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Activities & Interests

Americorps NCCC (10-month program) - Charleston, SCWorked with a traveling 10-member team and non-profit sponsors during 4-6 week philanthropic projects throughout the southeastern United States.  Planned and carried out team activities and exercises,mediated team conflict, facilitated meetings regarding team status and objectives.  Organized and gave promotional presentations at colleges, career fairs, and non-profit organizations.

CSP Project Development Conference - Denver, CO.  Heard from industry leaders on probable future scenarios for the concentrated solar power (CSP) industry, as well as strategies for overcoming regulatory, transmission, and financial roadblocks for project development.

Stanford African Business Forum, Fortune at the Bottom of the African Pyramid - Stanford, CA.  Met with African business leaders and thinkers, attended panels and discussions about the opportunities that exist in empowering base-of-pyramid populations through wireless communications, social entrepreneurship, renewable energy projects, and various investment sources.

Climate Policy and West Coast Transportation - Stanford, CA.  A conference geared towards policy makers, transportation industry professionals, and EV technology and infrastructure developers who are involved in advancing clean energy and renewable vehicle fuel adoption.

Social Capital Markets Conference (SOCAP) 2008 - San Francisco, CA.  Took part in a 3-day conference during the height of the financial crisis focusing on the social investment market.  Discussed a variety of topics with hundreds of social investors, entrepreneurs, company CEOs, industry observers, and MBA students hailing from six continents.

Rose City Comedy Show - Portland, OR.  Wrote, co-directed, and performed in entertainment events around the Pacific Northwest.  Held Fund-raising events for Successful Choices Foster Homes and the Oregon Food Bank, collecting nearly 14,000lbs of canned food and donating several thousand dollars to charity.  Organized promotions and marketing campaigns for the shows, met with business sponsors, held crew meetings, and consulted owner on business direction and ideas.

Small Business Consulting, English Garden - Osaka, JP.  Devised marketing plan, constructed administrative structure, created manuals for training, sales duties, and management.  Also conducted job interviews and made hiring decisions; was responsible for negotiating salaries and training new employees.  Advised owner on strategies to improve the working environment to reduce employee/student turnover.

Notable personal activities: Have been cage-diving with great white sharks, bungee-jumping from world's highest commercial jump, have surfed on four continents, and walked several miles of the Great Wall of China.


  • Extensive marketing background with a focus on green technologies, including at a preeminent smart city and Internet of Things tech company, creating a new market with first-of-its-kind technology.
  • Career-long dedication to social impact and clean tech, as well as an MBA in sustainable management.
  • 5 years of international business experience in Japan and South Africa, requiring adaptability, comfort with ambiguity, exceptional communication abilities, and creative problem solving skills.
  • Substantial cross-team project management experience and comfort working with executives, engineers, public sector officials, and stakeholder groups.



University of Oregon

Finance Internship, Associated Students of the University of Oregon 

Refined the budgeting process for University of Oregon student groups and campus organizations.  Interviewed department leaders, conducted meetings and consolidated ideas in order to streamline and make more effective the allocation of the $9 million yearly budget.

Aug 2009Jun 2011


Presidio Graduate School

Focus on clean tech and renewable energy, international development, ecological economics, and sustainable business modeling and development.

International Sustainability Club

Net Impact

Clean Tech Club

Class of 2011


Zeke Murphy

"Justin joined Sustainable Projects in May 2010 for a 3 month internship. During this period he worked closely with a number of our team members on various projects. These projects included the deployment of a dealer network program, which to date is expanding successfully. He also worked with me personally on an exclusive island development which our scope of works included all the electrical reticulation and generation. Justin showed vast capabilities on this project developing administration tools for work processes between client and engineers, solution documentation on a technical and marketing level and many liaisons with suppliers and client. He also assisted in project development for the environmental and feasibility studies of a concentrated solar power plant in the Northern Cape, South Africa.Following his internship with us Justin returned to the USA where he assisted Sustainable Projects in winning an application for Presidio Graduate School to participate in their Strategic Marketing program. Justin together with his team had the task of developing this marketing plan within 3 months. This was a very successful exercise for Sustainable Projects and the invaluable work that Justin and his team compiled will go a long way to allowing Sustainable Projects to target and market to the commercial and utility industry in the renewable energy sectors.We found Justin to be a fantastic team worker, a likable character, highly capable with any task set before him and we can only highly recommend him!"

