Emily Roberts

Emily Roberts

Work experience

Work experience

Jan 2009 - Present

Senior Marketing, Advertising Account Executive

Cincinnati Bell, Inc

BIG RESULTS:SPOT MANAGEMENT AWARD, September & December, 2009 ▪ Drove ONE-DAY sale to jump start revenues - $29,700 – by creating and executing a high impact campaign to position Cincinnati Bell brand prominently in the market.


  • Design and develop promotional packaging, collateral and media kits to create awareness of Cincinnati Bell Digital Advertising Brand and educate local agencies on ZoomTown.com efficiencies and FiOptic build-out.
  • Create market development strategy by recognizing competition, using innovative retail marketing, showing high determination to build relationships with clients to create a “win-win” situation.OUTCOME:Superior Client Retention through campaign fulfillment ▪ Focused contributions to department’s EBIDTA responsibility by maintaining core industry competencies.
  • Use effective written, interpersonal and persuasion skills to invite collaboration within a group - confidently asks questions to spark exploration of different avenues to drive revenue for both parties and CLOSE SALES.
  • As Sales Team Leader:Design customized application of current CRM database and monthly Revenue Schedule System ▪ Create Monthly Assessment and Projections Sheet to assess and forecast monthly sales and quotas ▪ Research third party partnerships for qualitative/quantitative information to inform sales and market penetration strategy.
  • Lead by example, carefully listening to concerns, recognizing individual and team talent to build a high performing effective sales team – recognized for increasing revenues by developing targeted, incentivized packages for B2B clients.
  • Position and brand product mix as competitive way to achieve marketing objectives through qualitative metrics and quantitative campaign recapping.
Feb 2009 - Nov 2009

Junior Marketing, Advertising Account Executive

Bonneville International, 101.9 WKRQ
  • Generated new business, increased direct business ratio and strengthened client spending through promotional ideas, station event sponsorships and community involvement opportunities.
  • Created and executed effective integrated marketing and promotional campaigns for local-direct and national-agency clients.
  • CONNECTOR. Built and nourished long-term business relationships with current and potential partners by presenting proactive solutions that resulted in cost-efficiencies for the client.
  • Accepted progressive responsibilities, demonstrating drive and motivation to exceed personal and team goals while maintaining industry core competencies.
Oct 2005 - Aug 2007

Marketing, Advertising Account Executive

Clear Channel Communications, 102.5 KNIX

NOTABLE HIGHLIGHTS: 100% commission sales ∙ 2006 Q3 Station Superstar – earning most points across all areas of focus ∙ 2006 – 186% of Personal Monthly Quota.CHALLENGE: To increase small local direct businesses.

  • Established trust by listening carefully to concerns, generating solutions to neutralize risks and consistently meeting goals through clients’ need analysis.
  • Comfortable with and used high impact presentation skills to share product information, invite discussions and execute promotional events.
  • Met and exceeded personal and team budget expectations.
  • BIG OUTCOME: Regenerated business with deactivated clients.


Aug 2001 - May 2005

Bachelor of Business Administration

Univeristy of Kentucky


I am an accomplished and creative Senior Marketing Professional. I've worked for well established corporations to help generate new business and re-activate the lapsed and with my most recent role I've helped develop and grow an entirely new department and revenue stream from its infancy. I am a Connector, who leverages my relationships to help businesses grow and to raise funds for one of the worthy causes in which I am involved. Not only do I bring people together, but I do so with a lot of energy, enthusiasm, intitiative, persistance and deciseveness with any project that I lead.


I enjoy giving back, solving problems, bringing people together, learning new trades, trying new things and meeting new people.  


Work Philosophy: You should be #1 or #2 at what you're doing, or you shouldn't be doing it all.

Work Ethic: "Keep on keepin' on and don't ease up for a moment."