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I look back, and then I check that curiosity has guided me in taking decisions. I'm attracted to the new and the unknown, regardless of its size.

I found a quote from Albert Einstein: "I have no special talents, but I am deeply curious." I was surprised to have something to do with a genius.


I seek a person who believes in my potential to manage. Someone who allows me to help on grow his business. In this partnership we will achieve immediate results.


Organizer | proactive | Versatile | efficient | with listening skills | customer orientation I am seduced by new challenges. And when I collaborate on a project I invest all my professional and human potential.

Work experience

Sep 2011Present

Project Manager

Matutano arquitectura. Barcelona.

" A new experience, we areknowing eachprofessionally. "

I coordinate and manage projects for several clients.

Oct 2004Present

Teacher at Masters i Postgraduates.

ELISAVA - Pompeu Fabra University

"Being a teacher you will always regenerate you, is an experience that makes you ask yourself new questions in an integral way. Quite an experience."

Master Teacher of Interior Space Design, "Private Perimeters.


2011-12 I was the teacher most valued by the students of the Masters

Mar 2007Jul 2011

Project Manager

SGS Tecnos. Barcelona.

"Working in a multinational company gives you a different perspective between global and comprehensive. It has been rewarding to work in a great team where you have at your disposal technicians and specialists from disparate fields, an important experience in my career."

- I realized Execution Management tasks enclosed in various projects, customerGISA, especially schools.- Coordinate and manage projects for various clients in the public and private sectors.- Designed and collaborated on the implementation of ISO for the building department.- Direct contact with customers during the development of the whole project. Achievements:

We did 5 projects for GISA. The assessment in the quality of services provided was> 4/5. Completion on time and cost of 4 from 6 projects for GISA. The other 2 projects were companies in bankruptcy

May 2002Feb 2007

Project Manager

Aguirre & Newman Arquitectura. Barcelona.

"-Acompany thatispromotingsynergiesand thatis clear about thetargetgroup.A place to growglobally,where they areopen to yourinputs andexperiences."

-IrealizedfunctionsofProjectManageron various projects.ICoordinatedin themtheir overallmanagement, frominitial studyto implementation"turnkey"

-Icoordinate, monitorand motivate theproject team.-ICoordinatedand optimizethe resources allocatedto project.-Ioversawprojectstobe undertakenwithISOquality standards.-I Hadrelationship withcustomers duringthe development ofall projects.-Icollaboratedwith the commercial areato attractnew projects andclosure.


In 2005 I coordinate the project management of 23.500m2 of projects and 10.780 m2 of construction.

Finish in time and cost a project of offices, high quality and 6000 m2 surface. Using 3 months for the project and 3 months for execution. Ultimate benefit of 25%.

Oct 1998May 2002

Project Manager


"Working with a German management system, in the management of international projects. Complex economic management. I learned to step back despite great personal attachment. A very attractive work experience."

- Managed international projects in a comprehensive way. I conducted analysis of proposals and drafting, economic planning and project time, track their development and report writing. Coordinated to those responsible for each project.


A year after we arrived we reorganized and pass audits of 5 international projects. I Led 6 national delegations getting systematize the management of projects



Project - Construction Management – Management of building sites. Postgraduate

School of Technical Architects


Politechnical University of Valencia

Technical Architecture

Politechnical University of Valencia


Listening skills
Customer Orientation
Project management