See Zeke Murphy's full recommendation here.

Maggie Winslow

"Justin was my student in two economics classes at Presidio Graduate School. He was an exceptionally perceptive, thoughtful, and able student. His work was always excellent. He demonstrated a clear understanding of economic analysis, trends and models, systems thinking, and the implications of macroeconomic trends. His research was also very well done."

Hidemi Mizuno

"Everyone agrees that he is eager to do his job and is a self-managing person. He is very punctual. He is good at focusing on the right point.  Since the level of students is wide-ranging, he uses various kinds of articles depending on each students level and needs, underscoring his flexibility with projects and people. Also he supported our staff to prepare for the meetings to discuss compensation issues with American suppliers by helping us understand faulty product analysis reports and distribution agreements in English. This is very helpful for us to put his lessons to use in our actual business. Moreover, he supported many projects. For example making the English version of our web site to promote semiconductors and the sustainability report for environmentally-friendly electronic products.

We appreciate his ability to lead, initiate and manage projects the right way. His valuable lessons support our staff to negotiate at international business and the expansion of our sales. His performance here proves his high management skill of projects and ability to motivate staff due to our staff’s negotiation skill development in international business. His high sociability breaks down the communicationbarriers."

View Hidemi Mizuno's full reference here.

Wayne Gallot

"The outgoing manager spoke highly of Justin when briefing me on the branch personnel, and indicated that Justin’s request had been granted in recognition of his excellent teaching record and his development and achievements since being promoted. Justin’s branch manager and branchsales/administration staff also had complete faith in his ability to provide enjoyable and effective demonstration lessons to prospective students, and found him to be cooperative and accommodating of special requests such as over-time and/or schedule changes (sometimes at short notice).

The branch staff also informed me of Justin’s positive influence on other instructors in the branch, and his support in the development of newer instructors.

Justin would look first for solutions to problems associated with instructors’ teaching or professional conduct through guidance and/or training. When such options had been exhausted however, or in situations of a more serious nature that required corrective feedback to be given to instructors who had a reputation of being defensive or aggressive when receiving such feedback, Justin demonstrated the necessary conviction and management skills.  Justin demonstrated a high degree of computer literacy with this \/Vindows-based system, as well as demonstrating a reasonable proficiency in Japanese language as the system was almost entirely written in Japanese. 

Justin demonstrated very real potential to go further within the company and could have gotten to a position where his experience and knowledge had an influence on teaching methodology and resources company-wide. For the above reasons, l would highly recommend Justin as a positive addition to any company or academic program"

View Wayne Gallot's full recommendation here.

Kristen Devendorf

“Justin is a good leader, fair judge, and very personable manager. He inspired self improvement and encouraged us to be better. I would gladly work for him again.”

Greg Mclauchlan

"Justin Bean is an outstanding student, and I would rank him in the top 10% of University of Oregon Undergraduates I have worked with in recent years. His written work (critiques of readings, essays, term papers) were models of clarity and intelligent argument. He can quickly grasp the important and complex dimensions of theory, and put them to good use in empirical assessments and arguments.  His well-written research papers for me displayed a range of research skills; clearly he has the capability to do original and important research at the graduate level. 

He is warm, engaging, and quickly earns the respect of his peers. He seeks out faculty and has a passion for learning that is remarkable-he loves ideas and theories, and is always seeking to apply them to our contemporary world. Justin has a deep commitment to environmental and social justice as well; I am confident he will seek creative ways to devote his teaching skills to serving the needs of members of low-income and minority communities."

View Professor Greg McLauchlan's full recommendation here.

