Volunteering:

2016: Planning and supervising the 2nd version of (I am dreaming)event in KSU.

2016: A member in (احتواء) volunteer team .

2015: Planning and supervising (I am dreaming) event in College of Computer and Information Sciences in KSU.

2015: A member in IT club in KSU.

2015: 82 hours of Extra-curricular activities in college.

2014: Participating in IT Project Fair (Gallery of computer and Information Sciences students projects in KSU)

2014: 26 hours of Extra-curricular activities in college.

Certifications and achievement:

2016: participated in the 3rd capture the flag (CTF) competition organized by (CoEIA) in KSU.

2015: Winner of Best Poster in Network Course.

Soft Skills

Working Well Under Pressure

Decisions Making

Good Communication and Teamwork Skills



Self Learning

Time mangment