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I want to introduce myself showing you my curriculum to share my experience, knowledge, abilities and skills like a professional and a human being full of values, ethic and principles at your service.


I’m a Business Manager and a technological professional on computer science. I’m aware of the fast advancing of technologies now at days and I’m prepared for change and challenges. I have the vision, the skills to provide a quality approach to informatics and I’ve been developing, analyzing and documenting. I also have knowledge on ITIL and Design.

I’ve worked as administrative assistant, like a translator and on edition and documentation of technology. I manage the specific skills of servers, database and operative systems; I know about developing but I also know about how to deal with business, personal, commercial opportunities.


My goal in the short term is look for an opportunity to learn more of systems, design and ITIL on practice through the performance of a job that requires of my skills and abilities.

And be able to share what I know and who I am; in order to grow up like a professional.

I’m creative, responsible, and social.I like to be updated to the new trends and necessities of the organization for which I’m working for.

Work experience

Apr 2008Jun 2008

Carrier Relation Manager

Global Mesh

I applied for support but I was hired on Commercial área to speak with clients and providers through the world. My job was to analize sales and buy statistics CDR on VOIP telecomunications on long distance calls minutes. And sell and buy each day, do rate amendments and get new providers and clients for grey and white routes.

Aug 2007Feb 2008

Technology Documentator

Dexon Software inc.

I worked as a documentator for final users and support area of DEXON a tool programa for technology infrastructure management ITIL.

I used to ve the administrator of Sharepoint and publish the news of release versions.

Aug 2005May 2007


Pontificia universidad Javeriana

I was developing a web system to manage teachers, students, thesis and other employees of Biology department for intranet. It was developed since system requirements analysis until web development. it was worked on open source system like kinux ubuntu, with mysql 5.0 and php 5.


Mar 2005May 2007

Bachelor on Information Systems Analysis and Development


I was student representative of my Center and was one of the first students on getting the diploma.

Jun 1995Aug 2000

Bachelor on Business Administration

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

I got graduated with the best average grade in my promotion. It was 4.3 and the second best thesis on Financial matters, called "The Colombian financial crisis from TES and rates"

I worked as teacher assistant in Basic Finance studies and Social semestre of practices. I also worked on Sport Center Enrollment.

I won 2 badges on Table tennis.


English - Spanish
I translate web sites and documents. I've worked on bilingual projects and jobs.
Design Tools
I've studied and did some projects on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, Corel and I'm planning a curse of Autocad 3D. I also know free tools as gimp. I 've worked on html and xml for changing structures on CSS styles.
Operative Systems
I've worked on Linux, Ubuntu, and Windows users desktop as Win Xp and Vista and Windows 2003 for networking.


Julio Alberto Arango

He was my superior at Javeriana and is also Dean where I studied

Cristina Garcia

It's a friend and a project reference at Educar Editor.