Kate Drane

“Working with Justin is a treat. He brings creativity and positive energy to every project he works on. Justin is highly adaptable and open to new ideas. He is able to transform his boundless ideas into fantastic visual representations. For example, when working with the non-profit Climate Cycle for a class project, Justin listened to the client and developed not only a traditional org chart, but also offered an innovative, unique representation in the shape of a bicycle that the company received very positively.

His vast international experiences contribute to his interpersonal excellence; not only is he great at building rapport with a variety of people, he actively seeks out diverse opinions to further develop his perspective. All of these traits and more demonstrate the immense value that Justin brings to every team that he is on.”

Visual Design

Writing Samples

Presentation Samples

Work experience

Jul 2011Present

Sr. Marketing Manager

Streetline, Inc.


    Executing full-cycle marketing campaigns of smart city and Internet of Things technology, including all phases from planning to execution and analysis of initiatives in the US and EMEA region.
  • Successfully built a market and brand for a nascent smart city data and technology company to become an industry leader in innovation, with unparalleled press and thought leadership recognition.
  • Collaborated extensively and managed relationships with creative agencies, corporate partners, and municipalities to plan and execute strategic marketing projects, and create marketing assets.
  • Responsible for planning and executing smart city marketing initiatives that utilize technology for social impact, both in the US and EMEA, requiring resourceful strategies to execute projects and create marketing assets with limited startup resources under minimal supervision.
  • Substantial experience with marketing green initiatives and products, from sensing solutions to mobile apps and data, including marketing to cities, corporate leaders, and mobile app users.
  • Worked closely with executives, product management, engineering, sales, and customers on a variety of business, products and marketing projects, requiring flexibility and confidence in communication and management style.
  • Responsible for the creation and management of city proposals, requiring comprehensive understanding of business, technical, political, and management requirements to tell a complete story.

Municipal and Partner Sales Engagement

  • Creating proposals in response to competitive municipal RFPs, RFQs, and RFIs for projects ranging from 6 figures to several million dollars in size, winning the majority of all deals applied for.
  • Presenting sales demos to city administration members, including city council members, transportation department heads, and city managers.
  • Engaging with corporate partners, including several Fortune 50 and Fortune 500 companies, to manage joint project rollouts, enable sales leadership, and manage relationships.

Product Management

  • Design, mock-up, and refine product features based on optimal user experience and business objectives.
  • Coordinate with engineers to track and manage development of software products.


  • Develop methods of utilizing data, and conveying data in visual and written forms as information to provide business and social value. 
  • Work with app developers to determine user stories, needs, and features to optimize user experience.
Jan 2011Jul 2011

Clean Tech Research Analyst Intern

Clean Edge
  • Extensive research of clean technologies and the clean tech industry for the Clean Energy Trends 2011 report.
  • Carried out market sizing of US and global clean tech market, involving research of financial data, venture capital investments, trend reports, and interviews.
  • Created a detailed clean tech market penetration study, with recommendations for Japanese wind energy firm to enter the US market.
  • Conducted CEO interviews, gathering insights on industry trends to inform books and clean tech reports.
Jan 2011Jul 2011

Management Consulting/Marketing and PR Intern

Green Bear Group
  • Coached CEO on articulating business vision, mission, and marketing strategies.
  • Assisted with strategic planning and business development, ideation for client environmental strategies, and green marketing efforts.
Aug 2009Jun 2011

Team Sustainability Projects

MBA Project Clients

These projects are designed to engage student teams with companies and organizations in order to solve real-time challenges at a professional level and in a professional manner.  The projects are examined through the lens of sustainability and seek to address issues involving operations, strategic management, financial planning, and marketing.

City of Berkeley

Strategic and Financial Plan - Electric vehicle infrastructure development 

  • Provided financial and strategic plan for the rollout of electric vehicle charging infrastructure throughout the city.  Incorporated creative and risk-mitigating solutions from existing city models and gave dynamic recommendations for various future scenarios.
  • Conducted in-depth financial analysis of several infrastructure options and provided recommendations based on key early indicators of electric vehicle adoption rates.
  • Utilized scenario planning techniques to develop focused yet adaptable strategies in order to maximize the effectiveness of the program and mitigate the uncertainties of the nascent electric vehicle market.

