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I'm  a senior at Reno High School

Work History


General Employee

Pizanos Pizza

Field Technician


Snowboard Instructor

Tahoe Donner


High School Diploma

Reno High School

Alcohol Awareness

The State of Nevada Alcohol Awareness training program

Prior Leadership

Manager of Snowflake rentals

  Snowflakes are kids aged 6-8 and due to holiday overflow, we open a second rental shop for smaller kids. As most are in lessons and the parents would benefit from a shorter line. This year I managed the small rental shop for The Tahoe Donner association.

Snowboard Instructor

  I am a snowboard instructor at the Tahoe Donner ski resort in Truckee California. I generally teach classes from 6-8 students. The basics of snowboarding and mountain safety and awareness. 

Personal Tutor

I encourage my students to set goals, and use strategies to attain them. Everyday during our sessions, my students are learning new techniques and skills. These techniques often don't match up with math. They are techniques or ways to help these kids excel in any area, by teaching themselves.

Peer Tutor (Math support)

I was assigned 6-8 students who held F's in their math course. So I worked with these students every school day. Helping the master the basics they didn't understand, as well as caught them up on day to day lessons.

Frosh Mentor

Incoming Freshman are assigned a Freshman mentoring class. Mentors in this class are upper class man who help these freshman, to in a sense, acclimate to new surroundings an academic rigor. Also the mentors act as role models displaying excellence in academics and community service.