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Work experience


Comstock Public Schools

Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and apperarance of the East Elementry building.

  • Maintained the cleanliness of classrooms, portable classrooms and common areas.
  • Scheduled, coordinated and directed routine and comprehensive custodial maintenance.
  • Responsible for spot removal, vacuuming and extraction of carpets.
  • Maintained inventory and submitted written requests for supplies.
  • Operated power equipment such as carpet extractors, pressure washer, hand and power tools.
  • Painted classrooms, bathrooms, walls and doors.
  • Removed snow from sidewalks around the school to ensure safety of all.

Form Setter

Titus Construction Company
  • Set steel forms for concrete to be poured.
  • Various labor tasks: general maintenance and cleaned up job site.


More Letters of Recommendation


Self-motivated, dedicated and reliable custodian with 20+ years experience in performing custodial and maintenance duties.  Strong ability to troubleshoot, perform minor repairs, and ensure cleanliness that exceeds alls set standards.  Personable, with strong work ethic, offering my skills and talents to ensure professional sanitation with your organization.


  • Superior interpersonal relationships with staff and students.
  • Thorough knowledge of proper methods of maintaining and cleaning various surfaces.
  • Great knowledge of proper use of chemicals according to state and federal regulations.
  • Excellent knowledge of handling and disposing hazardous materials and blood borne pathogens with care.
  • Highly organized and detail-oriented to ensure all tasks completed with pride.
  • Knowledgeable in security technology and general security responsibilites.


  • Asbestos Training
  • MRSA Training
  • Human Diversity
  • Outstanding Safety Record on the Job
  • Various inservice trainings on use of chemicals, machines and regulations.


Based on Tom Rath's Book, StrengthFinders 2.0, based on the online assessment, I have strengths in these areas:

  • Adaptablity:  Able to adapt to all kinds of working environments and/or colleagues.
  • Developer: I see the potential in others and attempt to help them develop themselves.
  • Positivity: I maintain a positive attitude in all situations.
  • Empathy: I possess the ability to anticipate needs to help solve problems.
  • Achiever: I possess the internal fire that makes me want to achieve and complete tasks.