Sustainable Projects

Strategic Marketing Plan - Branding for utility-scale renewable energy markets

  • Analyzed South African renewable energy markets, competitors, and potential partnerships to enhance Sustainable Projects' competitive advantage in the renewable energy design and consulting market.
  • Provided a sequential and comprehensive strategic marketing plan with the ultimate goal of penetrating utility-scale renewable energy generation markets.
  • Developed a branding strategy outlining specific steps to build brand loyalty, visibility, and equity.  Worked with the director to further articulate and refine the brand vision.

Climate Cycle

Strategic Operations Plan -Expanding operations to a national scale

  • Assessed current business development goals and provided operations plan for the effective use of resources and the expansion of operations from the Chicago area to a nationwide network.
  • Examined operations to quantify break-even points of events, environmental impact reductions, and value add for schools and educational programs.
  •  Reevaluated methods of communicating benefits to riders and schools, as well as organizational relationships.
  • Organized and participated in the inaugural Bay Area Climate Cycle ride.

GoodWorks Software Platform

Venture Plan - Gamified software platform for employee engagement

  • Developed a comprehensive new venture plan for an innovative, gamified software platform. Using game dynamics to engage employees around corporate social responsibility initiatives and improve workflow management, this business venture would enable companies to track CSR progress and empower employees to make a difference. It's also designed to be a lot of fun!
Jun 2010Aug 2010

Business Development Intern (Renewable Energy)

Sustainable Projects
  • Developed strategies and tools for project management of a large-scale photovoltaic power generation project to provide renewable energy and other services to an entire island of 52 luxury eco-villas.
  • Provided financial analysis, research, sales presentation and site prospecting tools for a proposed $300m, 100MW concentrated solar thermal power plant project in South Africa.
  • Initiated and developed a national dealer network to increase product sales volume and reach.
  • Saw the need for a fresh website design and layout that better matched the company's current and forward-looking business strategy.  Designed and populated the website to appeal to a more professional market audience.
Jun 2008Jul 2009

Business Communications Trainer

Ryoden Trading Company, Ltd. (Mitsubishi Subsidiary)
  • Advised company managers, sales staff, supply-chain specialists, engineers, and administrative staff on writing business and technical communications, product reports, sustainability reports, giving presentations, negotiating, anddoing business inter-culturally.
  • Developed, planned and taught a curriculum ofbusiness English courses at an international electronic component trading company, mainly doing business in the semiconductor industry.
  • Assisted in interpreting technical documents and offered advice on how to draft effective responses to complex issues, as well as deal with problems arising from cultural misunderstandings and miscommunication.
  • Increased the demand for classes from 13 to 28 and dramatically improved attendance rates; received consistently high marks on student feedback and evaluations.
Sep 2004Nov 2007

Assistant Trainer

NOVA Intercultural Exchange Network
  • Was responsible for co-managing (with Japanese staff) a diverse branch of 10 teachers and over 300 students; overseeing schedules, capacity and efficiency reports, and branch sales.
  • Trained and evaluated new teachers, held workshops on improving lesson quality, teaching techniques, and policy changes.
  • Planned and taught 1 to 8-person English classes to Japanese students of all ages, ranging from company CEOs, doctors, and government workers to families and schoolchildren.
  • Led large discussion groups concerning a wide variety of topics.  Groups were very diverse in English ability, age, and background, requiring a high degree of conversational finesse and understanding of group dynamics.


Office Software Proficiency
Microsoft Word: writing, editing, and formatting with graphics and layout design. Powerpoint: eye-catching presentations with animated graphics, multimedia, and video embedding. Excel: database filtering, vlookup, solver, intermediate macros and interactive analysis. Experience using life cycle analysis (LCA) software and building websites using Joomla and Wix.  
Japanese Language Ability
Passed national standardized Japanese language proficiency test (日本語の力試験) level 3 (三級) for conversational proficiency.  Currently studying for level 2 (二級), business Japanese proficiency.

Social Media