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Sep 2014Present

Computer Science 

University of Waterloo

I am currently in my first year, I have completed my 1A term and am in my 1B term. I have been accepted into the cooperative education(COOP) program, which requires me to work in companies of my choice around the world and this work term is embedded in between my study terms.

Apr 2012Mar 2014

High school

Narayana Junior college, Andhra Pradesh,India 

I had studied my 11th grade and 12th grade in the above institution, which had also prepared me for one of the most competitive exams in the world- The Joint Entrance Examination held by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-JEE). Narayana Junior college is one of the premier institutions in India and is successful in preparing students for the IIT-JEE examination. 

Sep 20072012


Sahyadri School KFI, Maharashtra, India 

I had studied all the way from grade 6 to grade 10 in this school. As of today, this school is the best boarding school in India.

Programming languages I know

I have learnt this language out of respect of the fact that this language has been going strong over the past many decades. I am spending my 1B term at university learning this language under the guidance of Prof.  Prabhakar Ragde's guidance.  
I have been looking at this language over the last year, and I am amazed by the beauty of the various web-based applications, pages etc that can be created by this.
I have been learning  this language over the past 3 years and am still going strong.
I have learnt this as a part of the curriculum in my 1A term at University of Waterloo with an algorithmic focus. I have learnt it under Prof.  Prabhakar Ragde's guidance.
I have used Haskell as pseudo code while learning Scheme/DrRacket

My grades/Certificates etc

Mar 2012May 2012

10th Grade

ICSE board for Secondary education, India
This is one of the leading education syllabi and examination standard boards in India . I had received an aggregate of 80%.
Dec 2011Jan 2012

Man of the Match in Inter-school soccer finals

Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
I had received the man of the match tag in the finals of the Inter-school finals.  18 schools participated in this event.
Nov 2011Dec 2011

Volunteer Certification

Melghat Tiger reserve, India
I had received an volunteer &  participation certification for my month long work at the Melghat Tiger reserve. 
Apr 2014Mar 2014

Euclid Math Contest School champion

University of  Waterloo, CEMC
I was in the top 25% of all the students around the world that had taken part in this contest.
May 2013Mar 2014

12th Grade(Final Year at High school)

Intermediate Board of Education, Andhra Pradesh, India 
I had received an average of 94% and was in the top 2% of my class.  
Apr 2012Mar 2013

11th Grade(First Year at High school)

Intermediate board of Education, Andhra Pradesh, India
I had received an average of 96% and was in the top 2% of my class.  

My Hobbies/Interests

I am interested in almost everything under the sun and beyond.  I have a large set of hobbies, few prominent ones are:

1. Recreational Swimming - I have been taking part in swimming since the age of 5.

2. Soccer -  I have been playing soccer for the past 4 years.

3. Robotics - I have spent a considerable amount of time learning about Robots over the past 5 years and have attended workshops held by the Indian Institute Bombay, India. 

4. I have a distinct interest in opening up everyday objects and observing whats inside and learning about them. 

5. I enjoy learning about  and observing the global stock market. I also plan on investing in it soon.

6. I enjoy studying physics.

7. Music(mostly Indian music)

(Note: There are many more but these are my most consistent hobbies/interests) 

Work experience