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Work experience

Oct 2009Present

Software Engineer

  • Customized a circuit board for an industrial smart device with an ARM9 processor.
  • Configured, customized, built and debugged a WinCE 6.0 OS design.
  • Deployed the WinCE 6.0 runtime image onto the target.
  • Developed multiple smart device applications with C++ and C# in OOP design format under Visual Studio 2005.
  • Debugged the C++ and C# code and deployed the applications onto the board.
  • Developed C++ application for embedded Linux, built cross compiler for ARM processor, installed the Linux kernel and root filesystem on the NAND.
  • Developed Java applications (J2ME) for Windows Mobile 5.0 and deployed the applications onto a PDA device.
  • Helped Sales Department demonstrate our products to our potential buyers.
  • Environment: XML,embedded Linux, WinCE 6.0, Windows Mobile 5.0, Visual C++, C#, Java, Java ME SDK 3.0,Eclipse, SQL Server.
Mar 2006Apr 2007

Software Engineer

Tianjin Communication and Broadcasting Group CO., LTD
  • Designed and created the PCB for a digital thermometer based on a real time embedded environment(C8051F0xx).
  • Developed the drivers in C along with Assembly Language for that thermometer.
  • Developed a GUI using MFC for a GSM-R (Global System for Mobile Communication-Railway) system.
  • Environment: C++, MFC, C and Assembly


Aug 2007Dec 2009


Cleveland State University

Mobile Computing Lab, Department of ECE, Cleveland State University,08/07-12/09

PUBLICATIONS: ‘Multi-hop Transmission Opportunity in Wireless Multi-hop Networks’ INFOCOM'2010 (Acceptance Rate < 18%)

Multi-hop Transmission Opportunity

  • Implemented the physical layer and MAC layer protocol (CSMA) for Multi-hop Transmission Opportunity using C++ and Python in Linux environment for Software Defined Radio application.
  • Designed the outdoor testing scenario for the protocol using Python and Shell Script language and deployed the testing scenario with GNU Radio and USRP.
  • Simulated the scenario with MATLAB.
  • Analyzed the collected data with MATLAB, compared the experimental result with the simulated result and theoretical result and reached the conclusion. 

Environment: Ubuntu Linux, MATLAB, Python, GNU Radio, USRP and C++

Java Applications

  • Created Java applications on HTC Android based cell phone using Eclipse.
  • Created software in Java using OOP design for a veterinary office in China.

Environment: Android, Java and Eclipse.

Multiple Projects with VHDL and Verilog

  • Designed a UART with Xilinx Spartan FPGA.
  • Designed a ping-pong game with Altera Cyclone FPGA.

Environment: VHDL, Verilog, Xilinx ISE and Quartus II

Sep 2002Jun 2006


Tianjin University


Python, Perl, TCL script language, VHDL, Verilog
Java, C#, XML
C, Assembly, C++


Software Developer, Mobile Application Developer and Software Engineer with strong communications networkings background. Particular interested in software development used in a variety of business applications such as embedded system application, banking or financial applications using OOP design. Also quite interested in designing, implementing and verifying communications protocols using relevant software tools.


Seeking a full time position in Software Engineer to use my embedded system software application development experience, mobile application development experience and communications knowledge.


Software Engineering, Mobile Application Development, Embedded System Development, Communication Networking.

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