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Work experience

May 2008Present

Sales, IT Assistant, Administrative

Tony's Train Exchange

This business is located in the village of Essex Junction.  It has approximately 10 employees including myself.  This business is primarily a mail order business with orders coming in via the phone and internet.  It deals with the hobby of model Railroading, specifically with the digital command control (DCC) aspect.  It is the largest DCC dealer in the United States.  My primary responsibilities include taking orders, maintaining part of the company's inventory, overseeing the shipping department, and helping out with IT difficulties.  



Sales, Business Management
Please see my current job description, but it includes a variety of skills necessary for a business in the Internet sales area and / or over the telephone.
Secondary Education Teacher
I am currently a student, however, my content area is in History and I have just completed part of my in school observances of other teachers.
Computer Hardware, IT, Business Related
I am good at maintaining PC's including building and repairing them,  maintaining a small home and / or business network.  In addition to this, I also am proficient in business software including the full suite of Microsoft Office, Peachtree Accounting software, shipping software, and anti virus / computer utilities.  



My name is Matthew Parisi.  I am currently a student at the University of Vermont in Burlington.  I am a Secondary Education student with my concentration in History.  I am also minoring in Community and International Development.  In my free time I like being with my friends and family.  I also enjoy working on cars, going to my family's camp on Butler Island in Lake Champlain, skiing, and hill climbing(racing cars).  I hope you enjoy reading about my likes, interests, education and career interests.



My interest are varying.  I like to work on cars, specifically Subarus.  In addition to working on cars, I also enjoy racing them in local club events.  When not working or racing I enjoy being outside working on my family's land, be that harvesting wood, mowing the lawn, working on the house, etc.  I also, like to go hiking during the fall and spring, and skiing in the winter time.  During the summers, I try to spend as much free time as I can at my family's camp on Butler Island where I love to water ski.  I also enjoy helping out at a local wrestling club where I coach high school students and I also wrestle for fun and and exercise.  I also enjoy going to the movies, making large dinners with friends and family, taking occasional road trips to see new places and relatives.  There are many more things I like doing and am interested in, but by having my main hobbies and / or activities I am able to stay happy, healthy and with a peace in mind.


I am only twenty years of age, but yet in this short time period I feel as if much has happened in my life.  Not all has been good, or happy, but all of it has taught me a lesson about living.  I grew up in Richmond, Vermont.  My childhood was generally like any other child's; playing with friends, doing stuff with my family, going to school, and playing sports, particularly football and wrestling.  Up up till high school, not much changed for me, that is until the tragic death of my older brother.  Up until this point I had never know someone that died.  As a result of this I had a paradigm shift, the world is a dangerous place, and we must never forget that, but we can also not live under a rock.  High school was a fun time for me, I did very well in school by being an honor student and playing two varsity sports.  What I learned in high school gave me the foundation to do well in college and future events