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Work experience

Jul 2007Nov 2010

Head of IT Department

Police headquarters in Hama

Responsible of police network(administrator) and Private Mail System

Responsible of defining the specifications for all IT devices

 Responsible of  IT Training in HPH

Jul 2007Jan 2011

Head of computer maintenance section

Tiaba Net Company (Agent Of Samsung Company)

Mar 2007Sep 2011

ICDL Trainer

Albayoni institute –hama
Sep 2008Jul 2009


informatic institute –Hama
  • Teaching courses about information's security 
Dec 2012Feb 2014

Orphans&Widows Department

taybet Alemam Relief Office
  • Designing  Orphans&Widows Forms & DataBase(Dialy Updated) 
  • Reporting the salaries for Orphans&Widows to office head Monthly
Mar 2014Present

HIS Coordinator

PHC Project (SyriaRelief &Save the children)
    • analyzing the work designing the paper forms for facilitate collecting data according to type of data require.
    • designing programs for colleting data and training DataEntry to use it
    • Troubleshoot operating systems and all project hardware, software and network
    • collecting data weekly from 5 HFs for analyzing
    • prepare it and send to MEAL coordinator & PHC project manager.
    • reporting program manager weekly.
    • Mapping data through Qgis for PHC Project and SR NGO
    •  Acting as an IT Manager in SyriaRelief

      • Designing and building the Server Network
      • Troubleshoot operating systems ,Network Problems In SR
      • designing survey using Kobo service and training MEAL Team in Syria


Sep 2001Jul 2006

Information Technology Engineering

Albaath University
Sep 2008Present

MBA Master

SVU university
  • Passed the first year with very good mark rate(81.5)
  • in Second year I recording my theory in SVU and prepare it to introduce ,but I can't because of the present situation.


Network Administration

Designing & building & Troubleshooting Microsoft windows Server 

Designing Programs
  • Microsoft Access
  • currently C# 
Analysing data

Using SQL Server & Microsoft Excel

Image & Video editing

Using Adob Photoshop & Premier

Text Section


  • MEAL By Save the children
  • MEAL By Syriarelief
  • Information management (KOBO for survey &Pivot Tables) By IOM
  • QGIS by OCHA