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Gala Brand

Executive-Level Leadership: Supply Chain Management

Work experience


Global Supply Chain Manager


Spearhead supply chain operations for Personal Care Division generating $62M in annual domestic sales and $141M in annual global sales. Architect, launch, and execute comprehensive strategy designed to boost profits, optimize customer service and satisfaction, and increase working capital efficiency and productivity. Collaborate across departments to identify and implement cost-saving techniques.

Selected Highlights:

  • Slashed working capital needs by $2M for FY2007 and $1.8M for FY2008 through instituting monthly stock review and coordinating communication among key departments.
  • Generated estimated $1M in customer savings through introducing 1-stop shopping capability for domestic buyers.
  • Produced projected $300K in annual savings through instituting export consolidation warehouse system.
  • Cut $83K in freight expenses on 1 repetitive lane by negotiating improved pricing and scheduling arrangements.
  • Realized $40K in annual storage cost savings through securing agreement with local warehouse to utilize warehouse trailers as free warehouse space.
  • Decreased inventory by 18% in 1st year while sustaining on-time manufacturing productivity through assembling team to evaluate demand and tailor stocking levels and production schedules to the same.
  • Plunged expedited shipping costs by $30K per year through introducing new shipping process.

Supply Chain Manager, Electronics Division


Piloted product supply chain innovations designed to boost efficiency and productivity, including conceptualizing and recommending improved supply and sourcing approaches and introducing process enhancements. Developed strategies to handle and overcome potential process disruptions including variations in demand, product recalls, worker strikes, transport accidents, or plant operations downtime. Headed sales and operations planning (S&OP) meetings covering 3 production facilities. Supervised 3-product global allocation project and 2-product global transition strategy in FY2007. Traveled internationally in Europe and Asia to lead various training and improvement initiatives.

Selected Highlights:

  • Drove $1.6M in savings in FY2007 through orchestrating and implementing strategies to optimize product cost-to-serve bottom line.
  • Propelled 20% increase in 2 months in on-time production through conducting on-site master scheduler training in Korea.
  • Cut yearly inventory requirements by $790K by delivering on-location inventory stocking best practices training to Taiwan- based staff, and reduced inventory levels by 25% by directing 4-month on-location initiative in Milan, Italy, to implement S&OP, inventory best practices, and plant leveling methods.
  • Saved $445K in annual transportation expenses by mapping coast-to-coast delivery route for retained carrier service.

Master Scheduler


Administered all scheduling functions, creating comprehensive schedule encompassing customer and stock orders and aligning the same with time, personnel, and material resource availability; client specifications, and facilities operations. Delivered master schedule to operations department. Led team of 7 schedulers and planners, including instructing the same in all job functions; facilitated monthly S&OP meetings.

Selected Highlights:

  • Catapulted on-time performance rate from 43% average to 92% average in 2 years.
  • Yielded $50K in annual labor and materials savings through pinpointing and discontinuing unnecessary process components of dopant mixture product line.
  • Established company’s 1st production planning team, including conducting all team-member trainings.


Package Gas Planning, Western Area Planner

Provided support to domestic cylinder operations in region which covered all areas west of the Mississippi River, generated $100M in annual sales, and constituted 25% of all company’s packaged gas sales.

Selected Highlights:

  • Realized $1.1M in annual savings through cutting field finished goods inventories by 25%.
  • Averted $1.3M in capital expenses through successfully orchestrating reentry of 1500 cylinders into production system.
  • Enabled 16% boost in short supply product sales through decreasing safety stock levels, improving delivery routes, and creating and leading allocation programs.