Lionel Nouzarede

Lionel Nouzarede

Work experience

Work experience
2009 - Present

Directeur Chargé D'affaires, Groupe EDF


Account management, dedicated to a global energy leader (160k employees, 66 Billion euros turnover). +50% yty revenue and profit in 2010. My job, as the relationship owner, is to be the "integration point" of the customer for all IBM offerings and ressources at a global level, namely services (consulting, SO, Cloud computing, integration & infrastructure...), hardware and software, bringing transformation and value for business in order to secure durable growth. Beside driving performance and growing business, I manage his satisfaction and define high level transformation IT strategy. I have to build relationships with top executives from Line of Businesses as well as from corporate functions (IT,Procurement...) in order to leverage those relationships when needed, ie engaging business or building breakthrough strategies.Dedicated team is around 15 brand specialists to be managed, aligned and coordinated.

2005 - 2009

Director, Strategy and Business Development


Management of a 60 M€ business unit, 15 reportees, sales and pre sales.  Management of Large Accounts. Complex computing solutions (cross brand hardware, software and services) for large accounts and small and medium businesses in France. Offerings embraces innovative arear such HPC, BI, Digital Media (aka Deep Computing), Web 2.0. SOX and P&L practice.

2004 - 2004

Technical Sales Manager


Managing of a pre sales computing Architects team, High Performance Computing

2001 - 2003

High Performance Computing Team Leader


Full time regular job. Public sector.

2000 - 2001

Director of Marketing and Product Strategy

CS Communications and Systems

Strategy building with GM and packaging of a newly created division offerings, scientific, technical and commercial computing.

1998 - 1999

Sales Manager

CS Communications and Systems

Distribution of 3rd party American and British HPC parallel software in France and in some European countries. Business Development : expansion of product portofolio via new distribution contracts. Activity still running as of today.

1996 - 1998

Sales Specialist

CS Communications and Systems

parallel & distributed computing software packages (compilers, debugger, performance analysers, etc.), for large accounts, public and industrial sectors in France and some European countries.

1994 - 1995

Spanish language translator


as part of the French National Service duty

1993 - 1995

Junior Product Manager

R.T.D. (UK) Ltd

Marketing; multi lingual packaging and business development throughout Europe of some welding QA related softwares



London Business School

The Strategic Conversations Program is aimed at developing the skill base to enable senior sales professionals with a dominant client relationship responsibility to interface with top management of IBM's Clients on issues of competitive strategy and organizational change.

The core objective is to get the participants to step back from short term IBM Business issues and their IT context and to develop business acumen and a broader view of the strategic business issues facing their Clients.

2001 - Present

IBM Global Sales School

Basic Blue, training for newly appointed IBM Managers

IBMLeadershipDevelopmentCenter; observatory and improvement of manager’s skills

IBM Coaching for Managers

Negociating with C Level Executives, C Suite Success Workshop

1993 - 1993

D.U.C.I. (Diplôme Universitaire de Commerce International)

University of Sceaux/Orsay Paris XI

D.U.C.I. (Diplôme Universitaire de Commerce International), University of Sceaux/Orsay (International Businessspecialization)

1990 - 1992

(Business Degree)

University of PARIS XII

D.U.T. Techniques de Commercialisation, University of PARIS XII

1992 - 1992


University of Aberdeen ERASMUS

Business Degree (within Erasmus European program)



Energy & Utilities industry

Account Management

Strategy and Business Development

High Performance Computing


Moving towards a higher responsibility job, managing a global account, or an international assignment, in an « entrepreneurial »fashion.


Horseback riding, Jogging.

Travelling, Books, Wildlife.


Energy and Utilites Account Manager


In a relationship, one Daugther, Margaux, 3 years old



Douglas Miles

Start of a business relationship with STM and my former company, CS - Negociation of a distribution contract and Introduction on the French speaking market of supercomputing programming linux software back in 90s  - my mission was to move this software pack from early adopter market to a broader one