Alejandro Esparza

  • Reno Nevada

Junior at Reno Highschool


I am currently a Junior at Reno High school, enrolled in three AP courses( Physics C, Statistics, and Calculus AB). As well as being a Frosh Mentor, I am looking for an opportunity. The distinct opportunity to become a bigger part of Reno High

Work History

Work History
Aug 2015 - Present

Pizza Boy

Pizanos Pizza

I make, and deliver pizza, to those who are hungry.



Incomplete Diploma

Reno High School

Alcohol Awareness

The State of Nevada Alcohol Awareness training program

To obtain an Alcohol Awareness license

Prior Leadership


Personal Tutor

I encourage my student to set goals, so he doesn't have a reason to stop trying. I push him to his goals that he has set, I try to make him not only better at math but at approaching his studies.

Peer Tutor (Math support)

I help students struggling in math, to overcome their own setbacks. I encourage them to work hard and strive for excellence. Making sure that they know I will help them attain their goals.

Frosh Mentor

I help the new freshman at Reno high: to develop good study habits, to be kind and courteous to their teachers as well as their peer, and to teach them the traditions of Reno High.